ARML Chapter 108.1: International Players

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Those with 20 stars and above in the emperor rank in the international server are the cream of the crop and are all the alt accounts of professional players in various regions, so it was perfectly normal to run into a professional team. It’s just that they didn’t know which masters they would chance upon for this game.
TL/n: Master player.

The B&P stage will start very soon.

Ye Shaoyang who had the first pick spoke in the voice channel, “Anyone wants to choose a hero?”

Zhao Xin’an who had the third pick sent a message requesting for help: Please help me get the Vampiric Duke. Games played - 15. Win rate - 100%.

Xiao Zhao’s fighter is still very strong. Vampiric Duke is a classic hero that can tank, attack, and kill ADCs. He has very strong life steal after using his ult and if the operational skills are good enough, it’s capable of 1v2 and even 1v3.
TL/n: Or generally, heroes that hide behind (tanks).

Ye Shaoyang helped him lock in the top lane hero.

The opponents’ first and second picker directly locked in Master Machinist and Machine Gun Huntsman—a bottom lane tower-pushing duo.

When it was their turn to choose, Sean chose the Great Witch of the North Sea.

Ye Shaoyang continued asking, “Xiao Yu, which marksman are you planning to choose?”

Xie Weiyu thought about it for a little, then said, “I’ll just take the Wind Nymph.”

“What about Captain Chi?” Ye Shaoyang asked Chi Shuo.

“I’ll choose the Brawler as a support jungler.” Chi Shuo said.

“Alright, then I’ll choose a tank support to cooperate with your choices.” Ye Shaoyang said.

He locked in the Radiant Shield as the third pick. Radiant Shield is a hero that can help block damage with their shield while also using it to stun enemies and initiate team fights. It’s a support that has great defensive ability and is tanky.

The lineups on both sides were quickly selected and it was heroes that were more commonly seen in ranked matches.

On their side, they had the Radiant Shield who is a tank as support, the Vampiric Duke who is a very fierce fighter in the top lane, the Brawler as a jungler that can control the rhythm, the Great Witch of the North Sea that can deal great amounts of burst damage in the mid lane, and the Wind Nymph who is a flexible and agile marksman.

With the lineup they had chosen, it wouldn’t be a problem even if they had to face a team from the professional league. They had a comprehensive lineup and economic distribution would also be more reasonable. Although it was said that Chi Shuo would be commanding this game, Captain Chi was a man of few words, so Ye Shaoyang was responsible for livening up the atmosphere and discussing the heroes they should choose with the others. That way, they’ll have better cooperation.

The opponents’ lineup was similarly excellent. They had the Master Machinist and Machine Gun Huntsman which was a commonly seen powerful bottom lane tower-pushing duo in the bottom lane, the Destruction Mage with long-ranged high damage attacks in the mid lane, the King of Fighters in the jungle, and in the top lane, they had the Black Dragon Knight that can play in the style of a support and give up a wave to play in the jungle or mid lane instead.

Both sides’ lineups have different points of focus.

Their focus is on developing Sean’s mid lane, Xie Weiyu’s marksman, and Zhao Xin’an’s top lane while Chi Shuo and Ye Shaoyang played supporting roles in this game.

The opponents’ side will focus on the development of the mid lane, jungle, and marksman.
The game interface continued to load quickly.

When Ye Shaoyang clicked on the player display window to take a look, he noticed that the opponents’ mid laner was called ‘Xixi’ while the jungler was called ‘King’. Account names in the international server can be repeated but there will only be one person who dared to call themselves ‘King’ in Emperor rank 20 stars and above.

It was clear that Zhao Xin’an had also thought of this and exclaimed in shock, “Fuck, the opponent can’t be ATB’s Choi Hyuk, right?!”

Choi Hyuk’s registered ID in the Korean division was also King, and he was known as the ‘Jungler King’.

In the knockout stage of the S9 world championships last year, ATB of the Korean division defeated Jingzhe. They then proceeded to win all their matches until the finals and finally won the S9 world championship.
TL/n: Round of 8 aka quarterfinals.

Choi Hyuk was also given the title of FMVP (Finals Most Valuable Player) in the S9 world championships.

ATB’s mid/jungle duo Choi Hyuk and Park Wonseok had been blown out of proportion by the internet and named as the world’s number one mid laner and jungler. They also had quite a number of Chinese fans who addressed them as ‘Emperor Hyuk’ and ‘God Seok’.

There were even some people who have said things like ‘mid laners like Fangfang and Captain Zhou pretend to be all that only in the Chinese division, but they’re all little brothers in the presence of my God Seok!’ and ‘You’re comparing Chi Shuo to Emperor Hyuk? This is simply disgracing Emperor Hyuk, he’s unworthy’.

There were some netizens that belittled their own country’s players and called them worthless just because the Chinese division failed to win the world championships. It was a common practice of black fans to put other international players on a pedestal while belittling their own.

After the world championship ended last year, criticisms and comments like that could be seen everywhere, almost to the point of being overwhelming.

They didn’t expect a casual game of ranked would lead to them being matched to this kind of boss just because their side’s hidden points were too high.

It’s a shame that Chi Shuo didn’t run a jungler core this match and Ye Shaoyang also didn’t choose the mid laner role, so they were unable to face them head-on.

Everyone was live broadcasting right now, so Ye Shaoyang must be careful with his words.
Chi Shuo and him both fell silent simultaneously. Deep down, they were very clear about one thing——if there comes a day that Tianhuan enters the world championship, the Korean division’s so-called Emperor Hyuk and God Seok would be their strongest opponents.

Sean remembered who they were talking about and said, “Choi Hyuk, the captain of the team that won the championship last year?”

“That’s right! There’s a high chance that Xixi is Park Wonseok, as the two of them often duo-queue together!” Zhao Xin’an said, then looked at the remaining three IDs closely.

“Fortunately, the other three most likely aren't their teammates and were randomly matched to them. I don’t recognize these few. Sean, are you familiar with them?”

Sean looked closely at the ID on the player display window too and he looked as if he had suddenly remembered something.

“The bottom lane’s marksman and support are players from the Amants team from the European division! Their IDs in the international server is this, I remember it now.”

Xie Weiyu: “...”

This is too horrifying. Ye Shaoyang simply pulled him in to play a ranked match, so how could the opponents allocated to them all be world-class bosses!

Choi Hyuk + Park Wonseok is the world-class mid/jungle duo; with the marksman and support from one of the teams in the European division in the bottom lane, isn’t this game’s environment too hard for him to survive? Would he even be able to survive for more than a few seconds? Should he go back and write a book called 《The Discussion of Surviving as a Marksman》?

Ye Shaoyang comforted him, “Xiao Yu, don’t be afraid. I’ll protect you.”

Xie Weiyu: “Mn.”

Although Ye Shaoyang debuted later than Xie Weiyu and just started playing professionally, he was older than Xie Weiyu. Xie Weiyu was only 19 this year and thus, Ye Shaoyang treated him as a little brother and calling him ‘Xiao Yu’ was very easy for him.

If they were directly matched to the entire ATB team, there would be no way for them to play this game. However, the players on the opponents’ side were also randomly matched and they might have difficulty communicating with each other due to language differences as one was in the Korean division while the other was in the European division.

Meanwhile on their end, they could just communicate directly.

Hence, it’s not set in stone who will win or lose in this game.

TL/n: Second part of the sponsored chapter by LimeSkull! Thank you once again~

A note here: CS is playing jungler that's giving support while YSY is playing the actual support, hope this clears up any confusion! Anyway, hope you enjoyed reading this and as always, you can support me here!

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