ARML Chapter 117.3: Destiny Goddess

Updated: May 14

Thunderous applause from the viewers could be heard in the venue. Tianhuan's fans all screamed and yelled with excitement.

Mu Mu hurriedly commented, "This time, the mid/jungle duo had cut into the back line. What an incredible speed!"

The director gave a replay in slow motion. Only then could everyone see it clearly.

Chi Shuo and Ye Shaoyang had split up into two lanes; Chi Shuo killed the mid laner while Ye Shaoyang killed the marksman. This approach was seeming to ridicule Yaoguang: Your back line is as fragile as paper. Both of us can solo kill your players.

Dong-ge observed closely, "Lieyang's Destiny Goddess was in her Light state just now during the fight. He used his Q skill to immobilize Yu'mao in his spot so that he won't be able to escape, then followed it up with a WEQWR combo to finish him off."

As a senior commentator, Dong-ge could determine the skills a player has used based on the light the skills released.

After the replay, he analyzed and figured out Ye Shaoyang's combo sequence.

However, the viewers all look confused. The comments in the live stream were filled with question marks.

【What combo? Is this something that is to be understood by us?】

【This combo is called: HP Emptying skill!】

【Destiny Goddess is really fierce when she does burst damage, but she's a hero that I still can't figure out】

【I just know that there was a flashy display of colorful talismans filling the sky... then, Yu'mao was dead】

【This is a hero that requires extremely fast hand speed and good awareness, those with slow and inflexible fingers mustn't play this hero! Your Destiny Goddesses can only be used to do fortune-telling, but Lieyang's Destiny Goddess can instantly take the opponents' lives!】

【Captain Chi's Ninja was also very cool. The Ninja in black circled around the back and took out the enemy mage with a burst combo】

【Shuoyue and Lieyang, you're both amazing!】

【 Where are Yaoguang's fans? Why are they not speaking anymore?】

【All of you still insult Little Xing and call him a noob. Open your eyes and see, Little Xing didn't die whereas your Yu'mao is completely dead!】

Indeed, Cheng Xing not dying was simply baffling.

The enemy jungler went to slay him and he was also shot twice by Yu'mao. In the end, Cheng Xing used his ult and activated life steal to replenish his health. Of course, the other reason why Cheng Xing barely managed to survive the team fight was because Qu Jiang had helped him tank the key skills aimed at him. Old Qin had also rushed over and used the Man of Steel's protective skill to help protect Cheng Xing.

Sacrificing one for two kills was an advantageous move! Chi Shuo swiftly killed the minor dragon with his teammates, causing Tianhuan's gold to gradually become greater than Yaoguang.

Yaoguang learned not to be impulsive anymore, hence, they no longer tried to initiate team fights. They got their marksman and mid laner to quickly level up instead.

The Destruction Mage and Godly Sniper were all heroes that became incredibly scary once they developed into late-game. The Destruction Mage can instantly kill off glass cannons with an ult, while the Godly Sniper's snipes will render his opponents' front line unable to resist.

However, would Chi Shuo and Ye Shaoyang let them level up at ease?

Don't even think about it.

Ye Shaoyang, who had made speed boots, could assist around the map at high speeds, while Chi Shuo's Ninja could use shadow double to rush to different lanes.

Ye Shaoyang cleared a wave of enemy minions before rushing straight down to the bottom lane. Chi Shuo also immediately rushed to the bottom lane after clearing a wave of monsters.

As though a mahjong game was taking place, the bottom lane was super lively.

Yu'mao sniped Cheng Xing once more. Just as he was about to shoot out a second bullet, golden talismans rained from the sky once more——

"This is destiny, don't try to resist."

Yu'mao, who had just been killed again, heard the mocking voice of the Destiny Goddess once more.

F--k, are they on a rocket or something! How are they so fast in coming to support!

Ye Shaoyang's speed in clearing minions was faster than the enemy mid laner. Chi Shuo's jungling speed was also faster than the enemy jungler.

Additionally, Ye Shaoyang had speed boots while Chi Shuo had many movement skills. Hence, they were always quicker in assisting their team than the opponents by a few seconds.

As a result, whenever Yaoguang's mid laner and jungler wanted to head over to the bottom lane to support, their teammates would've already died by the time the two reached. They would only be met with the sight of Yu'mao's dead body.

Yaoguang's captain felt something off and immediately changed his plans, "Swap lanes! Yu'mao, go to the top lane. Ah Rong will go to the bottom lane. Hold your own there and let's quickly destroy their top lane outer tower!"

Yu'mao had three consecutive deaths. He gradually became anxious, and his gold was also in a state of collapsing.

After swapping lines, the pressure had indeed reduced. He teamed up with the support and swiftly sent Old Qin back to base and pushed Tianhuan's top lane outer tower. But at the same time, Cheng Xing managed to push Yaoguang's bottom lane's defensive tower.

Chi Shuo instructed, "Change to mid lane."

They couldn't let go of the mid lane tower. Once they let go of it, the jungle would turn into the enemy's territory.

Yaoguang was forced to defend it.

Their comp focused on long-range. Once the Godly Sniper snipes, it would definitely hit Cheng Xing, even if it was a long-distance shot. Currently, Yu'mao already has all his gear and could directly cripple Cheng Xing with just a single snipe! It's very reasonable to say that if his teammates followed up and immediately dealt some damage, Cheng Xing would be bound to die.

However, Cheng Xing just wouldn't die.

Every single time the Godly Sniper had gotten Cheng Xing down to critically low health, Qu Jiang would heal Cheng Xing. The Forest Envoy, with his luxurious gear, could heal their teammates back to full health with his ult.

Yu'mao couldn't even get his second shot out. The moment he shoots a bullet, his location would be exposed, and the opponents would immediately come to gank him!

It's no use even if the Six-Winged Angel gave him a protective shield or activated damage reduction. The Ninja's burst damage could instantly tear down the protective shield. It was no use even if he respawned——they would just simply kill him again.

Chi Shuo silently advanced over and instantly tore down Yu'mao's shield. Ye Shaoyang then directly flashed over and killed him.

Tianhuan's mid/jungle demon kings personally demonstrated to Yu'mao what was known as a 'marksman's vanishing technique!

This 5v5 team fight in mid lane resulted in Yu'mao's death again.

Ye Shaoyang and Chi Shuo kept an eye on him closely. As long as he dared to snipe, the two would immediately be able to locate him and bypass the support's protection, getting into the range of the tower to get a hit on him!

——This is destiny, don't try to resist.

——Did you think you could escape?

After Tianhuan's mid laner and jungler killed Yu'mao, they tanked damage from the tower separately, then swiftly retreated. Meanwhile, Cheng Xing's HP was full again.

Yu'mao: "..."

F--k! He really wanted to smash the keyboard at that moment!

This kind of feeling was really unbearable. He constantly sniped the opponents, but it was never enough to kill them. They always managed to replenish their health before he could do so.

The five bullets he had kept in store before every team fight commenced couldn't even be used up. He'd only get one or two shots out before dying.

What is the support doing? Why does he always activate his revival skill half a beat slower?

Is the jungler daydreaming? Why can't he take down the enemy DPS?

Yu'mao got more and more agitated. Once professional players lose their composure during a game, it would be easier for them to make mistakes.

The team fight in the mid lane resulted in zero deaths and two kills for Tianhuan, and they also took down Yaoguang's outer tower. Following that, they began invading Yaoguang's jungle without restraint.

Mu Mu carefully analyzed everything, then said, "It seems like Yaoguang is collapsing! They haven’t been able to play well in the last few team fights. The poke comp is a war of attrition, they could cripple their enemies before a team fight commences, forcing them to retreat and establish an advantage for themselves. However, Tianhuan's reaction speed is simply too fast. Yu'mao would get killed by Tianhuan's mid/jungle duo before he could even use up all his bullets."

Dong-ge said, "Yes. The Six-Winged Angel can give his teammates protective shields along with damage reduction, and even a second life with his ult. However, he doesn't have the ability to counterattack. In situations where there was an economic advantage, he wouldn't be able to protect anyone. Even if you respawned, you'll still be killed."

In the Livestream, the fans started taunting and mocking without holding back——

【Yu'mao has died four times】

【Yu'mao died again, and again, and again, and again】

【If Yu'mao isn't already dead, then he is on his way to being killed】

【You were instakilled in the team fight. What use is there even if u get more gold】

Yu'mao would always be wearing a handsome smile on his face while competing in the past. However, he looked tense, and his expression became increasingly ugly as time went on today.

As the game dragged on to late-game, Tianhuan's gold had exceeded Yaoguang by 5000.

During the fight for the grand dragon, Yaoguang still chose to fight a long-ranged war of attrition. The top laner was able to throw out a sudden control skill at Tianhuan’s Old Qin and Qu Jiang who was positioned in front of their team. The Destruction Mage sent out six blades of black mist, which could have instakilled Cheng Xing, but he intuitively flashed and avoided the ult. Meanwhile, the Godly Sniper shot two consecutive shots and was able to beat Qu Jiang and Old Qin down to critically low health.

The jungler immediately took Qu Jiang's head.

Qu Jiang had been helping his teammate tank damage and if he was killed in the team fight, Tianhuan would have no way of healing themselves.

Yu'mao was delighted and quickly said, "Fight, fight, fight! The annoying nanny is finally dead!"

Yaoguang's jungler immediately turned back to slay Cheng Xing.

Cheng Xing unleashed his ult and fought with the enemy jungler. The Princess of the Blood Clan was a marksman who could stand there and dole out huge amounts of damage. However, Cheng Xing also had luxurious gear, so the enemy jungler won't be able to kill him just yet.

However, the viewers in the audience could see it very clearly. Yaoguang had split up——they had fallen apart!

Their top laner and jungler were chasing the crippled Cheng Xing while their mid laner, marksman, and support were over at the dragon pit. This was the best chance for them to attack and hence, Chi Shuo and Ye Shaoyang immediately took action.

The enemy mid laner's Destruction Mage had just used his ult and for the next 10 seconds, he couldn't really deal any damage. There was no reason to fear him——thus, they will kill the marksman first.

The both of them tacitly went to slay the marksman!

A black shadow suddenly appeared and thrust the long sword in his hand into Yu'mao's chest fiercely. Blood splattered everywhere.

The Ninja, who was donned in luxurious gear, had frightening burst potential. He instantly took at least half of the glass cannon marksman's HP.

The Six-Winged Angel threw out a protective shield at Yu'mao in a hurry.

Yu'mao retreated after using his ult to create distance between them. He sniped and chipped away half of Chi Shuo's HP. But just then, Ye Shaoyang flashed over from the side and brought Yu'mao down to his last sliver of health with a beautiful combo. Chi Shuo then cut him down with an attack.

"Did you think you could escape?" The annoying kill sound effect drifted into his ears once again.

Thankfully, the Six-Winged Angel's ult could give him two lives, allowing him to respawn instantly. Yu'mao respawned right after dying, and his HP recovered to half his bar. He immediately took aim at Chi Shuo who was in critically low health, wanting to take him down with a single shot.

However, Chi Shuo cleverly activated his decoy, managing to avoid the shot using his shadow double!

He followed it up with a burrow, remnant shadow, and death strike!

The sharp blade flashed a brilliant light and once again, he stabbed the fragile glass cannon marksman. Yu'mao respawned only to be beaten down badly, his health critically low yet again.

It was at this time that Ye Shaoyang calmly unleashed an R skill in Shadow state. Black talismans rained from the sky and claimed Yu’mao’s head.

“This is destiny, don’t try to resist.”

The Godly Sniper who had just been respawned for less than a second had fallen again.

Yu’mao: “…”

This definitely was just plain humiliation!

You can respawn but I’ll just simply kill you again after you respawn.

Don’t resist it.

Chi Shuo and Ye Shaoyang didn’t bother dealing with other players. They simply stood at the side, waiting for him to respawn.

The moment he respawned; they would claim his head again with a single blow.

Only after killing him did the two turn to chase Yaoguang’s mid laner.

Ye Shaoyang switched states and worked together with Chi Shuo to take down Yaoguang’s mid laner. They then turned back to chase their jungler.

Cheng Xing unleashed his ult and dealt huge amounts of damage. He got Yaoguang's players all down to low health, following which Chi Shuo and Ye Shaoyang went on a wild killing spree. They killed everyone, including the opposing jungler and mid laner. Only the support was left and he too fell after being surrounded by Tianhuan.

Yaoguang had collapsed thoroughly.


——Team kill!

Deafening applause erupted in the venue.

Mu Mu said excitedly, “Tianhuan simply played too beautifully in this team fight! The support sacrificed himself and helped the marksman block all the opponents’ key skills, while the top laner had focused on protecting the marksman. The mid/jungle duo worked together to cut into the opponents' back line, killing Yaoguang's double C!"