ARML Chapter 117.2: Destiny Goddess

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The attack had caught Yu'mao off guard. The viewers only saw Yu'mao's health bar emptying instantly from the initial 80%.

The Destiny Goddess' kill sound effect sounded out in his ears, "This is destiny, don't try to resist!"

Yu'mao: "..."

F--k! How can their support be so fast?

Yu'mao couldn't help but ask, "Support, where's your vision? Where did the two of them come from?"

Ling Tong was speechless, "They came from the jungle. Look at the Destiny Goddess' gear, she had speed boots on."

Speed boots are an item that can boost speed and is one of the fastest ways to provide assistance to other places on the map.

Mid lane mages would usually make shoes that could reduce their skills' cooldown time or magic penetration boots. It was rare to make speed boots as the damage dealt by them was quite little.

However, the Destiny Goddess' skillset was very unique——

Her burst damage was dependent on her level instead of her gear. Once she hits Level 6 and gets her big move, she'll be able to switch between her Light and Shadow states. She can deal stacks of magic damage that increase with each skill unleashed and the more skills she unleashes, the greater the damage she can deal. If a player's hand speed was fast enough, the Destiny Goddess' ult could deal a frightening amount of damage!

Chi Shuo and Ye Shaoyang cooperated very tacitly during their assist just now. Ye Shaoyang deceived Yu'mao into using his cleanse skill while Chi Shuo used the Ninja's ability to create doubles to chase him, obliterating his shield with a burst combo, bringing down his HP. The Destiny Goddess then took away his remaining HP, killing him.

Their speed was so fast that the Godly Sniper's health bar was emptied in an instant!
Yu'mao took a deep breath and said calmly, "It's alright, let's try again."

One kill doesn't mean anything. When he levels up, he'll definitely be able to snipe the opponents to the point where they'll want to flee for their lives!

After respawning, Yu'mao hurried down to the bottom lane. Zi Ye, Yaoguang's new captain, had organized an attack and hit a command to group up at the minor dragon's respawn location. The other teammates swiftly grouped up and set up their formation.

Tianhuan's players were also present.

Yao Mu commented, "It seems like none of them want to give up the minor dragon."

Dong-ge analyzed the situation and said, "Currently, the economic gap between the two teams isn't great. It's hard to say who will win or lose when it comes to a team fi—Yaoguang initiated the fight! The Demon Executioner started it off with an immobilization, what an ingenious way of immobilizing!"

The Demon Executioner had the longest attacking distance among the jungler heroes.

He suddenly circled around and directly immobilized Cheng Xing who was in the back line! Yu'mao hid in the distance and was already in his aiming posture long ago. Seeing this, he immediately opened fire.

A clear 'peng' sounded out again in his ear, and Cheng Xing's health dropped by half in an instant!

Mu Mu remarked, "Their marksman is already crippled, will Tianhuan still continue the team fight?"

This was the most disgusting thing about the poke comp. Before one side could prepare themselves for a face-off, the other would snipe them from a distance and cripple their main DPS, making the team fight difficult for them to handle.

In most cases, the commander would choose to retreat when their DPS was in critically low health. This was to prevent the fight from going downhill.

However, Tianhuan didn't retreat.

Cheng Xing flashed and leaped to the side, countering by unleashing his ult. The sharp arrow in his hand emitted a bloody red glow and was shot uniformly at the Demon Executioner!

The Princess of the Blood Clan's ult could use life steal. He was beaten down to half health just now, but because he had used his ult after, his HP was now back to full. At the same time, Qu Jiang also unleashed his ult which allowed Cheng Xing to self-heal.

But of course, Yaoguang's jungler wouldn't let him off and continued to chase him.

Yu'mao narrowed his eyes and took aim once more, and a shot rang out in the distance——

A 'peng' sounded out once more and Cheng Xing had been shot again!

His HP dropped down to 5% this time. His HP bar started glowing red, indicating that he was near death.

The enemy mid laner's Destruction Mage unleashed his ult and six blades of black mist were released, rushing to Cheng Xing. Qu Jiang used his healing skill while moving quickly and right at the moment the black mists shot out, Qu Jiang jumped forward.

He used his body to help Cheng Xing tank the critical damage dealt.

——[YG-Congcong (Destruction Mage) killed Tianhuan-Jiangshui (Forest Envoy)!]

As Qu Jiang had fallen, Cheng Xing no longer had anyone to protect him. It turned into a very dangerous situation for him as he was also being chased by the enemy jungler.

However, from the eagle-eye view, the viewers in the audience discovered that Tianhuan's jungler and mid laner were rapidly coming from behind. Chi Shuo activated his shadow double and somehow, he managed to get to the back of the enemy mid laner.

Chi Shuo's eyes narrowed, and he thrust out the sharp knife in his hand fiercely——

Decoy, remnant shadow, death strike!

The burst combo looked extremely cool. The Ninja and his shadow combined from two into one, and the sharp blade in his hand pierced the opponent's chest just like lightning. The Destruction Mage's chest started spurting out blood, just like a red flower blooming.

The Destruction Mage subconsciously flashed away, wanting to escape, but Chi Shuo pursued him with his many movement skills.

Burrow, decoy, vortex strike!

The Ninja donned in black was as fast as the wind and managed to catch up to him. With his ult, he killed the enemy mid laner who was in critically low health.

As an assassin jungler that was one of the hardest to play, the usage of the Ninja’s decoy, burrow pursuit, and shadow double all came down to the player’s precise control of timing. It was obvious that Chi Shuo had mastered this hero and knew how to utilize it very well, using it to kill off the enemy mid laner!

At the same time, Ye Shaoyang was also with Chi Shuo, but their targets were different. Chi Shuo targeted the enemy mid laner while Ye Shaoyang targeted the enemy marksman.

Yu'mao, you sniped two consecutive shots at my Little Xing while hiding in the bushes. You're dealing damage too comfortably and easily, right?

However, what they didn't know was that although the Godly Sniper could cripple their opponents, they would also expose their location when doing so! Looking at the bullet's trajectory, Ye Shaoyang went in the opposite direction to search and soon found Yu'mao who was hiding in the bushes and aiming.

Ye Shaoyang's gaze was cold, and his fingers swiftly hit the keyboard!

His hand speed was so fast that it was shocking. He typed out a complex combo in an instant, and a flashy display of colorful talismans rained from the sky. There was gold, silver, black, and red... just like fireworks.

Before Yu'mao could even react, his HP bar was completely emptied out in an instant. He was dead before Yaoguang's support could react. He couldn't even manage to shield Yu'mao or activate his 'revive' skill before Yu'mao was killed!

——[Tianhuan-Shuoyue (Ninja) killed YG-Congcong (Destruction Mage)!]

——[Tianhuan-Lieyang (Destiny Goddess) killed YG-Yu'mao (Godly Sniper)!]

Two messages practically popped up on the big screens at the same time.

The Ninja's low and calm voice sounded out in Congcong's ears, "Did you think you could escape?"

The Destiny Goddess' kill sound effect also sounded out in Yu'mao's ears, "This is destiny, don’t try to resist."

The two who got killed: "..."

TL/n: Saw a comment on one of the chapters here that said my translation was being posted somewhere else and yes, I know about it. I don't know how to stop them, and I hate that this is happening. Should I just lock the website? I'm literally so mad that my work is being stolen by someone else.

On another note, I'm starting on a new novel! It's in the same universe as ARML HOHOHO. I'm sure those who loved ARML will definitely love this too. I'm contemplating between a few titles, help me out by commenting! (and let me know if it's better with THE or without)

1. (The) Gold-Class Coach/Golden-Classed Coach (GCC)
2. (The) Gold Level Coach (GLC)
3. (The) Gold Medal Coach (GMC)
4. Our Coach is an Omega Gold Medallist/or does Our Omega Coach is a Gold Medallist sound better? (COGM)
5. Our Omega Coach is Gold Class (OCGC)

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