ARML Chapter 115.2: Rank-Deciding Match

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His phone was suddenly taken away by someone. Cheng Xing looked up and saw Ye Shaoyang smiling at him.

"Don't keep staring at your phone and think about what we should eat later instead." He said.

In front was their coordinator Tang Can who was already aware of the issue. She immediately continued with this topic and said, "We won't be eating in the hotel tonight. I've booked a restaurant, let's have lobsters!"

Cheers burst out in the car.

Cheng Xing took a deep breath and feigned a relaxed smile before saying, "Sure, I love eating lobsters too."

No one brought up the issue and the group had their dinner happily.

After returning to the hotel, Chi Shuo was about to find Cheng Xing to have a chat with him when he heard a knock on his door. He opened his door and saw Ye Shaoyang standing there.

"Captain Chi, do you want to have a talk with Little Xing? He's still young after all and if his mental state was affected because of this issue, I'm worried his performance will suffer tomorrow." Ye Shaoyang said.

The two thought of the same thing again.

Chi Shuo replied in a low voice, "I was just thinking of going to him too. Let's go together."

In the next room, Cheng Xing had just finished washing his face and was about to turn on his laptop and log in to Weibo when he suddenly heard his doorbell ring. He opened the door, only to see Chi Shuo and Ye Shaoyang standing there.

Cheng Xing was momentarily stunned, and he scratched his head, "Master, Yang-ge, are you looking for me?"

The both of them walked in and Ye Shaoyang immediately asked without beating around the bush, "You've seen the topic on Weibo, right?"

Cheng Xing lowered his head. "Mn."
Ye Shaoyang patted him on the shoulder and smiled, "Are you taking it seriously? This was obviously a ploy by Yaoguang trying to wage psychological warfare. It's not like you didn't know about what they tried to do to me before."

Cheng Xing was stunned again, "Ah? It's Yaoguang who's playing tricks?"

He had actually thought that there were really netizens who made this marksmen ranking, as the stats on the ranking wasn't wrong. His current stats... were pretty bad.

Chi Shuo looked at his apprentice and said calmly, "They previously wanted to defame Ye Shaoyang, but they realized Shaoyang had a big heart and didn't care about these matters at all. That's why they changed targets. Tomorrow's the match. If your mental state collapses and your performance declines during the match, Yaoguang would win against Tianhuan and they could keep their place in Group S. Do you understand?"

Cheng Xing's face was blank. "T-they can still do this kind of thing?"

Ye Shaoyang said, "There are 18 teams in the professional league, there are bound to be some strange teams that won't play by the rules. Don't put this matter to heart. Although your current stats aren't pleasant to look at, it doesn't mean you're weak. It's just that everyone is taking care of me and wants me to win the grand MVP prize, so they gave up kills for me."

Cheng Xing thought of the discussion they had in their group chat before. They indeed said that they were going to let Shaoyang fight for the grand MVP prize in S10.

Right at this moment, a notification sounded out. It was a message from the 'Tianhuan's Happy Family' group chat that Qu Jiang had created a while back.

Jiangshui: [Little Xing, are you there? I'm coming over to find you. I've finished making the third compilation of your '100 Ways to Die' series.]

Fanxing: [...]

Zhuhuo: [I'm coming too, I just went to the supermarket and bought tons of snacks.]

Cheng Xing's doorbell rang again and when he opened the door, it was indeed Qu Jiang and Qin Yizhu. Seeing that Chi Shuo and Ye Shaoyang were also present, the two of them were stunned and knowingly exchanged a look.

After entering the room, Qu Jiang propped up his laptop and opened the video he had finished making, playing it to Cheng Xing.

"The third collection of 《Little Xing's Ways to Die》 is a collection of all your deaths in Group A and B. The music is even more sorrowful this time."

Cheng Xing was originally upset but after listening to the sorrowful music, he burst out laughing instead. "Qu-ge, you're too much!"

Ye Shaoyang reached out and rubbed Cheng Xing's head gently while saying, "Don't think too much. We've always been by your side. They want to cause your mental state to fall into disarray before the match, so you mustn't be fooled by them."

Cheng Xing's heart was lifted by a surge of warmth, and he nodded earnestly. "Mn, I know. I won't think about this tomorrow. Let's dominate Yaoguang completely tomorrow!"

Qin Yizhu agreed, "That's right, we will absolutely destroy them!”

When Coach Lin came over, to his surprise, all five Tianhuan players were already there. He was dazed for a moment and was at a loss on whether to laugh or cry.

"Ai, I'm supposed to conduct counseling for the players before the match as the coach, but you all beat me to it again?"

Qu Jiang suggested, "Coach, you can give us half of your next month's salary."

Qin Yizhu: "That's right, give us half."

Coach Lin walked over to Cheng Xing and looked at him. He found the little guy's expression had returned to normal and there were traces of a smile in his eyes. It was clear that there was no longer a problem anymore.

Coach Lin let out a sigh of relief and smiled, "In that case, I won't say much. Let's go all out tomorrow everyone."

He stretched out his hand and everyone immediately piled their hands on top of each other and shouted in unison, "Tianhuan, we can do this!"

The coach and other teammates then gradually left Cheng Xing's room one by one.

Chi Shuo was the last to go. When he reached the door, he suddenly turned around and looked at Cheng Xing. Cheng Xing was currently sending everyone off and noticing that his master was staring at him, he immediately froze. The youth closed his legs and straightened his posture, as if he was doing a military salute.

Sure enough, he was still very much afraid of his master.

The corners of Chi Shuo's lips were raised slightly, and he said in a low voice, "I'm not a sentimental person. You being in the starting lineup has nothing to do with you being my apprentice, but rather because you have outstanding talent and is the best player in Tianhuan's training camp."

Cheng Xing was stunned. He looked up at Chi Shuo in disbelief.

"Forget about all those unfounded rumors. You were no longer just my apprentice the moment this season started."

Chi Shuo paused, and he looked at the youth in front of him with a gentle gaze, "You're also my teammate."

——You're not just my apprentice, but also my teammate.

It was a simple sentence but to Cheng Xing, it was the biggest recognition!

The foremost reason for him becoming a professional player and joining Tianhuan was because he was Chi Shuo's fan, so he had brazenly recognized Chi Shuo as his master and learned how to play jungling from him.

But now, he was no longer the fan, the apprentice, the little attendant that had followed behind Chi Shuo.

He is Chi Shuo's teammate.

He needs to fight side by side with Chi Shuo and needs to face all the setbacks and difficulties with Chi Shuo. He has to quickly grow up, become more mature, and become his master's support, not just the little apprentice that was protected by him.

Cheng Xing raised his head and looked at Chi Shuo. His eyes were red, but his expression was particularly firm.

"I know. Don't worry, Captain Chi. I definitely won't let you down in the match!"

Chi Shuo smiled and patted the youth's shoulder. "Do your best."

Outside the door, Ye Shaoyang was looking at the scene with mixed feelings.

Chi Shuo was a really good captain. To be able to meet Chi Shuo was also Tianhuan players' good fortune, wasn't it?

The current Tianhuan indeed still doesn't have enough strength that is comparable to world champions.

But Ye Shaoyang believes that with Cheng Xing's growth and Qu Jiang adapting to becoming a support, Tianhuan will eventually be just like a strand of rope wrung together, becoming an indestructible team that was without weaknesses and beats together with one heart!

TL/n: First part of the sponsored chapter by Sakurachan! Thank you! Also, I'm really annoyed by some comments here- if you have nothing nice to say, then don't say it at all. If you think translating is so easy, then go do it yourself. It's hard even for a Chinese like me, and the fact that I don't have MOBA knowledge means I'd have to go research so my speed won't be that fast. I also have a regular job since I'm waiting for college to start, translating is just something I do as a hobby. Other than that, I'm always grateful to the rest of you who support me by reading here, it means a lot!

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