ARML Chapter 114.2: Final Match

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The bullet comments in the live broadcast room were all filled with laughter——

【Captain Chi: Watch out for my shadowless kick!】

【You dare to gank my apprentice, I'll send you flying】

【Shuoyue kicked the Rogue right to where Lieyang is. Lieyang's thunderbolt then struck down from the sky, stunning the Rogue. The poor Rogue went to gank people but ended up getting kicked, then he was struck by a thunderbolt, how pitiful!】

Chi Shuo indeed saw Ye Shaoyang coming over to support, so he kicked the Stealthy Rogue to Ye Shaoyang. Ye Shaoyang originally wasn't able to reach him but now, he was able to stun the enemy Rogue with a thunderbolt. Cheng Xing immediately followed up with the attacks and the two swiftly crippled the enemy Rogue.

The opponent’s Storm Goddess’ tornado had arrived just then. However, the Stealthy Rogue had been kicked away by Chi Shuo. On the other hand, Luoshendian’s mid laner and jungler’s skills weren’t executed properly and their marksman was too far away, causing their gank to be a fruitless attempt. The Rogue was in critically low health and had no choice but to return to their base.

Luoshendian didn't gain any advantage from their next few attempts of ganking.

Running the Stealthy Rogue in front of Chi Shuo was indeed too difficult. Chi Shuo could predict their thoughts accurately, and wherever the Stealthy Rogue went, he would follow. It was just like the man-to-man defense in basketball, where an assigned player would follow and defend an offensive player on the court. The moment the Rogue appeared, he would immediately kick him away, making him unable to even use his big move.

It became increasingly painful for Luoshendian's coach to watch.

He didn't expect Tianhuan to actually choose a support jungler with no damage output ability like the Knight-Errant, and that the Stealthy Rogue would actually be weak against that hero! The Stealthy Rogue had no way of getting close enough to kill Tianhuan's double carry and under the protection of Chi Shuo, Ye Shaoyang and Cheng Xing leveled up swiftly and was able to complete their core equipment.

The top laner was too far away and couldn't support the bottom lane frequently. The jungler was unable to break through on the bottom lane and whether they're able to win the team fight in the late-game will all depend on the top laner's performance.

If their Vampiric Duke cut into their back line, would they perhaps be able to force an opening?

Luoshendian's coach clenched his fist nervously.

Coach Lin Feng, who was also in the spectating area, had a smile on his face. His expression was completely relaxed.

Tianhuan had been training with the team comp centering around the Thunder Goddess and Master Archer some time ago. He believes that Ye Shaoyang and Cheng Xing's double carry cooperation will make everyone pleasantly surprised.

12 minutes into the game, both sides were still in a stalemate.

Luoshendian's Stealthy Rogue couldn't kill Tianhuan's double carry, but Chi Shuo's support jungler, the Knight-Errant, also couldn't kill off Luoshendian's damage dealers. Both teams continued dragging it on until the current situation, and the kill count was still 0-0.

Seeing that they wouldn't be able to break through on the bottom lane, they immediately turned their attention to the top lane. They proceeded to engage in a 3v1 and killed Old Qin before proceeding to push the outer tower!

Chi Shuo launched an organized attack on the bottom lane and had a 4v2. They killed the enemy marksman and pushed the enemy's bottom lane outer tower as well

As both teams' defensive towers had fallen, none of them was at a disadvantage.

When the game reached the 15th-minute mark, Chi Shuo left a ping to assemble in the mid lane. When the top and bottom lanes finished pushing, they immediately rushed to the mid lane to assemble. With the five of them grouping up to push the mid lane tower, Luoshendian couldn't just stand by and not defend.

Suddenly, Qu Jiang clicked on the signal to attack, and the gigantic Holy Knight resolutely rushed into the fray, forcefully initiating a team fight. Old Qin followed up immediately and unleashed his ult, the Dark Curse, immobilizing the three enemy players in the mid lane!

Chi Shuo had always been wandering around, so when the enemy Rogue wanted to kill the marksman, he was kicked away by Chi Shuo who was constantly on guard.

The enemy top laner wanted to charge in and kill Cheng Xing, but Cheng Xing flashed into the woods to hide.

Ye Shaoyang immediately cast his ult——Chain Lightning!
TL/n: There's the number five inside the ult name but I couldn't think of a cool name, so I omitted it.

Dark clouds started spreading out in the sky, following which purple lightning beams crackled and struck down, collectively stunning the three enemy players.

A lightning chain mark appeared on the three enemy players. Cheng Xing seized the opportunity and unleashed his ult, firing his flame arrows at the opponents. The arrows carried with them a burst of fire and while they shot through the air, each arrow split from one into two, and two into four. They hit the crowd that was linked together by the lightning chain and caused explosive damage!

The Master Archer relied on his big move to deal damage. After the flame arrows split, it could deal an impressive amount of damage to the enemy crowd. If the opponents' positions were scattered, the flame arrows wouldn't be able to hit too many people. On the contrary, the closer the opponents were together, the higher the frequency of each flame arrow continuously splitting up into multiple arrows. Hence, the total damage dealt would be even greater.

Currently, the opponents were all immobilized by Qu Jiang and Old Qin's control skills. Ye Shaoyang's ult connected the three opponents together and struck them with lightning until they were crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. In addition, it inflicted a ‘superconduct’ debuff on all of them. Even an ordinary attack from the Thunder Goddess that was directed at any one of them would cause all three of them to take damage through the chain. This was the main part of the Thunder Goddess's playing style.

By itself, the Master Archer’s flame arrows will be able to deal AOE damage by shooting the enemy from all sides. However, with the Thunder Goddess’ Chain Lightning ability, the AOE damage dealt by the flame arrows will be doubled after passing through the lightning chain.

Chi Shuo was at the side defending and preventing the enemy jungler and top laner from cutting into their back line. Cheng Xing was able to deal damage from safety, hence he maximized his damage dealt to the enemy players!

One arrow, two arrows, three arrows!

The numerous sharp arrows covered the sky, shooting over in a dense formation, causing flames to spread everywhere as if it was raining fire!

The three players were initially already beaten down to critically low health by the Thunder Goddess's big move and after Cheng Xing had maximized his damage dealt to them, they wouldn’t be able to recover their health from this even if the Forest Envoy unleashes his ult that could replenish health.

——[Tianhuan-Fanxing (Master Archer) killed LSD-Feifei (Frost Goddess)!]

——[Tianhuan-Fanxing (Master Archer) killed LSD-Xiaoyin (Warlock of Poison)!]

——[Tianhuan-Fanxing (Master Archer) killed LSD-Douyin (Forest Envoy)!]

Luoshendian's top laner finally caught up to Cheng Xing who had flashed away into the woods and killed him with a skill combo. However, in a blink of an eye, Cheng Xing had already killed three Luoshendian players. Even if he was killed in the end, he had at least dealt enough damage before dying by taking three kills.

Unlike last time, he could die in peace knowing that his death wasn't in vain.

After dying, Cheng Xing was still there, speaking excitedly, "I killed three, there's no loss, no loss!"

Ye Shaoyang praised him in return, "Good job, Little Xing."

They had exchanged one for three in this bout. Tianhuan's resources skyrocketed, and Ye Shaoyang's Thunder Goddess was able to equip a top-tier set of gear. Cheng Xing's Master Archer also equipped a more powerful weapon. Chi Shuo was guarding against Luoshendian's jungler closely, making him unable to kill Cheng Xing. Whenever the top laner wanted to kill Cheng Xing, he would be blocked from doing so by Qu Jiang's 'cover' skill.

Tianhuan quickly started to strengthen their advantage, stole resources, and attacked the grand dragon to force Luoshendian into a team fight.

During the critical team fight for the grand dragon, Luoshendian was once again dealt with full damage by the lightning and flame arrows combo as they had failed to find a way to deal with Cheng Xing and Ye Shaoyang, the two sources of damage output.

The lightning and the rain of fire were a blatant declaration that the game had ended.

In the streaming room, the comments from excited Tianhuan fans flooded the screen.

【On one hand there's lightning, and on the other there's fire. It's just like a scene from a blockbuster movie!】

【They were already in such a miserable state from being struck by lightning, then they were burned to ashes by the flame arrows that followed after. What a tragedy】

【A joint attack of getting stunned then getting roasted into a skewer? Tianhuan's 'knock-on effect' comp is really strong!】

【Tianhuan is truly strong this season 】

【Our water, fire, sun, moon, and star, rush to the top! Rush to Group S, and to the finals!】

In the commentators' booth, both commentators were also excited——

"Congratulations to Tianhuan for winning the match 2-0!"

"The MVP of this game is Fanxing. Little Xing's Master Archer had truly performed remarkably. He had maximized his damage dealt to the opponents in both critical fights and with his flame arrows, he accounted for 45% of the damage output in his team!"

"And of course, the mid laner Lieyang's performance is commendable as always. The Chain Lightning always connected the fragile opponents together. Zhuhuo and Jiangshui had seamlessly initiated the team fights together while Shuoyue was on the side defending against enemies. All five of them had great tacit cooperation that eventually led to Tianhuan winning this game!"

"Group A matches are finished. Let's take a look at the current ranking."

The final ranking in Group A was finalized.

Tianhuan had five consecutive wins and was undoubtedly the first that was eligible for a promotion. Yueying had three wins and two losses while Luoshendian also had three wins and two losses.

Both teams' clean wins were the same but as Yueying had defeated Luoshendian in the groups stage, Yueying was ranked before Luoshendian and would be promoted.

"Let us congratulate Tianhuan once again for qualifying for the promotion with an absolute victory in Group A! I believe that today's match has been an eye-opener for everyone here regarding the kind of team Tianhuan is this season. This season's Tianhuan is really making rapid progress. Their future is promising!"

"Let's look forward to Tianhuan's performance in the rank-deciding matches!"

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