ARML Chapter 105.2: Reappearance of the Jungler Core

Updated: May 14

“I’ve discovered that ever since Lieyang joined Tianhuan in S10, Chi Shuo has been completely freed as everyone focused their attention and animosity towards Lieyang. In all three games of today’s match, the priority for banning wasn’t the jungler and all of Chi Shuo’s jungler cores were free. In the future, he can choose whichever jungler core he wants and that is the scary thing.” Beimu’s coach said helplessly.

“Yes. From what was seen so far, Tianhuan’s mid laner and jungler all have the ability to carry the rhythm of a game. They can now run many different comps, such as a support jungler with a mid laner core or a defensive mid laner with a jungler core. They can focus on macro play by dragging out a game, or set a fast pace with their mid/jungle duo. Their number of battle tactics had become aplenty.”

No one had thought that the inner workings of a team could completely change with just the addition of a new player.

The battle tactics and strategies of Tianhuan this season had indeed become unfathomable.
When competing against Yueying today, they took out one of Chi Shuo’s signature heroes called [Stealthy Rogue]. They can’t cross out the possibility that there might be older heroes of his making reappearances as well.

“The mid laner and jungler’s hero pools are too deep, so it’s hard for others to target. Yueying repeatedly targeted the top lane in this match but the results weren't good. They won the second game by swapping lanes and in the third game, Tianhuan completely destroyed their marksman.” Beimu’s coach analyzed.

“We don’t necessarily need a marksman.” Zhao Xinping suddenly said.

Beimu’s coach looked at her, only to see her expression icy cold while she said: “The strength in Tianhuan’s mid/jungler duo comps lies in them being able to quickly eliminate the enemy’s key carries which will allow them to establish dominance. A marksman is extremely fragile and is easy to get killed. However, if we chose nimble fighters for our lanes and a mage with good escaping abilities for the mid lane, Tianhuan would have no way to deal with us.”

Beimu’s coach stroked his chin, deep in thought over this. “Xinping’s idea isn’t bad at all. If both of our outer lanes chose a fighter, the overall lineup will be quite tanky. The disadvantages are that we would be fairly slower when we start to push towers, and we might also be in a deadlock when we try to reach their base. Hm… the coach team will explore this further so that when we face Tianhuan in the future, we might be able to give two fighters on the outer lanes and a nimble mid laner a try. A comp without any weak links on all three lanes.”


Meanwhile, at the backstage spectating area.

Fang Zhengqing yawned and said, “They finally finished the match at last. It’s already half past nine.”

Tianhuan vs Yueying’s match was originally scheduled to start at seven while Jingzhe vs Yaoguang’s match was at nine.

In the end, Tianhuan and Yueying’s match became very long, lasting more than 35 minutes. With the addition of bans and picks before the start of a game, post-game commercials, commentary, post-game interviews, and many more… the time overshot.
TL/n: It would be more accurate to say that two out of three games became bladder games, which means that the game became extremely long as both sides are unable to win, such that one’s bladder is about to burst, hence the name.

It’s now half past nine but the second match hasn’t started.

Fang Zhengqing stood up and stretched a bit, then said, “Let’s go, it’s our turn now.”

Xie Yuan followed him and with a soft voice, he asked: “Just now Chi Shuo said he had the confidence to win the championship. Don’t you have any thoughts on that?”

Fang Zhengqing raised a brow. “Everyone says that when they’re being interviewed. I also have the confidence to win the championship.”

Xie Yuan: “...Alright then. The two of you finally have a tacit understanding regarding something!”

Fang Zhengqing walked to the big stage together with his teammates.

Coincidentally, Chi Shuo had just returned from finishing the interview and they bumped into each other in the hall. Chi Shuo gave Fang Zhengqing a look while Fang Zhengqing pushed his glasses up and said, “You played well. Your jungler core finally reappeared at last.”

As a friend, he was sincerely happy for Chi Shuo. Tianhuan’s jungler core comps had been suppressed for three whole seasons already. Now that it made a reappearance in battle, Chi Shuo would be able to show his ability to the full extent again just like he did back in S6.

There would be no haters scolding him and asking him to retire because of his declining condition ever again.

It’s just that as a rival, Chi Shuo’s jungler cores returning isn’t good news.

“Don’t get too full of yourself. Your jungler core purely exists to give me buffs. Weren’t you very unwilling to give me blue buffs when we were on the same team? When we play against each other in a match, I’ll be taking your head first and then your blue will be mine.” Fang Zhengqing quickly added.

“You haven’t woken up from dreaming, right?” Chi Shuo said calmly.

The teammates surrounding them were speechless.

The banter between the two captains was a common sight for everyone present.

Xie Yuan interrupted them with a light cough, “Captain Fang, it’s time for us to enter the stage.”

Chi Shuo patted Fang Zhengqing lightly on the shoulder when he walked past him. “We’ll stay behind to watch the match. Play well.” He whispered.

Fang Zhengqing nodded and led his teammates to the grand stage.

Chi Shuo returned backstage.

Ye Shaoyang and the others were waiting for him. The corners of Chi Shuo’s lips lifted slightly and with quick steps, he made his way to Ye Shaoyang. “Let’s go to the backstage lounge to rest.”

Ye Shaoyang followed him to the backstage lounge and everyone sat down together to watch the match.

Jingzhe vs Yaoguang was a Group S match. The outcome has no impact on Tianhuan’s standing, Ye Shaoyang only wanted to stay behind to get a better understanding of his opponents in advance.

In the first game, Jingzhe played a double-C comp and Fang Zhengqing ran the Great Witch of the North Sea who was a mage that can deal great burst damage. Meanwhile, Xie Yuan ran the Warlock of Poison who was a marksman with long-range skills. Although their signature poison comp wasn’t used, the Warlock of Poison was still pretty strong on its own and his ability to stack poison was also amazing. He sent Yaoguang’s marksman home just six minutes into the game.

“Yaoguang’s Yu’mao can be considered pretty strong. His movements are quite agile and his playing style is on the fiercer side.” Ye Shaoyang commented.

“Mn, but when facing off against world-class marksmen in the league, the gap between them is obvious.” Chi Shuo said.

Ye Shaoyang nodded, “He’s inexperienced, especially in big games. Hence, he’s not careful enough. I bet he won’t be able to defeat Jingzhe’s Xieyuan… perhaps, if Yaoguang were to have a proper PK with Yueying, he may not necessarily be able to suppress Xie Weiyu.”

During this period, there were many people insulting Xie Weiyu online.

After Xie Weiyu transferred to Yueying, Yueying dropped from Group S to Group A. Yueying also lost to Tianhuan for today’s match. Earlier, Ye Shaoyang casually scrolled through Weibo and sure enough, there were people calling Xie Weiyu a plague that ruined Yueying. There were even people who took pleasure in the team’s misery and thought that Xie Weiyu had saved Yaoguang by leaving them…

Among those people, there were some that truly hated Xie Weiyu.

But most of them were paid water army, something that was very familiar to all of them.

Ye Shaoyang turned on his phone to let Chi Shuo see.

“Xie Weiyu is pretty pitiful. After losing to us today, he’ll probably be insulted even more.” Ye Shaoyang said.

Chi Shuo frowned before looking back at the big screen: “If we want to play against Yaoguang, it’ll be during the rank-deciding matches.”

Ye Shaoyang said, “With Yaoguang’s strength, they won’t be able to stay long in Group S. Jingzhe and Beimu—all these strong teams will teach them a lesson very soon. If Yaoguang placed fifth or sixth in Group S after this match ended, and Tianhuan ends up as one of the top two teams in Group A… we’ll be able to face them during the rank-deciding match for promotion.”

Chi Shuo looked at Ye Shaoyang, “You can finally take out your Destiny Goddess for a play.”
At that time, the grand surprise they had prepared for Yaoguang can officially be revealed!

TL/n: All sponsored chapters would be posted next week in one go along with the normal chapter update, so expect many updates next week ;) I wanted to post it this week but I just got my third vaccine shot 2 days ago and my entire left arm has been sore ever since so I'll have to postpone it to next week, my apologies for that! As always, you can support me here: LINK

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