AHLL Chapter 2: Domineering President × Poor Girl (2)

After sending the male protagonist and the housekeeper who did evil together to the police station, Shen Zuiyu cooperated to finish the transcript and then returned to her small rental house.

The system seemed to be drained and muttered to himself, [How could this happen?]

Finally, Shen Zuiyu said impatiently: "Shut up."

"How will you achieve a HE if things turned out like this?"
TL/n: Happy ending.

Shen Zuiyu laughed: "Of course, I can achieve a HE."

It's just that as for whether it would be a happy ending or a hell-ending, she had the final say.

The system was silent for a while and then said aggrievedly: "If you change the original story script so recklessly, you will definitely be forcibly changed back."

Shen Zuiyu lay down on the bed after bathing, "Really? Do you want to bet on it??"

System: [......]

The system became quiet.

He's a rookie system who was just starting to work, of course, there was nothing to bet on. His seniors also said that this job was very easy, so they introduced it to him. Now, it seemed that it was actually a sinister job.

Shen Zuiyu turned off the lights and fell asleep. She was pretty confident that she could prevent the world from forcibly reverting back to the original storyline, as long as she took advantage of the plot holes she noticed while reading the story.

Overthinking wouldn’t be helpful though, so she had decided to take things one step at a time.

After all, she had to be comfortable first.

The next morning, Shen Zuiyu got up early with a dazed face and shed two lines of tears.

System: [......?]

Shen Zuiyu sobbed and then got up, cleaned up, and went to work.

The system's expression was full of question marks. After reviewing what had happened last night, he couldn't figure it out. What was Shen Zuiyu doing? Shouldn't it be the male protagonist who should be crying now?

According to the original storyline, after working here for a period of time, the heroine will meet the male lead who was conducting an inspection and get her to work by his side.

The heroine was just a small clerk and didn’t have many skills. Seriously speaking, it’s probably her very delicious cooking. She used this skill to capture the hearts of many men in the later parts of the story.

Shen Zuiyu was gearing up, ready to find an opportunity to cook a meal by herself and experience the legendary cooking skills of the heroine.

Her first day at work went well. Her colleagues weren’t bad, her work was easy, and more importantly, the male protagonist wasn’t there.

After returning home in the evening, Shen Zuiyu couldn't wait. She immediately cooked a meal for herself and then shed tears of emotion. She said, "System, when I go back later, can I still keep my cooking skills?"

It was the first time the system had heard her speak to him in a good voice and he was a little flattered: [Yes… yes, as long as you complete the task well, these are all rewards for you.]

In her previous life, Shen Zuiyu had always been a kitchen killer. Even when a recipe was right in front of her while she was standing in front of the pot, she would still be able to conjure a pot of dark cuisine unknown to everyone. She wiped her mouth, tidied up the table, and finally got the motivation to do the task, "Okay, I will definitely work hard to complete the task!"

System: [......]

The silent system became tearful. You sent the male lead to the police station! What else is there to do? But it's strange, why hasn’t the world line responded yet??

Shen Zuiyu steadily went to work for a week and used her excellent craftsmanship to feed herself two or three pounds as she fully prepared herself for the next storyline.

Finally, two weeks later, Shen Zuiyu saw the male protagonist with a gauze pad on his head and a very ugly face. This week, she searched the Internet for news and discovered that news regarding the male protagonist being jailed was actually suppressed...

The suppression of news isn’t illegal and it wasn’t included in the legal system so Shen Zuiyu wasn’t too surprised by this.

The male lead saw the woman who put him in jail at a glance. He suppressed his anger, passed through the crowd, and walked in front of Shen Zuiyu. His eyes fell on her nameplate and he read the name written word for word, "Xu An'an."

Shen Zuiyu first looked terrified and forced her composure: "Mr. Gu, you’ve identified the wrong person."

Gu Hegui sneered.

He said, "Which department does this woman belong to?"

The department manager walked over in cold sweat and answered in a low voice.

Gu Hegui's expression was a little gloomy, "Transfer her to my side. She will be my personal assistant from now on."

Shen Zuiyu made a terrified expression but still cooperated.

Gu Hegui smiled with satisfaction. He leaned close to her ear and softly said, "You're finished."

Gu Hegui immediately left. A group of colleagues who didn't hear what he said were chattering about Xu An'an's luck.


The sound notified the system about the storyline. A few seconds later, he said in a panic, [How could this be!]

The storyline was 87% consistent.

Shen Zuiyu laughed in her heart—it seems that it really was possible to take advantage of the plot holes. With a calm expression on her face, she slowly packed her things, followed the arrangement of the personnel department, and went to the top floor.

The system checked it himself and found no program errors. But she has already sent the male protagonist to the police station. Ah, is it the same as the original plotline?

Shen Zuiyu telepathically explained to the newbie system, "It's normal. The original storyline was described from the perspective of the female lead. When the female lead met the male lead, she was violated and returned to her home tearfully. Two days later, she held back her tears, went to work, and then was brought to his side as a personal assistant by the male lead… There isn’t that much difference, I just didn't go to bed with him."

System: [...You even sent him to the police station.]

"That’s why the consistency is 87%." Shen Zuiyu pushed the top floor office’s door open, "In addition to the bed scene and the abusing part, think about it carefully, how many words were used to describe the relationship between the male and female protagonists in total?"

System: [.....]

The system quickly swept up the whole script but he found that there actually wasn’t much description of their relationship, no more than a few words….

System: [......]


"The deviation of the plot must be determined by comparing the difference in storylines and word count."

Shen Zuiyu set her things aside on the table, "How did he suffer in the police station? From my perspective as the heroine, how would I know?"

System: [....]


Shen Zuiyu stopped chatting with the system and began to clean the workspace she was going to use for the next month.

In the novel, in order to set the heroine up for failure, the male lead had arranged difficult tasks for her. Then, he found a reason to deduct her salary and poured coffee on the female lead many times. He also found an opportunity to sexually harass her, which went unseen by others.

Shen Zuiyu admired the female lead for enduring these and living happily with the male protagonist after that, but she did not plan to endure it.

As long as her current storyline was 50% consistent with the original storyline, she could do whatever she wanted. After a while, Gu Hegui walked into the office and shoved everything she had just arranged to the ground. Neither polite nor rude, Shen Zuiyu asked, "Mr. Gu, what are you doing?"

Gu Hegui grabbed her by the collar. Shen Zuiyu defensively picked up the only remaining glass of water on the table.

Gu Hegui: "...."

Gu Hegui let go of his hand subconsciously and said angrily: "Woman, you will pay for your actions!"

Shen Zuiyu grabbed the water glass and continued her lines without changing her expression, "Mr. Gu, I don't know what you're talking about but you may have to pay the price first."

Gu Hegui sneered, "What a joke!"

He paused for a while and became even more annoyed: "Aren’t you ashamed to say this?!”

He had already paid the price and spent a full week in the detention center. He also paid a lot of money to stop those media outlets from leaking the gossip.

Shen Zuiyu calmly pointed at the fragments on the ground and said, "The ones you broke just now were all kinds of expensive glass. If you don't pay compensation, I can only ask the law for help."

Gu Hegui: "....."

Trap! It's all a trap! Who would fill the office with glasses on the table!

Shen Zuiyu added: "Mr. Gu, I also know that the policeman may not let you pay me anything, but if the police are seen coming to your office for an investigation, will it be good for Gu's stocks?"

Gu Hegui: "....."

Gu Hegui said angrily: "You are extorting!"

Shen Zuiyu quickly took out the invoice from her pocket, "Of course, this isn’t extortion. I promise not to ask for a penny. I just bought these yesterday and haven't had the opportunity to use them yet, how about a 10% discount for you?"

Gu Hegui: "....."

Who cares about your 10% discount!

Shen Zuiyu was very sincere: "If you don't want it, we can just let the law decide.."

Gu Hegui watched her put her finger on the emergency call button and said humbly, "Wait!"

Shen Zuiyu: "What's wrong?"

Gu Hegui: "... Go to the financial department for reimbursement…"

Shen Zuiyu nodded and handed over the invoice. Gu Hegui humbly signed and stamped on it. Shen Zuiyu took it in her hand with satisfaction, turned around, and walked out the door.

Gu Hegui suddenly stopped her: "Wait!"

Shen Zuiyu turned around: "Is something wrong?"

Gu Hegui: "....."

Gu Hegui sneered: "Aren't you afraid that I will fire you?"

Shen Zuiyu blinked and said, "If you plan to fire me, according to the labor laws, you’d need to compensate me…."

Gu Hegui: "......Get out!"

This woman! She is so abominable! She actually wanted to use such an aggressive method to get herself fired? Impossible!

Shen Zuiyu: "Do you still want the 10% discount?"

Gu Hegui: "...I said get out!"

Shen Zuiyu left straight for the financial department. The original heroine and the elder sister from the financial department actually had a good relationship. Upon seeing her, she cheerfully asked, "An An, what's the matter?"

Shen Zuiyu smiled slightly, "President Gu asked me to come and ask you for reimbursement."

The elder sister took the writing and wrote invoices for various glasses with a complicated expression, "An An, did Mr. Gu really ask you to bring these over for compensation?"

Shen Zuiyu smiled sincerely, "Of course, look, isn't this Mr. Gu's signature?"

The elder sister: "....."

The elder sister gave her a note in a complicated mood, Shen Zuiyu glanced at the balance displayed on her mobile phone with satisfaction and turned back upstairs.

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