ARML Chapter 109.3: World-Class Mid/Jungle Duo

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They’ve already charged into the opponents’ base twice in a row but didn’t manage to push their way through the base tower due to the minion waves being cleared.

Ye Shaoyang opened the game stats and took a look. The enemy jungler and mid laner had equipped very good gears. Korean players are especially good at amassing resources, so even if they were killed a few times in the early game, they would still be able to plunder resources everywhere from the map——

It was obvious that Choi Hyuk and Park Wonseok had gone to the top and bottom lanes many times to steal the minion waves and ate up a portion of their teammates’ gold. Thus, while the two of them had a lot of gold, the other three fared a lot worse in comparison.

The enemy top laner's Black Knight had not even equipped a key defensive equipment and he wouldn’t be able to hold his ground in team fights. The enemy marksman lacked armor penetration gear and his attacks did not deal much damage to a tanker. It was akin to a tickle and Ye Shaoyang’s tanky support can completely defend against his attacks.

Meanwhile, the three core DPS of Ye Shaoyang's team which was the top laner, mid laner, and marksman all had taken up many resources. The attack speed items’ stack for Xie Weiyu’s marksman is already maxed, and he also bought a key critical attack item.

Ye Shaoyang asked Chi Shuo, "Should we invade the base or wait for the next grand dragon to respawn?"

There's still a few minutes before the grand dragon respawns. If it dragged on until all players had excellent equipment, they may not necessarily win during team fights. Chi Shuo thought about it a little, then said, "Invade the base so as to end it quickly in the shortest time possible."

When everyone heard this, they immediately perked up and began pushing the three lanes and collected resources.

The resources in the jungle had been completely cleared off and the minion waves from the three lanes were also brought along.

Park Wonseok’s Destruction Mage was a hero that could defend towers very well.

He can kill the fragile enemy marksman instantly when he uses his ult!

Chi Shuo took his teammates along to the base and as expected, the opponents were there guarding the tower and cleared a minion wave. Chi Shuo immediately switched to the mid lane with Ye Shaoyang protecting at the front, and Xie Weiyu at the back swiftly destroying the defensive towers.

Right at this moment, Choi Hyuk seized the opportunity——

Maybe it’s because the marksman [Wind Nymph] wanted to rapidly destroy the defensive towers which caused him to move forward too much.

His eyes lit up, “Kill the marksman!”

…Before the sound of his voice could even die down, he aimed a fist at Xie Weiyu’s face. It has to be said that the world-class jungler still had some ability as he was able to aim very accurately when immobilizing people. Xie Weiyu was instantly stunned and was taken down to half-health.

In the next moment, Park Wonseok unleashed his ult. The Destruction Mage’s black magical ball shot out from his hand in an instant and just when it looked like it was going to hit Xie Weiyu, Xie Weiyu suddenly intuitively flashed…

He unexpectedly flashed to his front!

The Destruction Mage’s ult is a long-range attack so if one hides at a further distance, they may get hit. But if they hid in the opposite direction instead, there may be a chance that they can evade the magical ball’s trajectory.

Other than Xie Weiyu, Ye Shaoyang and Zhao Xin’an flashed over too.

Ye Shaoyang used his ult and the shield descended from the sky, directly stunning Park Wonseok!

Zhao Xin’an struck at him fiercely and the fragile mage was brought down to low health. Park Wonseok could only escape first but then, Xie Wieyu who was armed with the red buff, rushed under the tower and shot rapidly. Even if Park Wonseok turned to flash and escaped, Xie Weiyu could still catch him——Xie Weiyu flashed in the opposite direction with his teammates to kill him.

Basic attack, basic attack, strengthened the critical hit!

A marksman’s damage output was completely dependent on hand speed, and Xie Weiyu shot Park Wonseok to death with two arrows.

Choi Hyuk was utterly stupefied——why the heck are these three people flashing towards the crystal uniformly? They no longer want their lives? He turned back, only to see the jungler’s Brawler equip a full set of tanky gear, helping to attack a tower.

Zhao Xin’an flashed and struck his way through fiercely, the sharp sword in his hand swinging like it was cutting melons and vegetables. He aimed at the enemy marksman after he dealt with the mid laner. The Vampiric Duke’s ult had strong lifesteal so he wasn’t afraid of going under towers and killing people, as he could regain his health even if it dropped.

In the blink of an eye, the enemy marksman had been hacked by him to low health.

As there were teammates tanking the damage from the towers, Xie Weiyu swiftly pranced around under the tower, dealing damage with his long-range attacks. He sniped the enemy marksman to death with an arrow.

Choi Hyuk wanted to head back to kill him but right at that moment, Chi Shuo stunned him, leaving him under the tower.

Sean used his ult ‘Great Witch’s Devour’ and Choi Hyuk was taken down to critically low health. Xie Weiyu turned back and aimed a critical shot at him, taking Choi Hyuk who was in low health’s head away!

——[Rain001 (Wind Nymph) killed XIXI (Destruction Mage)!]

——[Rain001 (Wind Nymph) killed Romain (Machine Gun Huntsman)!]

——[Rain001 (Wind Nymph) killed KING (King of Fighters)!]

——Triple kill!

With the cooperation of his teammates, Xie Weiyu flashed and charged under the tower, taking three kills at the base explosively!

“Nice!” Sean praised.

Zhao Xin’an: “Xiao Yu 6666!”

A bit of excitement could be sensed from Ye Shaoyang’s voice when he spoke, “Xiao Yu, hurry and push the towers! Push the towers, push the towers!”

The base tower had already been pushed. Zhao Xin’an went to chase the enemy support while Chi Shuo went to block the enemy top laner. This caused the opponents to have no way of clearing the minions while Ye Shaoyang’s team was left with the last minion that hadn’t been cleared.

Xie Wieyu took the last surviving minion with him and swiftly fired at the base crystal.

Right until the crystal shattered loudly right in front of him.


The gold victory letters popped out on the screen. In China, the live broadcasts of all the players were filled with white bullet comments.

It was especially true for Xie Weiyu’s broadcast. There were countless fans who stood up to speak for him.

【Who was the one who said Xiao Yu was a noob? This is what you call noob?】

【Some people are blind and look down on others. Although Xiao Yu didn’t win the world championship before, he at least led Yaoguang to win runner-up, didn’t he? Those shallow people who turned their back on the previous captain and insulted him are really disgusting.】

【When a person leaves, the tea becomes cold. Xiao Yu leaving Yaoguang was the right choice. A coldhearted team with brainless fans doesn’t deserve you putting in your best efforts for them!】

When Xie Weiyu saw these bullet comments, his eyes felt like they were burning and he didn’t know what to say.

He only did what a marksman should have done in the last bout where he took three kills, such as evading from key skills and rapidly dealing damage. In fact, Ye Shaoyang initiated the team fight in an excellent manner and directly stunned the enemy mid laner; Chi Shuo had been focusing on the enemy jungler all this while, not letting him have any chance of attacking Xie Weiyu; Zhao Xin’an had struck his way through nimbly and the ult that Sean unleashed was also very timely.

God’s War is a team-based game.

Pushing the base and taking three kills was a result of their joint cooperation.

Although all five of them came from different teams, they all shared the same thought during today’s ranked.

——They want to win.

They want to fight for the honor of the Chinese division players!

It was obvious that Choi Hyuk and Park Wonseok looked down on them and felt that their mid/jungle duo was enough to set the rhythm and defeat them. Their arrogant bearings could actually be felt by them.

But like how it was just proven, so what if they were the world’s best mid laner and jungler?

Ignoring teammates and not cooperating well during team fights would still lead to you dying at your base!

This round of ranked was played very well but the more intellectual netizens all knew that the key reason for them winning was due to the opponents not having a commander, causing them to not be able to work well especially in team fights. On the other hand, Chi Shuo, who had a very strong game sense, was the commander and everyone else was also willing to follow his instructions.

This was just a randomly-matched ranked match.

When will the Chinese division teams be able to truly defeat the ATB team in the world championship?

A thought couldn’t help but appear in everyone’s mind.

When all five ATB players are on the competition stage with good cooperation and tacit understanding, can we still win?

The intellectual fans in Ye Shaoyang’s live broadcast started to analyse——

【We won this game because we had a commander and could communicate using the voice channel. The opponents didn’t have a commander which caused them to be left out alone and get caught easily. But everyone mustn’t forget that our Yangyang played support this round while Chi Shuo was a support jungler!】

【That’s right, that’s right. Our Tianhuan’s mid/jungle duo haven’t made an appearance.】

【Tianhuan Riyue’s mid/jungle duo also won’t be afraid of them at all even if they fought with them head-on.】

【Looking forward to the day you’ll beat the Korean teams into submission in the world championship!】

Ye Shaoyang looked at the bullet comments, the corners of his lips lifting slightly.

That’s a given as Tianhuan’s goal is to win the world championship. They’ll definitely have to compete against the Korean teams.

Choi Hyuk and Park Wonseok, the world’s best mid laner and jungler? Have you asked the professional players from other countries? After being praised by the Korean media for some time, the both of you started to float?
TL/n: Have their heads up their asses.

Today was merely a chance encounter in ranked, a simple comparing of notes.

In the S10 world championship, we’ll let you see what a true mid laner and jungler demon king is!

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