ARML Chapter 109.1: World-Class Mid/Jungle Duo

Updated: May 14

After 5 minutes into the game, the first minor dragon spawned.

At the moment, the enemy jungler had scavenged a lot of resources. He had already hit Level 7 while the mid laner and marksman have also obtained their ult at Level 6. Due to being killed once, the top laner hadn’t hit Level 6. Similarly, the support also has yet to hit Level 6.

On the other hand, Chi Shuo’s jungler was currently at Level 5 as he had let up part of the economy to the marksman. The three who were in charge of damage, Zhao Xin’an, Sean, and Xie Weiyu had all reached Level 6.

Level-wise, Chi Shuo’s side was at a disadvantage. Chi Shuo’s level was two levels lower than Choi Hyuk and his equipment was also much worse. Moreover, Chi Shuo was a support jungler this round and didn’t have any output ability. He couldn’t be compared to the King of Fighter’s ability to kill off someone with just a single combo.

However, Ye Shaoyang felt that this team fight could be fought.

Their side’s top laner was already at Level 6 and Zhao Xin’an’s Vampiric Duke’s ult can restore HP. If he cooperated with Sean to kill off the enemy marksman while Ye Shaoyang protected their marksman from getting ambushed, then Xie Weiyu would be able to rely on his flexible and nimble movements to play high damage outputs to make up for the lack of damage from Chi Shuo’s jungler in team fights.

Both team’s support also served different roles in a team fight. While the enemy support’s strength was in interfering and pushing towers, Ye Shaoyang’s support can use a shield to block damages which made its protection ability for marksmen stronger than the enemy support.

Whether a team fight could be fought depended on a comprehensive consideration of various factors. Ye Shaoyang analyzed the situation quickly and said, “This round could be fought for. I’ll go scoping, everyone prepare to support.”

“Good, I’ll come right after I clear the minions!” Zhao Xin’an said.

There were some wards placed by the enemy support near the spawn location of the minor dragon and Ye Shaoyang went to clear them. It was clear that the enemy support was also preparing for a team fight over the minor dragon and the both of them began fighting in the bushes with neither of them winning.

Ye Shaoyang realized the minion waves in the top and middle lane had both been cleared. He immediately sent a ping asking to assemble at the location of the dragon pit. Zhao Xin’an quickly came around from the woods while Chi Shuo was crouching in the bushes ahead of the dragon pit. Xie Weiyu stood behind on the sidelines making some preparations.

They were all world-class players and had very strong awareness of support.

All five players from both teams arrived quickly.

“Don’t be in a hurry to fight and prepare for a counterattack.” Chi Shuo said calmly.

Ye Shaoyang also thought the same way. Letting the opponent team start the fight first would result in them being more stable when counterattacking. After all, Ye Shaoyang hadn’t reached Level 6 yet and didn’t have his crowd control ult. It was easy for Xiao Zhao to get immobilized if he went to start the fight.

Sure enough, the enemy jungler was extremely confident and directly used his ult and jumped to Xie Weiyu from a faraway distance!

Choi Hyuk was very clear that the enemy marksman had already used his flash when he was ganked by him earlier. As long as he could stun the marksman with a single hit and the mid laner Park Wonseok was able to follow up with a skill combo, the weakened marksman would instantly be killed.

However, what made him feel surprised was that practically at the moment he had jumped to Xie Weiyu, Chi Shuo, who had been hiding in the bushes suddenly double dashed and interrupted his combo with a Q skill.

Ye Shaoyang’s reaction was synchronized with Chi Shuo’s and he swiftly raised his shield.

——Curse of destruction!

The enemy mid laner Park Wonseok unleashed a skill combo with his fast hand speed and six black mists rushed towards Xie Weiyu fiercely.

In the end, Ye Shaoyang was caught alone and all the hits landed on his shield!

The jungler and support joining hands to protect the marksman in this fight was so in-sync it was like their brain waves had synchronized.

Xie Weiyu wasn’t a fool either. When he saw Ye Shaoyang raising the shield to help him block the attack, he immediately activated his wind mode and like a nimble nymph. He quickly moved away, keeping a distance between him and the enemy jungler.

Basic attack, basic attack, strengthen the basic attack. A marksman’s damage attacks were simple and crude. Xie Weiyu held green arrows and he shot the arrows, one after another… at the enemy jungler!

Choi Hyuk originally thought that with the cooperation of his teammate Park Wonseok, their surprise attack would definitely swiftly kill off the enemy marksman. The number of marksmen he and Park Wonseok killed in the professional league while teaming up were enough to encircle the canyon when they lined up.

He didn’t expect the opponents to have such a quick reaction. The mid laner accurately predicted and blocked the mid laner’s black mist while the jungler unexpectedly hid on the side to keep an eye on him and interrupted his combo?

“Retreat.” Choi Hyuk said, his expression calm.

Ye Shaoyang saw him turn around, wanting to escape, and he immediately said, “Keep him there!”

The support’s Radiant Shield’s Q skill could raise his shield and block flying objects in the air while his W skill could throw the shield to a desired location and let it stand there and act as an obstruction to block off the opponent’s path.

Choi Hyuk’s retreat route was very artful. He headed directly towards the dragon pit as there were reinforcements from his teammates over there. However, Ye Shaoyang had long predicted the route he would take when retreating and had thrown his shield out in advance!

As a result, Choi Hyuk was stopped by the shield before he could even take more than two steps.

Xie Weiyu jumped rapidly in the distance and shot another strengthened basic attack which caused Choi Hyuk’s health to swiftly go down by half. At the same time, Zhao Xin’an raised the sharp sword in his hand and directly flashed to the opponents’ end——

When the Vampiric Duke used his ult, his defense would be lowered and his body would emit a bloodthirsty red glow. However, his critical rate would increase and part of any attacks he made would increase his HP. Although he has a weak defense, it wouldn’t be easy to die as long as he continued attacking and increasing his HP.

Seeing that the Vampiric Duke was rushing over, the enemy marksman immediately turned around to escape. Zhao Xin’an continuously used a W skill to dash and chase after the other, the sharp sword in his hand making horizontal slashes. The enemy support had no choice but to release three mechanical soldiers to immobilize him.

Zhao Xin’an was immobilized and unable to move. He could only watch as the enemy marksman with low health escapes.

However, Sean had been waiting for an opportunity on the side and seeing this, he suddenly used his ult ‘Great Witch’s Devour’. An ugly monster opened its bloody mouth and killed the enemy marksman who was in low health with a single bite!

The immobilizing effect on Zhao Xin’an ended and he turned around to continue chasing the enemy mid laner. Park Wonseok could only helplessly flash and retreat first. Jungler Choi Hyuk got hit with a long distance attack by Xie Weiyu who had the red buff and was killed as he couldn’t move away!

Choi Hyuk: “...”

TL/n: First part of the sponsored chapter by Lurker! Chapter 109 is so difficult to translate!! Maybe because I don't play MOBA... so apologies if the chapter didn't flow smoothly. I'm not sure if the terms I used here were the same as the previous TL so if you remember, please comment it down! As always, you can support me here!

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