ARML Chapter 109.2: World-Class Mid/Jungle Duo

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In ATB’s training room, Choi Hyuk couldn’t help scolding, “Our marksman is such a noob!”

Park Wonseok frowned, “I also don’t know what the top laner is doing, is he sleepwalking?”

Choi Hyuk’s expression was very ugly, “Which division’s noob did we get matched to, he completely doesn’t have a sense of cooperation.”

Back in China, the live broadcasts of all players were full of ‘666’ comments!

This round of cooperation was excellent. Both Chi Shuo and Ye Shaoyang tacitly protected the marksman Xie Weiyu while he moved around nimbly shooting continuously which killed off Choi Hyuk swiftly.

And Zhao Xin’an directly circled around the back and beat the enemy marksman down to low health before letting Sean take the kill with his ult.

0 for 2, they directly beat the opponents back into submission!

“They don’t have a commander? It was obvious that they were very out of sync with each other during the team fight.” Ye Shaoyang said.

“Mn, each of them fought their own battles, just like a heap of loose sand.” Chi Shuo agreed.

During the double team in the bottom lane just now, the minion wave was pushed a little too far. Choi Hyuk didn’t care about his teammates and directly rushed over confidently, wanting to kill the enemy marksman. In the end, he was forced to retreat by the cooperation between Chi Shuo and Ye Shaoyang.

It wasn’t that the enemy top laner didn’t want to support him, but he couldn’t go over at all as his movements were blocked by Zhao Xin’an and Sean.

Although they were all from different teams, they all fought in the team fight with the same heart the moment Chi Shuo started commanding. Their five opponents all fought separately and as a result, they were separately destroyed.

Zhao Xin’an exclaimed excitedly, “Well done! Attack the dragon!”

Chi Shuo started attacking the dragon, Ye Shaoyang crouched in the bushes to hinder the opponents’ field of vision, Zhao Xin’an went back to the top lane, and Xie Weiyu helped Chi Shuo with the attacks, and swiftly killed the minor dragon.

The minor dragon can increase a team’s economy and everyone will get a share of it.

…Xie Wieyu’s economy was higher than the enemy marksman by a few hundred. Sean took the first blood, then got another kill just now, so his economy was also higher than Park Wonseok by a few hundred. Similarly, Zhao Xin’an also fared better than the enemy top laner.

Chi Shuo and Ye Shaoyang were very poor.

However, their side had three players who developed more steadily than the opponents!

Taking advantage of the time they had after Choi Hyuk was killed, Ye Shaoyang scoped the lane in front and brought Chi Shuo to steal the opponents’ blue buff. Xie Weiyu also took advantage of the enemy marksman retreating back to base and quickly rushed to the bottom tower and brought it down to half health.

“Prepare to push the bottom lane.” Chi Shuo instructed.

Sean: “Copy that.”

Choi Hyuk was revived very soon. As all the blue buffs had been taken by Chi Shuo, he went to the top lane’s red buff area to farm after reviving and conveniently caught a wave there.

In the top lane, Chi Shuo clicked on one of the given prompts stating ‘start to retreat’.

Zhao Xin’an perceived danger and immediately retreated after clearing the minions.

The mid laner, jungler, marksman, and support were at the bottom lane ganking.

At the moment, both Chi Shuo and Ye Shaoyang had already reached Level 6.

“Engage.” Chi Shuo said.

Ye Shaoyang directly flashed under the opponents’ tower and used an ult. The shield in his hand descended from the sky and stunned the enemy marksman! But the enemy marksman was an expert from the European division after all, so he wanted to cleanse himself then escape. However, Chi Shuo chased him directly across the tower and chased him all the way to the bottom lane and right outside the tower.

Sean went over and used an ult, and the ugly monster opened its bloody mouth once again and devoured the enemy marksman in low health!

Ye Shaoyang tanked the damage from the opponent’s defensive tower and Xie Weiyu was shooting crazily from faraway with his explosive hand speed. The enemy support couldn’t take his continuous attacks and died under the sharp arrows of the Wind Nymph.

——[SN333 (Great Witch of the North Sea) killed Romain (Machine Gun Huntsman)!]

——[Rain001 (Wind Nymph) killed Kyrian (Master Machinist)!]

——The enemy’s defensive tower has been destroyed.

The fight this time in the bottom lane was a 4v2 and they had more people so they directly killed two opponent players back to their base while conveniently destroying the outer tower!

As for the top lane, as Zhao Xin’an had immediately withdrew after clearing minions, the enemy mid laner, jungler, and top laner didn’t manage to kill him when they were ganking and the defensive tower only dropped down to half health.

The more the netizens watched, the more excited they became. This should be the difference between having a commander and no commander!

Just now, Chi Shuo had taken the enemy’s blue buff. In fact, his intention was to force the enemy jungler to go to the top lane to beat red. After that, he can seize the chance to call the others over to the bottom lane to surround the opponents, forming a situation of ‘more fighting less’.

No matter how strong a world-class player is, they wouldn’t be able to 2v4 so it was very normal to get killed.

In the end, the difference in pacing had created this result.

Choi Hyuk saw two of his teammates dead in the bottom lane again and a trace of impatience gradually rose in his heart, “What’s with these two players? I’ve already retreated but they still don’t know how to retreat, simply insisting on dying!”

Park Wonseok and him were a mid laner and jungler who had won the world championship before. For them to not be able to get an advantage when ganking definitely means that their teammates’ awareness were poor and couldn’t keep up with their train of thoughts.

“Forget about the bottom lane and invade the enemy’s jungle instead.” Park Wonseok said.
“Let’s go and take blue.” Choi Hyuk replied.

Chi Shuo had been helping to push the bottom lane tower just now and hadn’t collected the resources in the top half of the jungle. Choi Hyuk and Park Wonseok ganged up to steal a blue and in the process, cleared off the resources in the top half of the jungle. Doing so could be considered helping the current situation a little.

Chi Shuo looked at the minimap and said, “Swap lanes, push the top lane tower.”

Zhao Xin’an went straight to the bottom lane while Xie Weiyu and Ye Shaoyang went to push the top lane tower. Chi Shuo also rushed over.

The enemy jungler saw Zhao Xin’an showing up at the bottom lane alone and immediately changed his strategy. He went to gank in the bottom lane and the bottom lane engaged in 4v1. Zhao Xin’an couldn’t withstand it anymore and got killed by Choi Hyuk.

And in the top lane, their side had a 4v1 and killed the enemy marksman, with Xie Weiyu taking the kill.

Chi Shuo immediately started attacking the dragon. Ye Shaoyang blocked the mid lane while Xie Weiyu and Sean helped attack the dragon. The four enemy players couldn’t… get there in time, and they could only watch an alert popping out on the screen stating ‘The enemy team has slayed the dragon’.

In this wave, although Choi Hyuk managed to kill Zhao Xin’an and destroyed the outer tower in the bottom lane…

But their outer tower in the top lane had been pushed and they also lost out on the grand dragon. No matter how he sees it, they were on the losing end!

After taking the buff from the grand dragon, Chi Shuo said, “Push all three lanes and take note of the controlled minions’ position.”

Everyone is a professional player and should obviously know how to control minions. Zhao Xin’an went to the top lane to push, Xie Weiyu went to the bottom lane, and Sean went to the top lane. The three of them had a good grasp of the position of their minions and began pushing all three lanes with their promoted minions.

The five of them grouped up and pushed the mid lane, causing the mid lane tower to collapse swiftly.

At this moment, Choi Hyuk clearly felt that something was wrong, “The opponents’ team has a professional commander.”

Park Wonseok questioned, “Looking at the time now, it shouldn’t be a Chinese professional team training in the international server, right?”

“There’s a possibility.” Choi Hyuk smiled lightly and said, “The teams in the Chinese division had all been defeated by us. There’s no rush, let’s protect the tower first and hold it down stably, then find chances to counterattack.”

In the S9 world championship last year, there were no trophies recorded for the Chinese division while in the Korean division, ATB won the championship, TAC took the bronze medal. The view is boundless, they can still fight for more winning spots for their country in the next world championship.

From Choi Hyuk’s perspective, there was no need to fear the Chinese division players who had never won a single championship for so many years. Even Chi Shuo who had once been boasted as the world’s best jungler had declined in the past two years. As part of the promising younger generation, his popularity and strength had long replaced S6’s Chi Shuo.

In the two team fights just now, there was someone commanding on the opponents’ side. Their marksman was only taken advantage of due to being separated. As of now, Choi Hyuk and Park Wonseok’s equipment are almost completed. Once Park Wonseok unleashes his ult, he’ll be able to kill the weak opponents!

As long as the enemy marksman could be killed, everything would become much easier.
Guard their base and protect the crystal, then counterattack.

So what if it was a headwind match? Their ability to seize opportunities was so great that they’ll still win all the same.
TL/n: A losing match due to poor cooperation or mistakes made by teammates etc.

The match reached 22 minutes very soon.

TL/n: Part two of sponsored chapter by Lurker! Replying to a previous comment, yes I've never played MOBA before so I'll have to research a ton when translating each chapter so I may get a little slow! Also, I'll be closing sponsored chapters for ARML for a week to catch up on my other novels and sponsored chapters too but you can still donate here if you want to! Thank you for reading!!

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