ARML Chapter 106.2: Dinner Games

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He had an introverted personality. He didn’t know how to speak well, nor did he have many friends in the league. He was fairly surprised when Ye Shaoyang came up to talk to him. Those words spoken softly that were meant to comfort him, the words that only the two of them could hear, gave rise to a trace of warmth in his heart.

It seems that there were still people in the league who could understand him.

“...Thank you. I don’t mind how they scold me,” Xie Weiyu said in a small voice.

“There will be internet trolls who will smear you on the Internet again because the number of times you died in today’s game was higher than usual. Don’t look at Weibo after you return. You’ll definitely win beautifully in the next game.” Ye Shaoyang said.

Xie Weiyu nodded. “Mn. You played pretty well today. You even flashed over to immobilize me before dying. Did you want to take me to death with you?” He said with a smile.

“I had no choice. You’re too nimble. If I didn’t immobilize you, Chi Shuo might not be able to kill you immediately. Our team would collapse.” Ye Shaoyang said.

Chi Shuo noticed that Ye Shaoyang wasn’t around him. When he turned back to look, the sight of Ye Shaoyang and Xie Weiyu chatting together greeted him. Xie Weiyu rarely spoke but he actually managed to hold a conversation with Ye Shaoyang with a smile on his face.

When did the two of them get so familiar with each other?

Chi Shuo frowned and walked to Ye Shaoyang’s side.

“What are you guys talking about?” He asked.

“Little Yu is venting to me, saying that I still decided to flash and immobilize him even when I was dying.” Ye Shaoyang laughed.

When Xu Zhuo heard this, he couldn’t help turning back, saying, “Don’t be too pleased with yourself! When we meet each other again in a future match, I’ll be the first one to kill you no matter which hero you choose!”

“Ah, I’m so scared. I’ll have to choose a tank to take the mid lane in the future.” Ye Shaoyang said smilingly.

Xu Zhuo: “...”

“Are you heading back to the hotel?” Chi Shuo asked, changing the topic.

“We’re having a midnight snack. We had a meal at 5 p.m. but it’s already 11 p.m. now. We’re starving.” Xu Zhuo said.

Chi Shuo looked at Ye Shaoyang and asked in a low voice. “Are you hungry?”

Ye Shaoyang indeed felt a little hungry. Competing uses up a lot of mental and physical strength, let alone Tianhuan who had played three matches against Yueying. He concentrated greatly for more than two hours and whatever he ate for dinner was already almost fully digested.

He can sleep in tomorrow morning anyway because the flight back to the capital city was in the afternoon.

“Why don’t we get something to eat too?” Ye Shaoyang said.

Chi Shuo replied, “Alright then, let’s get supper.”

This was heard by Fang Zhengqing who had returned backstage after finishing the game. He immediately said, “Is Chi Shuo treating us to supper?It just so happens that we’re hungry, let’s go freeload for a meal too.”

Chi Shuo was speechless.“...?”

When did I say I was treating you all? Was it your reverse tacit understanding at work again?

Xie Yuan smiled at the side. “Since Captain Chi said it was his treat, we won’t be polite.”
TL/n: Chinese likes to say that. It means we’ll help ourselves.

“Captain Chi’s jungler core has returned and even took the MVP. He’s happy today so that’s why he’s treating everyone to eat.” Xu Zhuo said.

The group of people crowded around cheered. “Thank you Captain Chi!”

Chi Shuo: “...”

All of you are very good.

Ye Shaoyang restrained himself from laughing. “Seems like you won’t be able to escape today.”

“Okay then, we’ll eat supper. Everyone who wants to go can join. I’ll treat.” Chi Shuo said helplessly.

The group of people left the esports center rowdily and went to a nearby restaurant.
As there was too many people, Chi Shuo directly notified the boss and booked the whole venue. Eating supper doesn’t cost much.

Chi Shuo was indeed in a good mood today and was willing to foot the bill.

No matter how fierce they fought and killed each other during the game, after the competition, Xu Zhuo, Fang Zhengqing and him were still good friends. Hence, the atmosphere was bustling. Xie Weiyu also ate a lot of skewers. Once the good food was in his stomach, his mood that was low from losing the game was no more. He even exchanged WeChat IDs with Ye Shaoyang privately and added him as a friend, agreeing to rank together when they were both free.

On the way back home from eating, they simply walked to the hotel since it was nearby. Chi Shuo and Ye Shaoyang went for a walk side by side at the boulevard next to the hotel to help digest what they ate.

The night wind blew in their face. The weather in the North in April was very comfortable.

“Actually, Captain Fang and the rest are very happy for you.” Ye Shaoyang took in a breath of fresh air and said.

Chi Shuo paused a little and looked back at Ye Shaoyang. saw him facing him with a smile, his bright eyes solely focusing on him.

“You’re friends. Because they’re your friends, they want more than anyone else to see the sharp, fierce, and tough world-class jungler in the game, and not the Chi Shuo that had sacrificed himself as a support jungler for the team. Is that right?” Ye Shaoyang said.

Chi Shuo’s heart was slightly moved.

He didn’t think that Ye Shaoyang would actually manage to be able to see through the purpose of Fang Zhengqing, Xu Zhuo, and the others letting him treat them for supper with just a glance.

Some words were difficult to say openly. After all, they’re all in different teams and they still have teammates and coaches around them. But some feelings wouldn’t disappear just because they were on different teams.

——I would rather you become stronger, so that when we PK fair and square, whether we win or lose would be purely based on our abilities.

And not just watch you while you fall to the bottom and get criticized by people.

Only this kind of friend can really be considered a friend.

Shaoyang not only understood the pressure he had faced all these years, but also the relationship and feelings he had with these friends. Chi Shuo felt a trace of warmth gradually appearing in his chest, as though sunshine had suddenly shined on the bottom of his heart that had been quiet and lonely for a long time.

Ye Shaoyang is his light.

The light that finally let him find the Chi Shuo in S6 who was full of confidence.

Chi Shuo didn’t know how to describe this kind of feeling. He met a mid laner who could keep up with his rhythm whenever, and who also trusted, understood, and unconditionally supported him.

How lucky was he to be able to meet such a great person like Shaoyang?

Before, he had always felt that the reason he had harbored some strange thoughts towards Ye Shaoyang was mainly because they had gone through the temporary marking process under special circumstances, and because of physiology and pheromone reasons.

But now, it seems that the appreciation and liking he felt for Ye Shaoyang actually came from the bottom of his heart.

More than two months had passed since the marking, and the pheromone smell had already long disappeared. But now, as he looked at the person in front of him who was wearing a smile on his face, his heart would still uncontrollably speed up, would still feel the strong possessiveness surfacing from within.

Chi Shuo finally understood that the reason his heart moved for Ye Shaoyang wasn't because Ye Shaoyang was an Omega, and it most definitely had nothing to do with the temporary mark. Instead, it was because Ye Shaoyang was the person who understood him the most in the world, his one and only special person...

The soulmate he yearned for even in his dreams.

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