ARML Chapter 116.1: Tianhuan vs Yaoguang

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On May 8th, Saturday afternoon, the people in Tianhuan went over to Star City's Esports Center after having their dinner.

Ye Shaoyang had been here twice before. Once was when Chi Shuo had pretended to be a coach and cheated him into going over to watch Huowen and Jingzhe's match. The other was when he came to watch Tianhuan and Beimu's playoffs match. However, this time, he will be heading to the center with a player’s identity and will be able to head right into the backstage.

As soon as they entered backstage, they ran into an acquaintance——Yao Mu, one of the anchors in Whale Streaming.

Yao Mu and Ye Shaoyang's gazes met, and she immediately walked to him with a smile, "Xiao Bai? What a coincidence."

The two often teamed up and streamed together, but this was their first-time meeting in the real world.

Ye Shaoyang greeted her politely. "Nice to see you, Mu-jie. Are you here as a commentator today?".

Yao Mu replied with a smile. "Mn. I reckoned I'd probably be able to see you backstage."

She quickly introduced the man standing next to her, "This is Dong-ge. We are the commentators for today."

The male commentator who was wearing a white shirt and had a graceful bearing shook hands with Lin Feng and Chi Shuo respectively.

"Good luck with the match later. Mu-jie and I will be going off to prepare now," He said.

Lin Feng said, "Okay, we won't keep you any longer."

Dong-ge, whose ID is Dong Yu, was a seasoned commentator. He had been active in the professional scene since S3 and belonged to Chi Shuo's master's generation. He would only be invited to attend important matches such as the semifinals or finals. He was also frequently invited to be a commentator in world championship matches and was extremely fluent in English.

Chi Shuo was pretty surprised to see him backstage. It seems like the league attached great importance to today's match.

Ye Shaoyang said jokingly, "Mu-jie, be more merciful later and don't scold us."

Yao Mu smiled gently and directed a supportive gesture toward Ye Shaoyang. Ye Shaoyang nodded in response to this. The two commentators turned and walked to the commentators' booth on the second level with a huge stack of information material, making some preparations in advance.

Tianhuan arrived at the backstage lounge.

The screen in the lounge would show the things that were happening on-site in real-time. The number of fans that came to the live venue this time was more than the regular matches, and the attendance rate of the entire center exceeded 70%. There were people at the back who were holding up huge support banners, and on them were the chibi-style drawings of all five Tianhuan players. Even the Ragdoll cat Ye Shaoyang raised was included. The fans were pretty attentive.

The lens began shooting the viewers sitting in the VIP section in the front row.

Chi Shuo spotted someone familiar to the eyes and whispered to Ye Shaoyang, "Look over there. Your little brother's here."

Ye Shaoyang followed his gaze and looked over. Sure enough, he found Qin Rui sitting in the third row at the stands, his hands holding up a LED board that said 'Lieyang, you can do it!'. He was even wearing a headband in the shape of a small sun.

Ye Shaoyang was a little touched, and said, "I haven't seen him in a long time. I want to head back home after finishing the rank-deciding matches and get some gifts for Xiao Rui along the way."

Chi Shuo replied, "Alright. Since your house is nearby, you can just ask the coach for leave when the time comes."

The match was about to start. Coach Lin stood up and advised everyone again for the last time, "Relax and don't get affected by the outside world. In the field, we talk with our strengths. There's no need to waste any saliva with them."

Everyone nodded collectively to show that they understood.

When it was 18:40, the big screens cut to the commentators' booth.

Yao Mu wore a white one-piece dress, her long hair covering her shoulders. She had a gentle smile on her face.

"To all the viewers in the audience, welcome to Star City's Esports Center. We're coming to you live from the second round of the regular season's S/A rank-deciding matches of the Official Gods War Pro League!"

"The S/A rank-deciding matches will still be using the best-of-three format, but what makes it different from the groups stage is that the 'cumulative picks and bans' mode would be used. It means that the heroes that were used before can't be used again. It'll truly be a test of the players' hero pools."

"Yes, this arrangement is fairer and would ensure that the final teams to enter Group S are those that have greater strength. That's because entering Group S in the second phase is also equivalent to securing a spot in the Top Eight!"

"Next, let us invite the teams that would be taking the stage today. Please give them a warm round of applause."

The suspending stage in Star City's Esports Center was designed to be futuristic, just like a flower. When the players enter, they will take the glass elevator down from the second floor. The center of the stage will be lit with dazzling lights and there will be moving light beams at the edge of the stands from Zone A to H, just like a flower slowly blooming.

The elevator stopped in the middle of the stage. The five Tianhuan players, sporting their neat uniforms, walked out side by side and bowed to the viewers. Yaoguang's players followed by also stepping onto the stage.

The screams below the stage were deafening. This team was very good in marketing and promoting themselves, and their level of popularity was pretty high.

The host decided to do a little warm-up and said, "According to international practice, there will be a trash talk segment before the game in rank-deciding matches. Which team wants to start first and trash talk the other team?"

The microphone was passed to Yaoguang.

Yu'mao received it and said smilingly, "We won't be polite in today's match——we'll destroy you and let you know what's the gap between Group A and Group S!"

Deafening screams and applause filled the venue.

Upclose, this Yu'mao indeed looked very handsome and had a good and tall figure. He was the type that could earn a living just by relying on his looks and coupled with the team's support and the fact that he also had some strength, it was no wonder he could afford to be so arrogant.

It was very common for there to be a trash-talking segment during matches like this where the competing teams would trash talk each other. It was purely for the broadcasting effect.

However, Chi Shuo was too lazy to even express anything on his face to Yaoguang. He simply gave Yu'mao a blank look.

Seeing that no one in Tianhuan was going to answer and fearing that the atmosphere would get awkward, the host's forehead beaded with cold sweat. He gave a dry smile and said, "Does anyone on Tianhuan's side have anything to say?"

Ye Shaoyang smiled as he took the mic and said, "Good game."

The viewers: "??"

Yaoguang's players: "???"

The screen of the livestream rapidly filled up with comments.

【Xiao Bai's 'Good game' makes an appearance again】

【Hahaha, he annihilated Yu'mao and his nonsense with just two words】

【Previously, Xiao Bai had also said 'Good game. ^_^' to Brother Fish. He has already become a dead fish】

【Xiao Bai said 'Good game' with a smile. Hurry and help Yaoguang pray for the worst!】

Yaoguang's fans were also giving out sarcastic remarks.

【Lieyang is indeed as arrogant as they said. They haven't even started competing and he's already saying 'Good game'?】

【Waiting for Tianhuan to receive a round of face-slapping!】

【There's a huge difference in skill level between Group S and Group A. Don't play tricks and just stay in Group A instead】

The strong smell of gunpowder filled the air. Sensing that everything was about to get out of control, the host hurriedly continued, "Then, may I get both teams to enter the soundproofed room. I look forward to the wonderful performance everyone will be putting out later!"

The screens cut back to the commentators' booth.

Yao Mu started, "Let us introduce the participating players from both teams."

Each player's profile and stats would be shown on the big screens along with the commentators' introduction. The cameras inside the soundproofed room would also take close-up shots of their faces at the same time.

"As part of Tianhuan's front line this season, Zhuhuo often chooses anti-pressure tanks or initiators. Although his stats aren't too dazzling, the top laner's ability to initiate team fights and tank are extremely crucial and is also the reason for Tianhuan's numerous victories in team fights. His contribution in team fights cannot be overlooked."

"Tianhuan's Shuoyue is also the extremely popular Captain Chi. He currently has two MVP titles and although his kill count isn't high, his participation rate is 95% and he has 89 assists. He's ranked among the top three in the entire pro league. As a jungler, his assist count is much higher than the supports from many other teams, we can only say... that he plays the support jungler too well."

The lens was aimed at Chi Shuo.

Chi Shuo's face was void of any expressions and gave off a cold feeling of 'just shoot if you want to, just don't bother me'.

The fans in the livestream were almost dead from laughter.

【There's no doubt about Chi Shuo's support jungler. He gives up his buffs and kills everyday】

【Shuoyue: Why don't I just change my profession and be a support instead?】

【You'll understand once you see Lieyang's stats. Practically all of Yueyue's kills were given to Yangyang!】

Sure enough, when Ye Shaoyang's profile appeared...

It wasn't exaggerating to say that his stats are extremely blinding.

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