ARML Chapter 116.2: Tianhuan vs Yaoguang

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"Tianhuan's Lieyang is the new mid laner Team Tianhuan debuted in S10! He is a player that has pleasantly surprised us. His total kill count is currently first in the entire league; Tianhuan has played in 10 matches and 20 games, and he has taken 96 kills with his average kills per game being 4.8. He is indeed deserving of the title 'mid lane demon king', a killer machine!"

Ye Shaoyang saw the camera in front of him light up and he waved to the lens cooperatively.

The screens displayed an image of his smiling face and excited screams erupted in the center once again.

"He obtained a killing streak in every game that he played." Yao Mu felt a sense of pride in her heart, and her pitch rose as she spoke.

"Debuting with a pentakill, and frequently winning MVP in subsequent games. As of now, Lieyang has already won 16 MVP titles and is also ranked first in the MVP ranking list."

"The reason why Tianhuan's Lieyang had gotten so many MVP titles is largely due to them starting from Group B and having consecutive victories. If they started from Group S, they may not have been so successful."

"Yes. Lieyang is ranked first for the time being, but whether he can keep holding onto this rank is the question. Let's hope Lieyang can keep up the good work!"

"Tianhuan's Jiangshui had adapted pretty well from his change of mid laner to support. His assist count is high, and he is ranked fifth in the league's ranking for supports. Qu Jiang's plays in the previous matches were also excellent and he initiated fights outstandingly."

"Tianhuan's Fanxing is also a newcomer that debuted this season. He currently has two MVP titles, and his kill count isn't high. However, the allocation of Tianhuan's resources are mainly focused on the mid laner, so his stats are reasonable." Yao Mu continued, "I've seen the previous matches. Little Xing is always improving, so we're really looking forward to his performance today."

The sound of thunderous applause filled the scene.

Although there were many black fans and water armies insulting Cheng Xing on the internet, Tianhuan's fans liked Little Xing a lot. Besides, he didn't really make any blunders in the previous matches and had been giving his all in dealing damage.

He's a newcomer, so he definitely must be given some room for growth. Newcomers like Lieyang who could directly become demon kings are few in numbers after all!

Both commentators carried on introducing Yaoguang's players.

"Yaoguang's Yu'mao debuted in this season with a pentakill and also frequently won the title of MVP in subsequent matches. He's currently ranked third on the MVP ranking list. This newcomer is very talented and has a deep hero pool."

"That's right. His average damage output per game is as high as 44% and he is Yaoguang's main DPS."
“It can be seen that players from both sides had already made their preparations. Let’s start the first picks and bans stage!”

The picks and bans display appeared on the big screens.

It was also a test on a coach's strategy layout as it was cumulative picks and bans. The heroes that were used in the first round couldn’t be used in the second. Hence, they couldn't just simply plan according to their current situation. They also had to consider their subsequent games.

Yaoguang was assigned to the blue side in the first round and would receive the first ban.

They directly banned the marksman. It was obvious that they planned to let Yu'mao destroy the bottom lane.

The heroes that Cheng Xing played well with lately such as the Wind Nymph and Master Archer were all banned, while Coach Lin banned the Radiant Shield and the Blessed Light who were tanky supports.

As expected, Yaoguang locked in the Godly Sniper. This was Yu'mao's signature hero and the one he used to achieve a pentakill in his debut. He would snipe long-range, with a single shot crippling his enemies.

When it was Tianhuan's turn, the first and second pick locked in the Princess of the Blood Clan for the marksman and the Forest Envoy for the support.

Yao Mu's eyes brightened and she commented, "Tianhuan's plan is pretty good. The Godly Sniper isn't able to kill with a single shot in the early-game. The Princess of the Blood Clan can activate life-steal after using her big move while the Forest Envoy can heal. Even if they were sniped by enemies, they can still level up steadily as long as their health replenishes."

Dong-ge nodded and continued, "Yes. However, the Princess of the Blood Clan relies on her ult to deal damage, and her attacks are mostly mid-ranged. She will suffer losses if she faces off with the Godly Sniper who's a long-ranged hero."

One was long-range while the other was short-range. Yu'mao can attack Cheng Xing, but Cheng Xing wouldn't be able to attack him.

Facing off would definitely incur losses.

But as long as Cheng Xing doesn't die and withstand the pressure, he'll be a monster once he develops into late-game.

Yaoguang's second and third pick locked in their heroes for the mid lane and jungle decisively. They chose Demon Executioner for the jungler and the Destruction Mage for their mid laner. Both were also long-ranged heroes.

"Is this the poke comp?" Dong-ge questioned.

The so-called poke comp refers to a team taking advantage of their long-ranged attacks to shave off their opponents' HP and cripple them during the time when their opponents couldn't reach them. This way, one side would be on full health while the other side would be on critically low health during team fights, hence it would be very easy for their opponents to collapse.

Yao Mu chipped in, "To deal with the poke comp, they would need to go around the back and slay the enemy DPS. If not, they would suffer in team fights and constantly get kite by their opponents. Would Captain Chi run the jungler core? Or would Tianhuan's third pick continue to secure their top lane?"

Tianhuan's third pick chose the Man of Steel who was an extremely meaty tank.

You can only shed off a single layer even if you snipe me.

This hero can be used to tank at the front.

Dong-ge said, "Seems like Tianhuan will still be choosing their top and bottom lanes in the first phase, leaving the mid laner and jungle for the last."

Yaoguant's coach was extremely happy, and he immediately banned the Stealthy Rogue who posed a great threat to a team's back line. He also banned the assassin mage Abyssal Lord, who could flash and cut into the back line.

Tianhuan followed by banning two top laners—the Holy Knight and the Vampiric Duke.

Yaoguang swiftly locked in the top laner Dark Angel and the support Six-Winged Angel.

"They're seeing the poke comp through to the end. The Dark Angel has long-range control skills too."

In the soundproofed room, Coach Lin commented, "Yaoguang's comp this time is pretty good, and it seems like they've put in some effort into practicing it. The top laner can immobilize people from a distance away while the jungler can stun people from mid-range. The mid laner and marksman will shave off our HP using poke. We’ll be crippled by them before the team fight has even started.” He looked at Ye Shaoyang, “Shaoyang, will there be a problem if you run the Goddess?”

Ye Shaoyang had a smile on his face, "It’s not a problem.”

Chi Shuo said calmly, "We can kill off one first before they start acting out their plan."

Coach Lin simply nodded, "Alright. Fourth and fifth pick, please choose your heroes now."

Tianhuan's fourth and fifth picks swiftly locked in their heroes.

Jungler: Ninja.

Mid laner: Destiny Goddess.

Screams broke out at the scene and the comments in the livestream kept coming in at breakneck speed.

【F--k, even the fortune-telling goddess is being taken out】

【Whether the Destiny Goddess would win or lose, is it all up to fate?】

【Ninja's ability to cut into the back line isn't as good as the Stealthy Rogue, but they can split up and hide from the enemies' snipes. This selection is pretty good】

【Coming over from Xiao Bai's livestream, Xiao Bai's Destiny Goddess... I'll pray for their opponents in advance】

Seeing this, the smile on Yaoguang's coach's face was slightly stiff. Why did he have a feeling that his picks and bans have been calculated by his opponents?

Yaoguang's coach took a deep breath. Ignoring the uneasiness rising in his chest, he said, "By choosing a bursty mid laner such as the Destiny Goddess, they definitely have plans to directly cut into our back line. Support, you must be on alert and protect well. Make sure to keep a close eye on Tianhuan's mid laner and jungler!"

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