ARML Chapter 106.1: Dinner Games

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The match between Jingzhe and Yaoguang was very intense.

Yaoguang’s marksman was a newcomer, but the other four were seasoned players from the last season. Yaoguang won the fourth place in the league last season and in this season, their overall standard was as good as usual.

However, once the double-C comp of Jingzhe’s Fang Zhengqing and Xie Yuan develops in the late game and their damage levels explode during the team fight, there would be no way to deal with it. It was already very difficult for Yaoguang to kill Fang Zhengqing and Xie Yuan was even harder to kill. As a result, the game dragged on and after the twentieth minute mark, they started to have a team fight that couldn’t be won no matter what.

In a second Fang Zhengqing’s move ‘Giant Monster’s Devour’ instantly killed Yaoguang’s marksman who was at a far distance away.

Ye Shaoyang couldn’t help but applaud. “Beautiful! What an accurate judgment!”

The Kraken was a mid-lane mage that Ye Shaoyang had specially used to train some time ago. He could release a giant-sized monster at a faraway distance and open his big and bloody mouth to devour the surrounding enemies.

If the skill were accurately released, an easy kill is a given, and if not, one would be eating air.
TL/n: If it’s accurate, the easy prey would be bitten to death, but if not, all that can be bitten into is only air.

In the team fight just now, Yaoguang’s marksman was moving rapidly. Fang Zhengqing predicted the location of his next move and released the giant monster in advance. Hence, from their perspective, it looked like…

It was like Yaoguang’s marksman had taken the initiative to walk into the giant monster’s mouth.

“Haha, that feather walked into the giant monster’s mouth and was bitten to death!” Cheng Xing couldn’t help laughing. But on second thought, there was a possibility that he would become the one to walk into the giant monster’s mouth when they encountered Jingzhe in the future.

Thinking of that, Cheng Xing could no longer laugh and hung his head in embarrassment.
Coach Lin sighed and said, “Fang Zhengqing is a mid-laner who’s very good at seizing opportunities, and the marksman Xie Yuan is world-class as well. Jingzhe’s double-C comp is indeed still amazing. The development of both Cs isn’t easy to deal with.”

This match had indeed displayed the strength of Jingzhe’s double-C comp.

The square Fang group had strong survival skills and they could reach full output damage during team fights. Fang Zhengqing would only unleash his big move on the key players of the opposite team and take the lead in opening the gap. Xie Yuan was responsible for the subsequent harvest and moved extremely sneakily. Once he developed in the late game, his poisonous arrows shot out one after another, such that even the front-row tanks wouldn't be able to endure.
TL/n: I don’t remember how the previous TL translated this TT

The first round ended with the team fight and Xie Yuan’s three kills.

In the second round, Fang Zhengqing chose the classic Cannon Mage [Exterminating Mage], and quickly began farming. He waited until he had sufficient AP equipment then quickly began to support and cooperate with Xie Yuan to blow up Yaoguang’s bottom lane.

Ye Shaoyang watched his brilliant operation and couldn’t help but wonder, would I be able to grab hold of an advantage when facing this world-class mid-laner?

The premise of the mid-jungler duo is based on him taking the lead in clearing the minion wave and ganking with Chi Shuo to establish an advantage. The moment he's suppressed at the laning phase, he will completely not be able to get away. Therefore, he must resist the firepower from the opponent during 1v1 in the mid lane.

Which hero should he use to defeat Fang Zhengqing?

“What are you thinking about?” Seeing Ye Shaoyang, with his head down, immersed in deep thought, Chi Shuo asked in a low voice.

Ye Shaoyang returned to reality and said, “I’m thinking about which hero I should use when I face Fang Zhengqing so that I won’t be at a disadvantage.”

“We still have time when it comes to defeating Jingzhe. We can slowly study and discuss it,” Chi Shuo said.

Coach Lin couldn’t help but butt in. “Jingzhe’s result in the S group is very stable, and you’ve already started to study the opponents in the S group! It looks like you’re very confident of getting promoted from the A group?”

“Coach Lin, you don’t have any confidence in us?” Ye Shaoyang asked.

Coach Lin was stunned for a moment, then he smiled and said, “Regarding this, I definitely have absolute confidence in you!”

Not to mention Group S, but after watching Chi Shuo’s interview today, Lin Feng felt the sensation of his blood boiling, something he hadn’t felt in a long time—— their Tianhuan team had won the championship three times in history, and this year, they must reclaim the S10’s championship.

They could even dream of the world championship, not just the national championship.
After all, they had dug up this treasure called Ye Shaoyang. Now Chi Shuo’s jungler core could be completely liberated while Tianhuan’s tactical ideas saw a new high. The strategies they hadn’t dared to try before could now see the light.

The more he thought about it, the more excited Coach Lin became. He looked at everyone and said with a mysterious air, “I’ll make an appointment for a training match later. Ideas may become limited when we keep playing within China. There are many competition zones that have different playing styles from us. It’s very beneficial for us to contact more foreign teams as it can help everyone raise their awareness.”

“Is it possible to make an appointment with the South Korean team? Their operational play is very strong, we can learn from them through the training match.” Chi Shuo suggested.

Coach Lin simply nodded and said: “I’ll go and try to make an appointment with them now. In the next three weeks, the strength of our opponents will be inferior to Yueying, so the pressure shouldn’t be too much. We can use this time and take the opportunity to find a strong team from overseas for practice.”

He looked at Cheng Xing and continued: “At that time, we can also let Little Xing learn how the marksman of the Korean division develops steadily.”

Marksmen in the early game don't have good equipment, and their damage is equivalent to scratching of feet across shoes. But once they developed to the late game, the marksman with the ‘continuous output’ would be able to deal tons of damage during team fights.
TL/n: Means that it barely does anything.

Ye Shaoyang had always told Cheng Xing to think of a way to stay alive. Playing the marksman is to play with the heartbeat. The opponent’s top laner, jungler, mid-lane mage, and all others will try to cut you and kill you, so trying to survive is really not easy. But as long as you’re alive then can you have an output.
TL/n: An idiom that means like playing is thrilling because when one feels thrilled, their heartbeat is fast.

Because the Korean division’s teams are more inclined towards economic operational play, the marksmen in their entire competition zone are players with extremely strong survival abilities. Cheng Xing should really learn hard from them on how to develop steadily.

Jingzhe defeated Yaoguang with 2:0.

Fang Zhengqing took his teammates to shake the opponent’s hand without any expression on his face. Instead, Xie Yuan was the one who smiled politely at everyone with a kind and gentle look on his face.

“Let’s go, it’s time to go since we’ve finished watching the competition.” Coach Lin stood up and said.

When everyone went out, they ran into Xu Zhuo who walked out from the lounge next door. He was a little stunned after seeing Chi Shuo, then took the initiative to go over and greet them.

“All of you also haven't returned to the hotel yet? It’s already 11 p.m.”

“Mn, we decided to only head back after watching the competition.” Chi Shuo replied.

Xie Weiyu followed the team at the back, then raised his head and looked at Ye Shaoyang. Ye Shaoyang met his gaze and gave a friendly smile. He walked over to him and said lightly: “Sorry, we focused on you for today’s match. Your Wind Nymph is amazing, we’ll definitely lose if we don’t kill you off.”

If this was said by someone else, it would seem like a ridicule after the game.

However, Ye Shaoyang’s gaze was extremely candid, not giving off the impression that he was mocking him at all. Xie Weiyu smiled a little and said: “It’s fine, it’s normal to be killed several times in a game.”

“You don’t have to put those water armies on Weibo to heart. I personally think that you’re an outstanding player, so Yueying will definitely return to the S group.” Ye Shaoyang whispered.

Xie Weiyu felt a little surprised when he heard this. Recently, he was always scolded and except for his four teammates from Yueying, not a single one of the four teammates from his previous team had cared about his plight, let alone comfort him. Xie Weiyu felt somewhat upset deep inside. When a person leaves, the tea becomes cold, he already did his duties during his time in Yaoguang and after leaving, he was ‘abandoned’.
TL/n: Once someone leaves, they would no longer be cared for.

TL/n: Hello! I'll be picking up this novel from the last chapter the previous TL had completed! At the same time, I'll be translating the older chapters too but the newer ones would take priority! The terms I'll use will be slightly different from the previous TL because I can't remember all the ones they used but I'll try my best! Sorry for the website, I'm still learning how to make it better >< please give me a little time. Comments are my favorite so let me know your thoughts and lastly, thank you for reading ^^

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