ARML Chapter 110.1: Dreams

Updated: May 14

As Zhao Xin’an and Sean were randomly assigned to the team, they were automatically ejected by the system after the match ended. However, Chi Shuo, Ye Shaoyang, and Xie Weiyu were a team so they were still inside.

Ye Shaoyang smiled while he praised, “Xiao Yu is amazing. Getting three kills in the base, MVP!”

In this match, Xie Weiyu’s damage output exceeded 45% with six kills, zero deaths, and three assists. His record was truly beautiful.

As long as a marksman who had leveled up steadily ensured their survival during team fights, their damage output would be correspondingly impressive. Sometimes, they would even be able to reverse the situation on their own.

This was also the reason why Ye Shaoyang insisted on killing Xie Weiyu even right before his death during the match against Yueying.

Xie Weiyu heard Ye Shaoyang praising him and he hurriedly said humbly, “It was you who supported and protected me well. Otherwise, I would’ve already been killed seven to eight times by the opponents.”

Ye Shaoyang replied, “That might not necessarily be true. Your movements and positioning are amazing, and you flashed to evade the enemy’s skill very well.”

All of them were live, so it wasn’t good for them to comment on the Korean players. Knowing about it in their hearts was good enough. It was simply only winning a ranked match and not an actual match in a competition, so there wasn’t a need to publicize everywhere.

Xie Weiyu changed the topic, “Are we continuing ranked?”

Ye Shaoyang didn’t want to expose the comps he’s been secretly practicing with Chi Shuo. It’s too easy for them to run into international expert players with their trio. The game they played just now was really frightening, so why not take a breather first.

It’s just a live broadcast and there isn’t a fixed rule stating that they must play ranked.

Ye Shaoyang suggested, “Why don’t we play the arcade mode?”

Xie Weiyu said in agreement, “Sure. Which one do you want to play?”

“The Clone Fight!” Ye Shaoyang replied.

Chi Shuo: “...”

He had never played arcade mode before.

In God’s War, other than ranked, there were also some arcade modes for everyone to pass time. There were no points in arcade mode so it doesn’t matter whether one wins or loses.

The Clone Fight was one of them. The player with the first pick will choose a hero, following which the other four players will be using the same hero chosen by the first player. That team will then fight against the opponent team which would also be made up of five of the same heroes their side’s first player had chosen. It was also separated into the top, mid, and bottom lane. Victory is achieved by destroying the crystal.

Chi Shuo had zero interest in this kind of arcade match but if Ye Shaoyang wanted to play, then he would obviously be willing to accompany him.

Hence, Chi Shuo silently clicked on the ‘ready’ button.

Ye Shaoyang went out of ranked and straight into arcade mode. He clicked on the Clone Fight and was quickly matched into a team.

For this game, Chi Shuo had the first pick so he would be the one to determine which hero to use.

Chi Shuo asked, “What do I choose?”

Ye Shaoyang then asked, “Xiao Yu, what do you want to choose?”

Xie Weiyu answered, “Captain Chi should make the decision.”

The netizens: “??”

Are the three of you playing soccer?

Chi Shuo couldn’t kick the ball out again, so he simply locked in a hero that Ye Shaoyang liked more, the Illusionist.

“Is this okay?” He asked.

Ye Shaoyang replied cheerfully, “Okay, let’s have five Illusionists.”

The player with the first pick locked it in and after the other teammates gave their affirmations, the heroes of all five players turned into the Illusionist.

When the match started, Chi Shuo’s Illusionist went jungling with a smite while Ye Shaoyang’s Illusionist bought support crystals and followed Xie Weiyu to the bottom lane.

The five opponent players were cloning Machine Gun Huntsman, a hero that was skilled in clearing minions but had a fragile body.

The pace of the game in arcade mode was faster than ranked. Chi Shuo had already hit Level 6 in just a short few minutes. He went to the bottom lane and hit the command for his team to group up.

The three of them hid in the bushes, then suddenly rushed out and attacked with a skill combo, instantly killing the two fragile opponents!

The two opponent players were directly killed before they could even react.

Afterwards, they ganged up and stole the blue buff. After stealing blue, they camped in the mid lane and took out the opponent player that happened to be passing by.

They ran to the woods after finishing in the mid lane and killed the Machine Gun Huntsman player responsible for jungling. Then, they went to the top lane to camp. Xie Weiyu also experienced what Ye Shaoyang had experienced, the feeling of joy that comes with hiding in the bushes and launching ambushes.

【Hahaha, this troublemaking trio is on the move again!】

【Heck, there’s three Illusionists. They’ll be immobilized until they feel that there’s nothing worth living for in life anymore!】

【Yangyang’s W stun, Chi Shuo’s W stun, you want to run? Xiao Yu still has a W!】

【The opponents are almost going to develop psychological trauma from this beating. Are you frying fish in the international server?】
TL/n: Frying fish is the behavior of high-level players playing with low-level ones for a long time, usually with malicious intentions.

Xie Weiyu hasn’t been this happy for a long time.

The arcade mode was indeed very fun to play. Their three Illusionists all bought the boots of speed and ran extremely fast, hiding and killing players everywhere. Ye Shaoyang would initiate the fight and if he was unable to finish them off with a combo, then Chi Shuo would follow up and Xie Weiyu was responsible for cleaning up the ends.

Hence, Xie Weiyu took most of the kills.

The trio moved swiftly, the purple light fragments appearing everywhere. This should be what they call the tactic of ‘happily hiding in the bushes and killing players’. The five fragile opponents didn’t dare to step out of the tower at all, for fear that they’ll be killed the moment they step out.

Soon, they had a crushing advantage over the other team.

“It’s a pity that this kind of mode doesn’t exist in the professional league, or it would be pretty fun to play with. At that time, we will choose five Stealthy Rogue and the opponent team will choose five Bloodstained Assassin——the map will be completely empty, no one will be seen.” Ye Shaoyang said.

“All 10 players will be invisible, seeing who will come out first.” Xie Weiyu said, amused.

Ye Shaoyang: “And when they come out, they’ll realize all five opposing players are behind them. That would be super awkward, hahaha.”

Xie Weiyu: “Hahaha.”

Chi Shuo: “…………”

The netizens in the live broadcast: “??”

TL/n: SY and WY are so cute!! Also, do look out for an update tomorrow! Sponsored chapters are closed but you can still support me here!

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