ARML Chapter 107.2: Ranked Match

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Ye Shaoyang returned to the dorm. He sent Xie Weiyu a private message and started the broadcast.

Xiao Bai’s icon in Whale Streaming lit up. Ye Shaoyang had announced that he was broadcasting live at 10 p.m. in advance on Weibo and many people were waiting patiently for him. The moment he appeared, bullet comments filled the live broadcast, many of whom were here to see his old friend.

Xie Weiyu wasn’t very popular in Panda Streaming. On the contrary, there were always a lot of black fans. Previously, he had always closed off commenting when he broadcasted but today, he finally mustered up the courage to open it.

“I’ll be ranking with Yangyang in the international server tonight.” Xie Weiyu said.

A row of question marks instantly appeared in the bullet comments’ area.

【Yangyang? Tianhuan’s Lieyang?】

【Does Xiao Yu and Yangyang know each other well?】

【If I remember correctly, Lieyang insisted on flashing over to immobilize you even just before his death. Not only did you not fight back, but you’re also even ranking together. Don’t tell me it was all an act in the previous match!】

【Yueying immediately dropped from Group S to Group A after you joined. Do you still not know the reason why?】

【So he’s an actor, I understand it now.】

Ye Shaoyang and Xie Weiyu are already in the game room.
TL/n: An online room that must be set up for people to game with each other.

He used the tablet mode on his new phone and opened Panda Streaming’s platform. He coincidentally saw the bullet comments.
TL/n: Not exactly sure how to tl it but if I’m not wrong, it’s something similar to how you can switch from mobile to pc version on some websites.

Ye Shaoyang was someone who is direct and straightforward, never hiding who he is. When he saw those comments, he got annoyed at all the taunting and jeers and just said directly, “Competition is competition and friends are friends. If opponents have a good relationship privately, then they have to be actors during the competition and send some heads to the opposite side? Do you think the people in the Discipline Committee in the League are blind? Don’t you know that faking would get us disqualified?”

Ye Shaoyang: “All of you are trying to come up with conspiracy theories every day, do you guys find yourself too free? The esports circle isn’t the entertainment circle, we don’t give out best acting awards at the end of the year.”

The water army in Xie Weiyu’s stream: “...”

This Omega is so fierce!

He scolded people without swearing, and the broadcast room won’t be banned!

Xie Weiyu heard what Ye Shaoyang said to the black fans and smiled lightly. “It’s alright, you don’t have to pay any attention to them,” he said.

Ye Shaoyang agreed, “Mn. I’ll pull Captain Chi in, hold on a minute.”

The broadcast became even more lively.

【Heck, the trio of mid, jungler, and marksman! Are you going to the international server to abuse noobs?】

【A trio like this will definitely match with another trio. I have a feeling we’ll run into a professional team in this game and besides, aren’t the European and North American players almost awake at this time?】

【There are also many Japanese and Korean players at this time in the international server!】

【However, your trio are all considered cores so how do you plan on distributing the economy?】

There’s a limit to the team economy and it can’t be distributed evenly. Usually, a team will only have two designated cores and development would still be okay, but if there are three, it would be quite difficult to make a comeback in the early game.

“I’ll be the support,” Ye Shaoyang said.

Almost at the same time, Chi Shuo also said, “I’ll be the support.”

The synchronization of the two people's hearts came into effect once again and they spoke the same words at the same time.

The netizens in the broadcast almost died from laughter.

【Yangyang and Captain Chi are fighting to be the support!】

【’Xiao Yu: Why don’t the two of you stop fighting and I’ll be the support instead?’】

【Hahaha, a marksman support is a first for me!】

Xie Weiyu also didn’t expect that they would say the same thing at the same time, and he decided to just watch the show silently while eating melons.
TL/n: Slang for onlookers.

Then Ye Shaoyang could be heard saying, “Then you do it.”

And Chi Shuo also said at the same time, “Then you do it.”

Xie Weiyu: “...”

Guys, are we still playing?

The fans in the broadcast laughed until they felt like they were going to get chest pain.

【Now, on the topic of tacit understanding.】

【Hahaha, no one else can reach this level of brain synchronization.】

【Why don’t Captain Chi and Yangyang play rock paper scissors, and the one who lost will be the support?】

【The two of you should go fight it out first. Only pull in Xiao Yu to form a team when you’ve come to a decision, stop displaying affection here.】

Ye Shaoyang rubbed his forehead gently, “Captain Chi, you’ll run the jungler core and I’ll be the support and protect you. I can also assist the marksman.”

Chi Shuo also stopped expressing any more opinions. “Alright.”

They finally managed to come to a mutual decision. Ye Shaoyang clicked on his rank.

A moment later, the trio entered the in-game preparation room for ranked.

Chi Shuo and Ye Shaoyang’s account names in the international server often change, so no one knows them. Today, Chi Shuo changed it to CC7673 while Ye Shaoyang changed it to YY8998. Xie Weiyu’s account name was easier to recognize, it being Rain001.

The two IDs that appeared in the team channel were also very strange.

One was ZJZ555 while the other was SN333.

A messy combination of English characters and numbers made it very difficult to recognize the people behind the accounts.

However, an English sentence suddenly popped up in the team channel——

[ZJZ555]: 4F, Are you Xie Weiyu?

The fourth player in line, are you Xie Weiyu?

Xie Weiyu was taken aback for a moment. He had always been solo queueing in the international server and didn’t have much of a reputation. Those who can recognize him are most likely Chinese players. Looking at ZJZ555, Xie Weiyu directly turned on his mic and asked, “Reporter Zhao?”

A loud yell sounded in his ears, “Shit, hahaha it’s really you!”

Xie Weiyu: “...”

SN333 directly sent an expression: [Crack.jpg]

The person who greeted them with a cracked expression must be Sean, the international player from Beimu. It seems like Zhao Xin’an and Sean had coincidentally ran into Ye Shaoyang’s trio when they were duo-queueing and the five of them got sorted into a team together.

Xie Weiyu spoke into the mic again, “Shuoyue and Lieyang are also here.”

Zhao Xin’an had just poured a cup of coffee and was planning on taking two sips, but as soon as he heard what Xie Weiyu had said, he spat all over the screen.

Fuck! Chi Shuo and Ye Shaoyang are here too.

He would like to ask if it’s possible to kill a teammate in ranked? He really wants to kill Chi Shuo and steal Xiao Bai over.

Ye Shaoyang smiled and turned on his mic, “Hello everyone.”

“Hello Xiao Bai,” Zhao Xin’an said with complicated feelings.

Although the five of them seem to make a strong team when ranking together, the economic competition resulting from having five cores together will be the most troublesome problem and will cause the situation to be a little chaotic.

Ye Shaoyang spoke out, “Sean, you can take the mid lane. I’ll support Xiao Yu.”

Chi Shuo also changed his mind and said in a low voice, “I’ll take the support and protect the double-C.”

Originally, Ye Shaoyang wanted to let Chi Shuo run a jungler core.

But if Chi Shuo runs the jungler core, it would mean that Zhao Xin’an and Sean will have to give him resources and Beimu’s top lane and mid lane are all very strong. Besides, Sean was a player from the European division, so he should let Sean have the carry out of courtesy.

More importantly…

Both Ye Shaoyang and Chi Shuo’s thoughts were in line with each other’s in wanting to see the strength of this mid laner called Sean.

Zhao Xin’an wiped off the coffee on his computer screen and simply said, “Alright, Captain Chi will command in this game. Come on, let’s quickly pick our heroes.”

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