ARML Chapter 108.2: International Players

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Originally, everyone came to play with a casual attitude but now, they all became serious.

The bullet comments area in some of the player’s broadcasts reached the limit.

【Xiao Bai, good luck! Go crack the head of that Korean mid laner open!】

【What are you guys thinking? Xiao Bai is playing support this round, is he supposed to crack the other mid laner’s head open with his shield?】

【This is the first time seeing Xiao Bai play support, our Xiao Bai’s support will definitely be fierce, probably the kind that would jump on the opponent’s face!】

The bullet comments on Xie Weiyu’s side were completely different.

【Xiao Yu, die lesser today.】

【This game is too difficult, the opponents are the mid/jungle duo from the team that won the world championship!】

【I’ll be looking to see how many times Xie Weiyu will die in this game. Don’t end it with a 0-10, it’s shameful.】

Xie Weiyu turned off the bullet commenting so that peacefulness will return.

The game interface had already been loaded and Chi Shuo, being the commander, swiftly made arrangements for them. “Mid laner will go support the top lane and jungler will be ganking in the bottom lane. We’ll break through from the outer lanes first.”

Directly pushing from mid lane is risky. Building up the economy from the outer lanes was a common strategy when playing with strong teams in matches. Zhao Xin’an and Sean are teammates so with them on the top lane and Chi Shuo helping the bottom lane, their side lanes won’t collapse easily.

“Okay, let’s use more of the communication pings to communicate.” Zhao Xin’an simply said.
Ye Shaoyang and Xie Weiyu started clearing minions in the bottom lane.

Chi Shuo started the round by going after the red buff and brought it to low health.

“Marksman, come and get the red buff.”

Although Ye Shaoyang and Xie Weiyu had a close relationship with the former always calling the latter ‘Xiao Yu’ which made Chi Shuo felt a little jealous inside, as a professional player, he would never let his emotions get in the way of their ranked matches. He would also never intervene in Ye Shaoyang making friends. This was a demeanor he still had.

Giving the red buff to the marksman would lessen Xie Weiyu’s pressure during face off later.
Xie Weiyu went over and got the last hit in to take down the red buff and said politely, “Thank you, Captain Chi.”

Chi Shuo gave him a soft acknowledgement and turned to go after the blue buff. At this moment, Zhao Xin’an suddenly said in rage, “Shit, the enemies are stealing our blue, I'll go interfere with them!”

“There are three enemies!” Sean exclaimed.

Ye Shaoyang quickly rushed into the enemy’s jungle and established visibility by it while Chi Shuo tacitly followed over by sneaking in from the riverside. Together with Ye Shaoyang, they swiftly took the enemy’s blue buff. Zhao Xin’an and Sean pretended to go after the blue buff and interfered with the efficiency of the enemies stealing their blue buff, then quickly withdrew.

This round of cooperation resulted in Chi Shuo taking the enemy’s blue buff, so there wasn’t really a loss even if their blue buff was stolen by the enemy too.

The river crab in the mid lane spawned and Sean gave an alert ping. The enemy’s mid laner and jungler came to fight the first river crab as expected.

Chi Shuo rushed over to fight for the river crab too and both sides engaged in a 2v2 for a while. Choi Hyuk and Park Wonseok were teammates while Chi Shuo and Sean were cooperating for the first time, which meant that they will definitely not be as in-sync as their opponents. The enemy jungler seized the chance and took down the first river crab.

In the bottom lane, Ye Shaoyang was scoping out the jungle while protecting Xie Weiyu as he levels up.

As Xie Weiyu managed to get the red buff at the start of the game, it was relatively easier for him to face off enemies. Ye Shaoyang believed that Xiao Yu wouldn't get killed that easily so he left him alone from time to time to scope out the woods and establish vision.

When a support protects the marksman, it doesn’t mean they always have to be by the marksman’s side. Establishing vision is very important. If the enemy jungler hid out in the woods that you hadn’t scope and suddenly made an ambush, the marksman would definitely not be able to take it with his fragile body!

As Ye Shaoyang had scoped out the lower half of the map, Xie Weiyu was able to develop steadily without needing to worry about enemy invasion. He even cooperated with Ye Shaoyang to take down a river crab, which caused his level to be one level higher than the enemy marksman.

The enemy jungler has reached Level 6.

Sean gave out a signal: “The enemy mid laner is missing.”

Chi Shuo immediately rushed to the bottom lane while giving out a signal: “I’m on my way.”

Ye Shaoyang: “Okay.”

Just as Chi Shuo got to the scene, the enemy jungler suddenly jumped out and landed a hit on Xie Weiyu!

The King of Fighters have a strong crowd control ability and can stun multiple players with a hit. For him to still be able to hit Xie Weiyu accurately when Xie Weiyu was so nimble really proves that he’s a world-class jungler with a strong judgment.

Xie Weiyu cleansed himself to get rid of the crowd control and retreated back into the tower, while Ye Shaoyang raised his shield at the same time——

The enemy mid laner followed over as expected and released a python-like black mist, with the attack aimed at Xie Weiyu’s chest!

Ye Shaoyang’s shield managed to block the black mist just in time. The enemy jungler wanted to continue chasing but was blocked by Ye Shaoyang who was holding the shield.
Chi Shuo arrived and used a Q skill to stun the enemy jungler.

Xie Weiyu quickly retreated back into his tower again and shot two arrows at the enemy jungler’s King of Fighters.

The King of Fighters was beaten down to low health and upon realizing he wouldn't be able to kill Xie Weiyu in this wave, he swiftly turned and retreated.

It was a 4v3 that went down in the bottom lane, but Xie Weiyu had managed to hold onto his life and returned to the base with low health owing to Ye Shaoyang blocking most of the damage with his shield, Xie Weiyu managing to cleanse himself quickly, and Chi Shuo’s timely support.

At the same time, the top lane managed to get the upper hand in the fight.

As the opponents’ side had 4 players fighting in the bottom lane, it would mean that a 2v1 could be fought at the top lane.

Zhao Xin’an had taken down the river crab in the early game and now, he had hit Level 6. He directly used his ult and dashed through the walls and into the tower to take the opponent down. He brought down the opponent’s Black Dragon Knight to low health.

Sean assisted from the side and successfully beat down the enemy with a QW combo, after which they both retreated separately.

First Blood!

Sean had taken a kill.

“Beautiful!” Ye Shaoyang praised.

“It was Captain Chi who had arranged it well,” Sean said humbly.

The bottom lane had a 4v3 to resist the pressure while the top lane had a 2v1 to establish an advantage.

Chi Shuo’s tactical arrangement was indeed effective in the first wave of support. That’s because he knew that the enemy jungler would definitely come to gank the marksman and even if Sean went to the bottom lane, he might not be able to kill the enemy mid laner. If that’s the case, then why not set a gap between the teams starting from the top lane first?

Although Zhao Xin’an didn’t want to praise Chi Shuo, he had to admit that Chi Shuo’s ability to look at the overall situation was indeed pretty amazing. If it was him, he might have let Sean go to the bottom lane for a 4v4.

At the base of South Korea’s ATB.

Choi Hyuk frowned and said, “Which division are the opponent players from? They have good awareness.”

“There’s usually more players from the Chinese district at 10 pm.” Park Wonseok said.

Choi Hyuk felt a little unconvinced, “I’ve never seen these IDs before.”

“They rarely play on the international server. The most popular one on that server would be Zhouzhou.”

Zhou Jiawen had been killed so many times by them on the international server that it was uncountable.

It’s been said that Zhouzhou was the best mid laner in the Chinese district? He’s just that.

Choi Hyuk raised his eyebrows and said, “Continue ganking in the bottom lane.”

“I hadn’t reached Level 6 just now. I’ll kill off their marksman in the next wave.” Park Wonseok said.

The Wind Nymph was a hero that, if not hindered from leveling up in the early game, would become very agile in team fights once he had finished developing in the late game. If he wasn’t killed, he would be able to drift around everywhere and deal tons of damage.

In the first wave, Choi Hyuk thought that with Park Wonseok, their mid/jungle duo would be enough to kill off the enemy marksman. He rushed in too quickly and his teammates in the bottom lane failed to keep up with their rhythm, which caused their attack to fail.

But there’s no rush. They will let the enemy marksman know very soon what exactly a world-class mid/jungle duo is.

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