ARML Chapter 105.1: Reappearance of the Jungler Core

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Ye Shaoyang had just taken off his headset before he was suddenly given a tight hug by Chi Shuo. He was stunned for a second. He heard Chi Shuo whisper into his ear in a low voice, “Shaoyang, thank you.”

Chi Shuo had so many things he wanted to say, thousands even, but he could only express himself with a simple ‘thank you’ in the end.

Thank you for coming to me.

Thank you for joining Tianhuan.

You were the one who let me regain confidence in jungler cores, and also the one that gave Tianhuan the hope and courage to reclaim the championship throne once more.

Ye Shaoyang’s heart softened slightly when he heard Chi Shuo thanking him. He knew what Chi Shuo was thanking him for, and he was also clear on the pressure that Chi Shuo was facing. He was also someone who had been a captain before. In his previous life, whenever the GD team lost a competition, he would always be the one to get scolded the most. They would say things like ‘just retire since your state is declining’, ‘you’re going downhill’, or ‘you’re the tumor of the team’ and many more.

The sentences those black fans used to scold and insult them with were very harsh. At first, Ye Shaoyang would feel a little hurt when he saw them but as he got subjected to these insults more and more, he learned to just automatically ignore them.
TL/n: Haters or anti-fans

He had watched all of Tianhuan’s matches in S9 and also watched Chi Shuo’s performance in S6 which was Tianhuan’s most glorious season. He believed that Chi Shuo was not in a declining state. Chi Shuo had always been that sharp assassin who was full of great ideas and had a strong view on the overall situation. It was just that he had been suppressed too miserably and couldn’t play with his full strength.

Although Tianhuan had lost to Beimu last season, Chi Shuo had guarded his own base steadily up to the very last second before ultimately dying in front of his base crystal. It was also only at that moment that Ye Shaoyang decided to join Chi Shuo’s team——he wanted to relieve the captain of his pressure and help him shine on the battlefield again. He also wanted Chi Shuo to lend him his strength to achieve his own dream of winning a championship.

In fact, there wasn’t a need to thank him.

That’s because they were teammates who supported and helped each other succeed.
Ye Shaoyang patted Chi Shuo’s shoulder lightly and smiled. “You’re welcome. You’ve supported me so many times, let me have the blue buffs, and helped me get the MVP titles. Isn’t it a given for me to protect you?”

Chi Shuo released him and looked at Ye Shaoyang with a gentle gaze. “You’re right. We’re teammates, so we should have trust in each other.”

At the side, Cheng Xing took off his headset and ran over in excitement. “Yang-ge is awesome!” He shouted.

He immediately followed up with a ‘Master, you’re awesome!’ when he saw that Chi Shuo was talking to Ye Shaoyang.

The two of them: “...”

Cheng Xing was really their number one fan.

‘My Yang-ge is awesome!’ was something he’ll shout after every match.

Ye Shaoyang smiled and looked at Cheng Xing. “In that last fight, the top laner and jungler of the opposing side went after you. It was quite amazing that you managed to escape.”

“Mn, for us to win this match, it was because everyone played well together. It was not just our efforts.” Chi Shuo agreed.

If Cheng Xing had died in the final fight, even if Chi Shuo had turned the tide and killed three players from the opposing side, he still wouldn’t be able to have the upper hand. Destroying towers would be very slow without a marksman.

Cheng Xing was extremely happy as it was rare for him to hear his master praise him. He turned and immediately went to hug Qu Jiang and Qin Yizhu.

Just as expected, the third round’s MVP title went to Chi Shuo.

He solo killed the mid-laner, ambushed the jungler, and instakilled the marksman. In the end, his triple kill decided the outcome of the match. It could be said that Chi Shuo had set the rhythm of the entire game——this was a true jungler core!

“This round’s MVP is Tianhuan's Shuoyue! Let us hand things over for the post-game interview.”

At the competition venue, when Chi Shuo’s fans saw him appear on the interview stage, their eyes turned red.

It had been a long time since they saw Chi Shuo take the MVP title with a jungler core. But in today’s game, the sharp and powerful youth they had fallen in love with back in S6 has returned to the stage, now as a captain who had matured.

The reporter also became very excited when Chi Shuo appeared on the interview stage.
“Congratulations to Tianhuan for winning the game with a score of 2-1. Let’s welcome Captain Chi to the post-game interview!”

Chi Shuo nodded to the reporter politely.

“In this season, Tianhuan had been running mid laner core comps and today was the first time the team had taken out a jungler core comp. Do you have anything you would like to say to the viewers, Captain Chi?” The reporter asked.

Chi Shuo took the microphone and said calmly: “Our team comps will change based on the opponents we face. We’ve always been practicing jungler core comps privately too. Actually, it was Shaoyang’s idea for us to run the jungler core for this match and said that he wanted to back me up. In the final team fight, I wouldn’t have been able to take three kills so smoothly if it wasn’t for him sacrificing himself.”

“It was actually Lieyang’s idea? It seems like Lieyang has a lot of faith in you!” The reporter said in shock.

The corners of Chi Shuo’s lips were raised slightly. “Yes. He understands me very well because I often duo queue with him. For him to give me his final shield showed that he had faith that I would be able to turn the tide and strike our opponents down.”

The reporter nodded seriously and said, “The trust between teammates is also very important. Sometimes, sacrificing a teammate in return for three kills can really be advantageous. We still have a question we would like to ask you, Captain Chi. Do you think Tianhuan can make it to the playoffs this season? What's your goal?”

Chi Shuo looked straight at the camera and with a calm voice, he answered: “Naturally, Tianhuan’s goal is to become the champions.”

The reporter continued: “Tianhuan had won the domestic championship in S6 but after that, you’ve failed to even place from S7 to S9. Do you think Tianhuan really has the strength to reclaim the championship throne this season?”

Chi Shuo: “Of course.”

Applause enthusiastically filled up the stadium.

In the #RiyueTonghui# group chat, the CP fans were about to go crazy from excitement.

【So it turns out that Yangyang was the one who offered to be Yueyue’s support. I’m about to go crazy for this divine, fairytale-like love!】

【Previously, Shuoyue was the bodyguard for Lieyang. Today, Lieyang stood behind Shuoyue and protected him so that Shuoyue could play the jungler core. Both the sun and moon shined together; they really match each other so well, wuwuwuwuwu!】

【As a fan and enthusiast of Chi Shuo for four years, I’m really glad that Yangyang is with him now. I feel like the condition of Captain Chi for this season has improved and he became more confident. Looking forward to seeing the two of them stand on the championship podium together!】

【Chi Shuo instantly turned around to hug Yangyang the moment they finished the match. Sisters, this is so sweet that it almost killed me!】

【This CP can’t end with anything other than marriage~】

Chi Shuo’s post-game interview also left players from other teams who were watching the live broadcast with complicated feelings.

That was especially true for Zhao Xin’an. He resisted the urge to bang his head on the wall and muttered: “I really don’t understand. Qu Jiang and Chi Shuo had worked together for three years, but I don’t see them having this sort of tacit understanding? Xiao Bai has only known Chi Shuo not that long ago, but they are already in sync with each other? Is that reasonable? Where’s the rationality in that?”

“It’s unreasonable. It was even more unreasonable of you to send that video to the group chat after discovering Xiao Bai.” Zhao Xinping said coldly.

Zhao Xin’an: “...”

It was too hurtful. His heart would feel like it got stabbed with a knife every time Tianhuan played a match in the future.

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