AHLL Chapter 1: Domineering President x Poor Girl (1)

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It hurts everywhere.

Shen Zuiyu only felt the blue veins on her forehead throbbing, as if someone had beaten her after drinking too much alcohol. Before she opened her eyes, she heard someone say,

"Woman, you are playing with fire."

Upon hearing this, Shen Zuiyu instantly sobered up.

Shen Zuiyu: ???

If her memory serves her right, when she went out to buy vegetables, she was hit and run over by a car that didn't know how to obey traffic rules. Even if she wasn't dead by now, she should be in the hospital.

Was someone listening to an audiobook outside? But this voice felt too real.

When she opened her eyes, she was thrown onto the bed with force before she even had time to look around her. She subconsciously got up on the spot and stepped back, finally seeing her current situation clearly.

She was not in the hospital but in a beautifully furnished room.

The man in front of her was very handsome, with some water droplets on the ends of his hair. As he took a step forward, a few drops of water fell from his hair and landed on his chest and abdomen, alongside his slightly open bathrobe. In every sense, this was a handsome man—but Shen Zuiyu was not in the mood to appreciate the beauty right then.

The man's eyes were slightly red and he looked as if he had been consumed by lust and was about to rush over to take care of her.

Although Shen Zuiyu hadn’t figured out what was happening, she realized that she was in danger. Her back was against the head of the bed. When she was about to ask the man who he was, the characters [Gu Hegui] slowly appeared, glowing above his head like a character introduction.

Shen Zuiyu was stunned for a moment and subconsciously read it out, "Gu Hegui?" As she was really impressed by this name.

One reason was that this was the name of the male protagonist in a sadomasochistic-love novel that Shen Zuiyu had read when she was in high school.

That novel left a deep enough psychological shadow on Shen Zuiyu. Because of this, every time the class president organized a class meeting, her heart trembled when the name Gu Hegui was mentioned.

There was a hint of disgust on the stern face of the man in front of her and he said coldly:

"Did you come here on purpose?"

Then, he paused and sneered,

"You don't need to introduce yourself. You’re just a piece of trash who came on your own initiative to sate my lust. I'm not interested in your identity."

He choked Shen Zuiyu. This caused a wave of anger to surge in her head.

Picture this: You are sixteen. A man suddenly rushed in front of you. If you didn't resist, you run the risk of getting raped, having a miscarriage, and having your kidney stolen. What would you do?

Out of the corner of Shen Zuiyu's eyes, she saw a lamp on the bedside table—well, that’s it.

Seemingly unable to wait, the man rushed over. Shen Zuiyu quickly picked up the lamp on the bedside table and smashed it on the man’s head. Unable to dodge in time, a trail of blood slowly started to flow from his forehead.

A mix of astonishment and anger could be seen on the man’s face. Before he fainted, he shouted angrily, "Who are you!?"

Oh, now he wanted to know her name. Gu Hegui was thinking about eating meat and didn't want to be beaten.

Shen Zuiyu sneered.

"I'm just kidding."

"I'm your father who came to steal your mother's coffin at night."

The man fainted, not knowing whether he was smashed out of anger or not.

Shen Zuiyu got off the bed, walked to the coffee table, and opened a cheap-looking backpack. The ID card of her current body’s owner was placed in the backpack’s compartment. Looking at the details printed on the ID, a familiar name came into view.

[Xu An'an]

It seems that she really transmigrated into a book.

This was the name of the heroine of the sadomasochistic novel she read in high school many years ago.


In the story, the heroine went up to the mountains with her friends for a picnic but got separated from them. Lost in the woods, the male protagonist’s housekeeper found her and brought her to the protagonist’s home to satiate the male protagonist’s lust.

After seeing the heroine, the male protagonist remembered that she worked in his company. He assumed that she deliberately went there and waited to get caught so that she could hook up with him...

Later, the male protagonist's fiancee came over and found that he treated the heroine differently. Out of jealousy, she began to target her. The male protagonist and his fiance joined forces to abuse the heroine to death. The heroine then found out that she was pregnant.

Unexpectedly, the male protagonist’s fiance's life was suddenly in danger and only the heroine's blood type matched hers. The male protagonist forced the heroine to donate her blood. This naturally resulted in a miscarriage. Desperate, the heroine escaped from the male protagonist’s clutches with the help of the second male lead, who was a doctor, and met a group of many outstanding men along the way.

Even after the blood transfusion, the male protagonist’s fiance’s condition worsened. She was in need of a kidney donor. Setting his eye on the heroine, the male protagonist forcefully has his subordinates kidnap her back to dig her kidneys out. The heroine ran away again after losing one of her kidneys and fled abroad to recuperate.

As if a bucket of cold water had been poured over him, the male protagonist realized that he actually liked the heroine. He also discovered that his fiance had drugged him at the beginning and the heroine was wrongfully abused.

He came to his senses and started to chase after the heroine. But before that, it was revealed that the heroine was once again pregnant! What a surprise! Although she lost one of her kidneys, she could still escape with an unborn child! In the end, the family of three reunited and had a happy ending.


Although Shen Zuiyu was only a high school student back then, she had to applaud the fact that the heroine obviously went beyond her limited physiological knowledge and praised it as real bullshit.

In the first half of the book, the male protagonist didn’t think of her as a person at all but in the end, she could still play a happy ending with him. That was really too awesome.

The book nearly had a thousand chapters and in more than 95% of the plot, the heroine was abused.

Shen Zuiyu decisively took out her mobile phone, ready to call the police first and send this dog of a man to the police station. She had just unlocked her phone with her fingerprints when there was a ding in her head accompanied by a very cheerful voice.

[Hello, host!]

Shen Zuiyu was startled, but she quickly calmed down. Based on her years of experience reading novels, this should be the legendary system.

She stopped calling the police and decided to check out the situation first. If she called the police now, the system might reset the timeline on the grounds of destroying the plot, which would be very frustrating.

Shen Zuiyu said, "Who are you?"

[I am System Number 1314. I am here to assist the host with tasks! As long as the host collects enough return points, you can return to your own world and be reborn!]

Shen Zuiyu: ???

WTF?! What are return points? Does this mean that she needed to be very poor and humble in this world and wait to be raped, have a miscarriage, have her kidneys dug out, and then have a happy ending before she could go back?

The system was about to continue the introduction, but it suddenly detected the male protagonist’s situation. Its voice trembled: [What's going on?! What's going on?! I'm only slightly more than ten minutes late, how could it be like this?]

Shen Zuiyu said impatiently, "Stop howling, he’s not dead."

[You shouldn't…]

"I shouldn’t what?" Shen Zuiyu lifted her eyelids and glanced at the man who looked like a dead fish on the bed, "I can't just lie there and be f–ked by him. Just give up."

The system screamed,

[But he is the male protagonist!]
Shen Zuiyu: "Then I'm still the heroine."

[He is so handsome!]

"No matter how handsome he is, he is still a rapist and he instructs his subordinates to kidnap. According to the law, he should be in jail." Shen Zuiyu didn't expect that the system was not only not a golden finger, but also ridiculously stupid.

"Is there anything else? I'll call the police."

System: [.....]

Call the police? How will the plot develop if the police are called?

System: [Doesn't the host plan to go back to your original world?]

Shen Zuiyu: "Let's see, I don't really want to go back."

System: [......]

What does that mean? She really does not want to go back?

Shen Zuiyu: "You have the ability to kill me. If I can't go back, I won't go back. It's impossible for me to follow the original heroine's storyline."

Let her suffer so many grievances for so long and finally have a HE with that dog-man? She would rather die than follow the plot.

System: [.....]

System: [I'm just a rookie system, I will be deducted points if you do things like this… Please don't do this....]

Shen Zuiyu interrupted him and asked, "Do you have permission to reset the timeline?"

System: [No. But if the host works hard to do the tasks, you can use the points….]

Before he could finish speaking, Shen Zuiyu dialed the police hotline.

System: !!!

Shen Zuiyu changed from the personality of an irritable eldest sister to the personality of a victim, making her voice full of grievances and fears and adding some crying as well. "Hello, I was kidnapped and the kidnapper tried to rape me... I... I'm hiding in the bathroom now, I'm so scared…"

The system stared at Shen Zuiyu, who described herself as the most miserable victim and looked at the male protagonist, whose blood had dried on his head. He couldn't help but pop an emoji in Shen Zuiyu's mind.


After Shen Zuiyu called the police, she entered the bathroom, locked the door, and said, "What else is important, tell me."

System: [.....]

System: [Wait a minute…]

System: [There are many worlds showing signs of collapse, so I found a host who has read all these novels and has a strong drive to complete the tasks of maintaining the stability of the world and achieving a satisfying happy ending (HE). Of course, we are not forcing anyone. We detected that your life was in danger, so we pulled you over. If you collect enough return points, this world will be stabilized and you can proceed to the next world.]

Shen Zuiyu almost swore out loud. She has a problem that isn’t really good or bad but is still troublesome——as long as she reads a book, she must finish it, regardless of how bad it is.

"Are there any other worlds?"

The system hesitated, [Your body is damaged in many places and your brain is also irreversibly damaged. If you only do one task, it will not be enough to repair the damage fully. But, if you save up enough points, you can go back to your original world.]

Shen Zuiyu pressed her forehead and asked, "Is there anything else?"

[The plot line can't deviate too much. If it deviates more than 50%, the original storyline will be forcibly pulled back.] The system paused and Shen Zuiyu heard an electronic sound as if the system was looking for something,

[By the way, our world stabilizer noticed that the host once complained about the legal system in the book, so the legal system in the book will be replaced with your world’s legal system.]

This was good.

In the book’s setting, it’s clear that the male protagonist was only a businessman, but his power was so great that he seemed to be the king of a country. According to the plot, he kidnapped, raped, and arbitrarily harassed the heroine. He seized her salary and forced her to donate her blood and kidney. Throughout all this, no legal action was taken. It was simply a loophole through the net of the legal system.

Referred to as the flea fish.

When Shen Zuiyu called the police this time, she just wanted to disgust him. If it was in accordance with the normal legal system. If he didn't stay in jail for a minimum of seven days, then it was a waste of her good acting skills.

Shen Zuiyu nodded with satisfaction, "What about benefits and perks? Are there any?"

[In order to facilitate your completion of the tasks, a data card will appear on the heads of strangers you meet for the first time. You will also have the skills of the female protagonist in the novel. If your mission is completed well, you will earn a return point, which gives you the opportunity to reset the timeline.]

[After the plot line develops to a certain level, there will be a return value. If the return value reaches 100%, that means you have completed the mission.]

Shen Zuiyu: "That’s all?"

The system said honestly: [Yes, that is all.]

Shen Zuiyu took a deep breath and was about to speak when she heard the sound of the door being opened. She immediately changed her expression, huddled against the wall, shed two lines of clear tears, and looked like she was about to faint from fright.

System: [.....]

He was really scared.


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