ARML Chapter 112.2: Group A Leaderboard

Updated: May 14

Although CYC had improved in this match, they would hopelessly realize that Tianhuan improved even faster! It was especially difficult to kill their marksman, let alone their mid laner. He was still the great demon king they remembered.

CYC suffered a crushing defeat in the hands of Tianhuan again.

In the second match they played in the third week of the regular season, Tianhuan defeated Jixuan with a 2:0.

In the fourth week, Tianhuan defeated Xueying with a 2:0.

Looking at Tianhuan's schedule in Group A so far, they've finished playing four out of 5 matches. They still have one last match with Luoshendian scheduled for the weekend.

All the other teams in Group A have already finished their matches.

Currently, the last three teams in the Group A leaderboard wouldn't be able to get promoted. However, the final results still couldn't be determined for the top three teams.

In God's War's group stage, the winning points were calculated according to the number of matches won. The number of matches a team wins would equal the number of points they would receive.

Clean wins are the number of winning games minus the number of losing games. For example, 2-0 would be two points, 2-1 would be one point, a 0-2 defeat would be negative two points, and 1-2 would be negative one point.

The rules for their ranking was to look at the winning points first, then look at the number of clean wins a team has.

The viewers' hearts were all anxious after looking at the current ranking in Group A.

Tianhuan won four matches and lost zero. Their clean wins were seven——they had won three matches with a 2-0, and one with a 2-1.

Luoshendian won three matches and lost one, and their clean wins were five——three matches with a 2-0 and one with a 1-2 (lost to Yueying).

Yueying won three and lost two, and had three clean wins——two matches with 2-0, one with 2-1 (won against Luoshendian), and two with 1-2 (lost to Tianhuan and Xueying).

The remaining three teams' wins didn't exceed two, so there isn't any chance of being promoted for them.

Team Yueying had already finished playing all five of their matches and their clean wins were lower than Luoshendian currently. However, they won the match with Luoshendian 2-1. The last Group A match between Tianhuan and Luoshendian hadn't been fought, and that match would determine the promotion of teams in the second phase of Group A.

If Tianhuan loses to Luoshendian with a 0-2 or 1-2, the teams to get promoted would be Luoshendian and Tianhuan;

If Tianhuan wins Luoshendian with a 2-1, Luoshendian's clean wins would be four and the promoted teams would also be Tianhuan and Luoshendian;

If Tianhuan wins Luoshendian with a 2-0, Yueying would get promoted according to the rule of looking at the clean wins when two teams' winning points were equal. Both teams had three clean wins but because Yueying had defeated Luoshendian in the group stage, Yueying would get promoted.

Different scores would lead to different results. The amount of attention this match received even surpassed Group S's ending match. Everyone was looking forward to seeing which teams would get promoted in Group A after all.

May 2nd, 7 p.m. on Sunday, Tianhuan VS Luoshendian.

The match was arranged to be held in Ya'an Esports Center. This was also the last match in Group A.

Team Yueying also just finished playing a match yesterday and hence, they didn't return to their base and stayed at Ya'an City instead to prepare to watch the last match of Group A before returning. The results of this match were also closely related to them after all.

On the day of the match, Xu Zhuo brought his team to the live venue and prepared to head to the backstage lounge to watch the match.

They ran into Yaoguang's coach and players in the hallway. While Tianhuan and Luoshendian's match at 7 p.m. was the ending match in Group A, Yaoguang and Huowen also had a match at 9 p.m. which concluded the ranking in Group S.

The entire team in Yaoguang arrived at the live venue in advance and very unfortunately ran into Xu Zhuo and his team.

Both teams' players met each other in the hallway, causing the atmosphere to instantly become awkward.

All five players from Yaoguang pretended to not have seen them and walked straight around the corner and entered their lounge.

Xie Weiyu's face was a little pale and his head lowered slightly. Xu Zhuo frowned and said in a low voice, "A group of white-eyed wolves. They saw their previous captain but didn't even bother to greet, really fucking fools. Don't be angry for such people."

Right at this moment, the players from Tianhuan walked over.

Xie Weiyu heard someone yelling at him, "Xiao Yu, are you guys here at the live venue to watch the match too?"

Turning back to Ye Shaoyang's smile, Xie Wieyu's mood instantly turned for the better and he ran over to greet him, "We finished playing our last match yesterday. Our coach told us to stay for another day and only return when the results in Group A are released."

Xu Zhuo turned around and gave Chi Shuo a hug.

"Good luck for the match later," he smiled.

"Mn. We can't promise anything, but we'll definitely try our best."

Luoshendian was also a strong team and one of top eight players in the last season. Although they lost 1-2 to Yueying in Group A as they were careless which led to Team Yueying winning the match, causing their record to be three wins and a single defeat, the comprehensive strength of this team was still not to be underestimated.

Ye Shaoyang leaned forward and stopped beside Xie Weiyu's ear, and using a volume that only the two of them can hear, he said softly, "I have to thank you for the tremendous improvement our Cheng Xing had made during this period."

Xie Weiyu was stunned for a moment, "Thank me for what?"

Ye Shaoyang: "Lately, he's been watching Yueying's competition recordings and learning to play Wind Nymph by following you."

Xie Weiyu finally reacted and looked back at Cheng Xing.

Cheng Xing was following behind Ye Shaoyang and when he saw Xie Weiyu looking at him, he scratched his head with a silly smile.

Xie Weiyu replied softly, "Xiao Xing is pretty talented and has fast reactions. I can't get much of an advantage when facing him."

Ye Shaoyang said, "Mn, although there is still a gap between you and him, he's still pretty hardworking."

Xie Weiyu felt complicated.

They were all newcomers so why does Ye Shaoyang constantly has an attitude similar to that of an older brother? He debuted two years before Ye Shaoyang but what's baffling is that when he's in front of Ye Shaoyang, he would automatically become a younger brother that's taken care of?

Xie Weiyu felt extremely puzzled. Ye Shaoyang patted his shoulder lightly, his eyes twinkling.

"I'll go to prepare first, be sure to look out for my brilliant performance later!"

There's really not a single bit of modesty in him at all.

Xie Weiyu smiled, "Okay, good luck."

The group in Tianhuan arrived at their room and Coach Lin gave one last pep rally, "Let's play the game in a relax manner today. Even if we lost this match with a 0-2, Tianhuan will still definitely get promoted. It's just that the results of this match will affect the promotion of Yueying and Luoshendian and thus, you should all do your best and not give in on purpose!"

Everyone nodded to show that they understood.

If they were seen to be losing on purpose, they would definitely be scolded by the netizens to death. The netizens would think that they were making deals covertly and even come up with conspiracy theories like if a club has paid off Tianhuan?

Hence, they must go all out in this match and make the netizens feel thoroughly convinced of them.

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