ARML Chapter 110.2: Dreams

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【Yangyang, are you a demon? If the professional league releases this kind of mode, it would turn into a really funny scene!】

【Five Stealthy Rogue PK with five Bloodstained Assassins. Everyone is in stealth and whoever comes out first loses?】

【Hahaha, it can be suggested to the league for this year’s All-Star to include the clone mode.】

【This year’s All-Star mode hasn’t been determined, and I think Yangyang’s idea is pretty good. When the time comes, let’s gather all the masters together and have a major clone fight, 5v5, mutual destruction!】

When the regular season has ended, an event will be organized during the mid-season and the people invited were all popular ace players, which is why it was referred to as ‘All-Star’. Every year’s competing mode is different and perhaps, when the authorized personnel post out the questionnaire this year, everyone can really fill in for clone mode and pit the great masters against each other?

The game ended quickly and Xie Weiyu got the MVP again, this time with 11 heads.
Although winning or losing wasn’t important in the arcade mode, he was still very happy.
It has been a long time since he had enjoyed a game like this.

After he became a professional player and treated gaming as a career, he spent everyday practicing monotonously and the pressure he felt when competing was huge. When he wins, he’ll get praised and when he loses, he’ll receive all sorts of insults. His state of mind was just like a rollercoaster, constantly rising and falling.

And in this season, he had already been insulted for two whole months.

Right after Yueying had lost the Group S match, Yaoguang’s new marksman got a pentakill the next day. The striking contrast was simply the most direct form of mockery. As for the large number of comments questioning him online, although he tried his best to not look at it and to not listen, he still felt upset in his heart.

Not a single one of his ex-teammates who used to fight side by side with him for two years had contacted him since he had left the team.

Yueying’s new teammates treated him well and had never blamed him for losing the match. On the contrary, precisely because of this, it made Xie Weiyu feel even guiltier and he always felt that he had dragged Yueying down.

In this period of time, he was constantly in a low mood.

But today, he was truly happy.

Regardless of whether it was the ranked match where they had won against the world champions Choi Hyuk and Park Wonseok, or the arcade match they played after where they had chosen the Illusionist and he had followed Ye Shaoyang running all around the canyon and hiding in the bushes.

He finally found the joy he once felt back when he first started playing games.

He liked this game, that’s why he will continue to persevere with it.

The trio played arcade mode all the way until it was half past twelve. Five Illusionists staking out in the bushes everywhere, five Frost Goddess covering the entire map with frost, five Flower Dryad planting flowers everywhere. The live broadcast reactions were great and the bullet comments were all filled with ‘hahaha’. The usually silent Xie Weiyu also smiled a lot more today.

Seeing that it was almost turning one soon, Ye Shaoyang asked, “Xiao Yu, do you want to prepare to turn off the broadcast? We still have training tomorrow.”

Xie Weiyu nodded obediently, “Mn, we have to train too. Bye, Yangyang.”

Ye Shaoyang turned off the broadcast, then he saw his phone light up with a private message sent by Xie Weiyu: “Thank you, I was very happy today. Let’s play arcade mode again when we’re free in the future.”

Ye Shaoyang replied: “Sure, feel free to contact me anytime when you’re free!”

At the same time, Chi Shuo sent him a message: “Sleep early, good night.”

Ye Shaoyang sent one back: “Captain Chi is sleeping already?”

Chi Shuo: “I’m still not tired. I’ve decided to replay the ranked we played just now.”

Ye Shaoyang: “I’m also not tired, I’ll come and watch the replay with you!”

A moment later, Chi Shuo heard a knock at the door.

He quickly tidied himself up before getting up and opening the door.

Ye Shaoyang was wearing his sleepwear and holding the cat in his arms. He was about to head into Chi Shuo’s room when Chi Shuo suddenly turned back and brought out the laptop instead.

“We’ll watch in the living room, it’s more spacious there.”

Ye Shaoyang murmured an agreement and turned around, walking in the direction of the living room.

Although the two of them were frankly only watching the replay of the ranked match, it still wasn’t good to let others know about an Omega wearing his sleepwear and running into an Alpha’s bedroom in the middle of the night. As they were in a team, they had to be careful of the impact it would cause.

Chi Shuo placed the laptop on the table in the living room and opened the recording of the match.

Ye Shaoyang watched while hugging his cat.

It was easier to see from a third person’s perspective. Whenever Choi Hyuk initiates a fight, he’ll ignore his teammate and this was the root cause for them being left out during team fights. Choi Hyuk and Park Wonseok indeed had great personal strength, but no matter how strong they are, they wouldn’t be able to play 2v5. In this match, they looked down on their opponents, and also looked down on their other teammates.

Ye Shaoyang couldn’t help but frown, “This Choi Hyuk guy, it seems like he had become more arrogant than when he was in S9?”

In S9, they had also watched the live broadcast of the match between ATB and Jingzhe at the time. After the match, Choi Hyuk and Park Wonseok had proud faces on and hugged their teammates in excitement, leaving Jingzhe hanging on the side. Being excited from winning the match was understandable, but it was very rude for them to let the opposing team wait this long for a handshake.

Chi Shuo said coldly, “They’ve won the world championship after all, and the Korean media had blown them out of proportion, to the point where it seemed to be raining flowers. Choi Hyuk was known as the world’s best jungler while Park Wonseok was hailed as the world’s best mid. They also have many fans in China.”
TL/n: Extravagant claims.

World’s best mid is the abbreviation for the world’s best mid laner.
TL/n: Makes more sense in Chinese but you get it.

If one takes a look at each competing division in God’s War, they’ll realize that there were actually many outstanding mid laners, such as the North American division’s Mitchel and Clement, and European division’s Sean and Julian etc. Fang Zhengqing and Zhou Jiawen of the Chinese division also had considerable fame. Among these people, none of them would dare to call themselves the world’s best mid laner.

The ‘Number One’ title was not something that could be used casually.

ATB directly called themselves the world’s best jungler king and best mage king after winning the championship. They’re really shameless.

Ye Shaoyang looked at Chi Shuo and said, “Although they’re arrogant, they do have the skills to be arrogant. Both of them had great strength. If today was not a chance encounter in ranked and we met the entire ATB team instead, we might not necessarily win.”

Chi Shuo nodded, “Yes. Choi Hyuk has an extremely fierce and tough jungling style, constantly invading the opponents’ jungle; Park Wonseok’s mid lane hero pool is also very vast, and when they’re cooperating, they’re considered to be in-sync with each other.”

Ye Shaoyang smiled and looked at Chi Shuo, “More in-sync than us?”

Chi Shuo’s heart skipped a beat and his ears uncontrollably felt like it was burning. The look of Shaoyang raising his head to look at him with a smile was just so adorable that he couldn’t help but think…

I want to hug and kiss him.

Chi Shuo’s ears turned red when this kind of thought suddenly popped up in his brain. He hurriedly suppressed the heat surging in his heart and pretended to be calm and said, “Of course not, they’ll have times where they make mistakes when cooperating too.”

“So there’s no need to worry. I don’t believe that with the two of us working together, we won't be able to defeat them. At that time, you’ll take a jungler core and I’ll take a mage. I have confidence that we’ll be able to kill off Park Wonseok directly.” Ye Shaoyang said frankly.

Chi Shuo continued, “The prerequisite of playing against them is to get a placement in the world series first.”

Ye Shaoyang nodded, “Mn, I know. Let’s start from the national championship first, then we’ll go from there, step by step.”

Chi Shuo turned and looked at Ye Shaoyang’s serious expression, and a trace of a smile appeared in his eyes.

——With you by my side for this season, I have confidence that we’ll be able to make our way into the world series and fight for the world championship.

We’ll make this dream come true together.

TL/n: I felt so sad for Xie Weiyu while translating this chapter TT also Captain Chi, what are you waiting for? DO IT! First part of the first sponsored chapter by Chxrrr! Thank you so much for the support! You can also support me here!

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