ARML Chapter 117.1: Destiny Goddess

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The selection of heroes for both sides was finished.

Yaoguang would be running the classic poke comp this time. The Godly Sniper, Demon Executioner, and Destruction Mage were all ranged heroes, while the top lane's Dark Angel was a hero that could tank and attack.

Their support, the Six-Winged Angel, can provide a protective shield. She could even use a 'revive' skill in advance on her teammates when she uses her ult. This would allow her teammates to instantly revive with 30% of their health. It was equivalent to having a resurrection gear.

On the other hand, Tianhuan's comp consisted of the Princess of the Blood Clan and Forest Envoy for the bottom lane, the Man of Steel for the top lane, the Ninja for the jungle and the Destiny Goddess for the mid lane. The bottom lane can self-heal, the top lane can tank damage, and both the jungler and mid laner were powerful burst heroes.

Yao Mu started analyzing, "Both teams' comps have their merits and shortcomings. Yaoguang can kite their opponents and shave away at their HP while Tianhuan can instantly deal burst damage. Now, we'll have to see if Yaoguang would be able to cripple Tianhuan first, or if Tianhuan would be able to slay Yaoguang's DPS first."

Dong-ge agreed. "That's right. If we look at the comps, both sides seem to be evenly matched, and everyone has an equal chance of winning. In the end, it still depends on who would be able to seize their chance during the team fight. Let us begin the first game between Tianhuan and Yaoguang!"

The game interface started loading.

As they didn't have any big moves at the start of the game, Tianhuan played it relatively safe. However, Yaoguang fought fiercely. This was because the Godly Sniper's Q skill could load five shots and snipe their enemies from afar with precision. They would be able to shred their enemies down to half health as long as they hit their mark. This also meant that two shots would be enough to make a kill.

Marksman Yu'mao and support Ling Tong went to the bottom lane together and hid in the bushes.

Qu Jiang placed a ward by the river at the bottom lane. Just when Cheng Xing appeared at the bottom lane, in an instant, a sudden bullet shot out from a distance away, accurately hitting Cheng Xing's head!

Cheng Xing retreated swiftly. Although he hated Yaoguang and their schemes, he had to admit that Yu'mao was pretty capable. The Godly Sniper's skill-shot hit rate was extremely high and just this snipe alone had caused his health to drop by half.

Qu Jiang quickly rushed over to protect him. The Godly Sniper's second shot was just about to hit Cheng Xing but it got blocked by Qu Jiang using his movement skill. It hit Qu Jiang instead. Cheng Xing who was able to hide behind him had narrowly escaped death. The two swiftly retreated back to their home base to restore their health.

Yu'mao frowned and said, "Their support's block was pretty timely. If not, I would've already gotten a kill."

His teammate, Ling Tong, smiled and said, "There's no rush. We'll kill them later."

Chi Shuo's jungle was also invaded at the same time.

The enemy top laner, jungler, and mid laner grouped up to steal the blue buff while Chi Shuo, Ye Shaoyang, and Qin Yizhu defended against them.

Both sides engaged in a dragged-out 3v3 fight. As everyone only had one skill at the start of the game, the damage dealt wouldn't be enough. The three Yaoguang players didn't gain any advantage while Tianhuan wasn't able to kill them as well.

Both sides continued to push and pull. When the blue buff was left with 1,200 points of health, Ye Shaoyang seized the opportunity. He coordinated with Chi Shuo's smite and threw out a Q skill, instantly taking the blue buff!

Mu Mu exclaimed, "Lieyang and Shuoyue's brainwaves are in sync again! Both of their skills were practically executed simultaneously. Yaoguang's jungler wanted to use a smite to steal the blue buff too. It's a pity that they were a second too late to do so."

Dong-ge agreed. "Mn. Yaoguang's attempt this time was a failure and even affected their own jungler’s tempo for clearing minions."

Both teams would attempt to go after the blue buff when the game starts. The team that failed to take it would find their leveling speed being affected.

Yaoguang's jungler didn't manage to come out of this bout with the upper hand and he immediately returned to take his team's red buff. When he finished taking the red buff, he went to the river to take the river crab. However, he was one step behind again. Ye Shaoyang had already taken the river crab down with Chi Shuo earlier.

Tianhuan's jungler got the slight upper hand instead.

However, Cheng Xing and Qu Jiang were continuously being suppressed in the bottom lane. They also didn't take the little crab, so they ended up being one whole level lower than their opponents. This couldn’t be blamed on Cheng Xing, as any marksman that was facing off with the Godly Sniper in the early game would also be suppressed.

As the Godly Sniper had an extremely long attacking distance, almost twice that of other marksmen, he could just stand under the tower and snipe. One shot would chip off half of their health and if they weren't careful and got hit by two shots, their life would instantly be lost.

Cheng Xing moved around very carefully while Qu Jiang helped him block the shots. After two minion waves, both Cheng Xing and Qu Jiang returned to their base with low health.

In the live stream, Yaoguang's water army began ridiculing them again——

【Tianhuan's Fanxing indeed can't perform. He's being suppressed so miserably!】

【It had only been a few minutes since the game started and he's already being beaten back to his base?】

【Yu'mao, keep it up! You must take the head of that dog called Fanxing in the next bout!】

Godly Sniper's appearance count was extremely high in league matches as he was one of the most popular marksman heroes in this version. Cheng Xing rarely picked him. It wasn't because he couldn't play this hero, but because Tianhuan currently hadn't studied kiting strategies surrounding the Godly Sniper.

But as a professional player, Cheng Xing understood the skills of these marksman heroes very well.

He calculated the number of shots the opponent had. After five snipes, the Godly Sniper would enter a period where he would have no skills available and no bullets to use. Cheng Xing took advantage of that time to clear the minions so that there wouldn't be such a big economic gap between him and the opponents.

The junglers on both teams reached Level 6 very soon.

Chi Shuo reached Level 6 sooner than the enemy jungler as he had taken down a river crab at the start of the game.

As for Ye Shaoyang, he had gone to the top lane to assist and freeloaded one of Old Qin's minion waves, so he had also reached Level 6 before the enemy mid laner.

Yaoguang's support, Ling Tong, immediately warned, "The enemy mid laner and jungler is reaching Level 6 soon, quickly retreat!" The coach had instructed him to specifically focus on the enemy mid laner and jungler, so he naturally had to alert his teammates. At the same time, he hurried to the bushes by the river and hid away, checking his field of vision.

Cheng Xing was currently left with half of his health and was clearing minion waves carefully, as a single accurate snipe aimed at him can take his life! Yu'mao hid in the bushes and said confidently, "Wait for me to kill him first before we retreat."

It's just a shot, a very simple matter.

Yu'mao believed in his skill-shot hit rate. He narrowed his eyes, took aim, and shot——a clear 'peng' sounded out as a result of the shot and the bullet went straight out!

The sound of the Godly Sniper hitting or missing was completely different. Players could determine if they managed to hit based on the sound. They could even check the bushes and see if any players were lying in ambush through the different sound effects.

Hence, players must turn on the game's sound effects when playing this marksman hero. This sound effect definitely meant that he had sniped successfully!

Yu'mao was delighted, but he soon realized that a kill announcement didn't pop out on the screen. He took a closer look——it was Qu Jiang again! This annoying support came out of nowhere and stood in front of Cheng Xing, blocking the attack for him.

The Forest Envoy's health was down by half, but Cheng Xing managed to keep his life. If this continued, the enemy mid laner and jungler would soon come to assist.

Yu'mao frowned and rapidly fell back. However, he was too slow. A golden talisman suddenly descended from the sky, piercing his forehead. It was only now that he sensed the oddity. He swiftly cleansed and prepared to escape.

The Six-Winged Angel rushed over to shield him. But he had only taken one step when the Ninja stabbed him!

The masked man in black was already guarding his escape route. The sharp knife suddenly struck his back, activating a critical hit. His shield was destroyed with just a strike and his health instantly dropped by one-third.

In the next moment, Ye Shaoyang suddenly flashed in. He used his Q skill to seal him and followed it up by using an E skill to switch states. Lastly, he unleashed a QWR burst combo. Yu'mao didn't even get to see his actions before his health bar was directly emptied out!

——First Blood!

——[Tianhuan-Lieyang (Destiny Goddess) killed YG-Yu'mao (Godly Sniper)!]

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