ARML Chapter 118.2: Guidance Match

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In the top lane, the minions from both teams met up.

Old Qin, Chi Shuo, and Ye Shaoyang all appeared at the same time, working together to swiftly clear the enemy minions and push forward to the tower.

The top lane's defensive tower was down to half health while Cheng Xing and Qu Jiang had appeared in the bottom lane and swiftly cleared the minions there.

Yaoguang's Ye Zi decisively commanded, "Attack the minor dragon and push the bottom lane!"

Tianhuan had given up the first minor dragon and went to push the top lane tower instead.

Yaoguang swiftly hacked the minor dragon to death. However, what waited for them in the bottom lane after they finished taking down the minor dragon was the aftermath of Cheng Xing and Qu Jiang clearing their minions and retreating afterward.

Yaoguang's top laner hurried from the jungle to the top lane.

As a result, when he passed by the woods, someone suddenly rushed out with a huge blade and stabbed it into his forehead! This was followed by two rocks that descended from the sky, blocking his escape route!

...There were three from Tianhuan who was hiding in the jungle and waiting for him!

Yaoguang's top laner was using the Holy Knight who was a tanky meat shield, but he still wouldn't be able to handle the damage dealt by three players. He was instantly beaten down to his last sliver of HP.

Qiong Si immediately flashed away and escape, returning back to base in a crippled state.

"Stop chasing." Ye Shaoyang said. "Push the top lane tower."

He went to the mid lane to deal with the minions while Chi Shuo and Qin Yizhu went to the top lane and cleared the next wave of minions.

The two led their minions and succeeded in destroying the top lane tower.

——Your defensive tower has collapsed.

Yaoguang's Zi Ye suddenly had a bad feeling deep down the moment this message popped out.

The reason behind Tianhuan giving up the minor dragon was so they could destroy the top lane tower at the fastest speed possible!

They would first lead a wave of minions to the tower to shave off half of its HP; then wait for the top laner by the jungle and beat him back to base. Then, they would lead the next wave of minions to shave off the remaining half of the tower's HP.

Chi Shuo assisting the bottom lane just now was merely a deception.

Their goal this round was not to target the bottom lane but to make a feint to destroy their top lane tower and take them by surprise!

The defensive tower fell too fast.

The Berserker and Brawler were both close-ranged heroes that had the ability to stack attack speed with their basic attacks and the more attacks, the faster they'll be. In the early game where the marksman hadn't built his attack speed equipment, these two close-range heroes would be able to push towers even more efficiently than marksmen!

When there was no defense and two minion waves were present, the defensive tower would definitely fall.

Zi Ye's expression changed, and he immediately said, "Mid laner, go assist the top lane and defend the inner tower!"

The outer tower had fallen. If the inner tower falls too, their top lane would be under threat, and they might be in danger of losing their top jungle too.

After Congcong heard this, he immediately went to the top lane to assist.

However, the Berserker's pushing speed was extremely fast. Old Qin immediately turned back to help the mid lane after leading a wave of minions and led the minions in the mid lane over too.

Chi Shuo and Ye Shaoyang both went to the bottom lane.

The enemy’s mid laner wasn't present, causing the bottom lane to become a 4v3 fight.

"Retreat, retreat, retreat! There are four enemy players!" Ling Tong yelled frantically.

Yu'mao had been killed six times in a row in the last game, so he didn't dare be careless anymore. He immediately retreated after clearing all the minions.

In the end, Qu Jiang activated 'Time Reversal' to replenish his teammates' HP and followed up by rushing under the defensive tower and activating 'disrupt'.

Disrupt was a skill that could cause a defensive tower to stop attacking for a period of time. In a situation without any minions present, Qu Jiang started tearing the tower down with disrupt. The four of them jointly tore down the bottom lane outer tower!

——Your defensive tower has collapsed.

The in-game sound effect rang out once more. There was no way the Yaoguang players can maintain a calm state any longer.

The game was currently only 12 minutes in.

The top lane and bottom lane outer towers have both fallen and while their number of kills was still 0:0, it seems that Tianhuan was leading them by the nose. This kind of feeling was extremely uncomfortable.

After destroying all the side towers, Ye Shaoyang said, "Group up and push the mid lane tower."

Yaoguang was forced to defend but as both their top and bottom lanes were being pushed, they had to commit a player to deal with the oncoming minions. This resulted in Tianhuan having an advantage in numbers in the mid lane. Qu Jiang used disrupt and with his W skill, Time Reversal, that gave the entire team increased speed and HP regeneration, the Berserker and Brawler directly tore down the defensive tower!

There's no use even if your Frost Goddess unleashes her ult.

The mechanism behind Time Reversal being able to increase a player's HP was reversing time and restoring an HP bar back to its state 2.5 seconds ago. Hence, the HP of Tianhuan's front line can always be restored if Yaoguang couldn't instakill them.

——Your defensive tower has collapsed.

The mid lane outer tower had also fallen, 14 minutes into the game.

Tianhuan started pushing all three lanes.

At this moment, although the number of kills for both sides was still 0:0, Yaoguang still felt worse than they did back when they got killed. Having to manage all three lanes while defending against both minions and Tianhuan players felt suffocating for the Yaoguang players. It was as if they were bursting with energy for a proper fight but had no way to fulfill it!

Yu'mao developed pretty nicely this round. He didn't die a single time and had even snatched two river crabs.

However, his gold was still lower than Cheng Xing——due to the team economy from hs team’s defensive towers.

A team's economic resources would increase whenever one of their opponents' defensive towers got destroyed. Yaoguang had lost three towers and Tianhuan's economy was led by more than 1000 unknowingly.

They can't afford to lose the inner tower.

Ye Shaoyang said calmly, "Old Qin goes to the top and Captain Chi goes to the bottom. The remaining three will push the mid lane.1-3-1 and push separately."

Splitting into a 1-3-1 push was an extremely classic pushing tactic.

By placing two heroes that had many movement skills, could clear minions quickly, and were great at escaping from fights to push forward with their minions on the outer lanes while the remaining three team up to push the mid lane, the opponents would be restrained and have no choice but to deal with the minions on the outer lanes.

Qin Yizhu's chosen hero, the Berserker, could attack at the speed of light when he's in a 'wild' state and throw out three hits in a second. He was both quick in clearing minions and pushing towers.

He could finish dealing with a wave of minions in a few seconds and as the enemy top laner's Holy Knight was extremely clumsy, the amount of time he wasted to clear a wave was twice as long.

Chi Shuo's Brawler was the same as the Berserker. He could clear minions just as fast and had many movement skills.

In the blink of an eye, the top and bottom lane minions were led to the second tower while the mid lane was still being pushed by three of Tianhuan's players.

Are you dealing with it or not?

If you don't deal with it, the minions could get the defensive tower down to critically low health.

Yaoguang's captain gritted his teeth and said, "Mid laner and support, activate your haste and kill them!"

It was a 5v3. Yaoguang's support's gear this round was one that would boost the speed of his teammates during team fights. After activating haste, the five of them were as fast as the wind and chased up to the Tianhuan players. The Holy Knight got into their faces. The jungler was also staring at Cheng Xing, wanting to instakill him with a combo.

However, Qu Jiang's Space-Time Traveler directly used his W skill, the Time Reversal. The three of them activated haste and retreated while their HP was instantly restored back to full bar. At the same time, Ye Shaoyang's hand speed exploded, and used his Q skill to put down——

Three rocks dropped from the sky and directly blocked the path of the Yaoguang players.

"Can't get over now, can you?"

"Can't catch up to me now, right?"

Although the rocks were only there for three seconds, it successfully blocked Yaoguang's onslaught.

Yu'mao got so angry that he clenched his teeth, "F--k!"

He couldn't wait to flash and chase up to this Lieyang and beat him to death, but Ling Tong immediately sent a ping to retreat, "Retreat, the enemy's top laner and jungler are coming over now!"

After pushing the top and bottom lanes, Old Qin and Chi Shuo swiftly headed towards the mid lane to wrap things up.

Yaoguang could only helplessly retreat.

The inner towers on the outer lanes had a substantial amount of their HP shaved off by the minions. If Tianhuan continues to wage war with their minions, they could take advantage of their minions being in all three lanes to swiftly push their way to Yaoguang's base and 'imprison' them.

It would be a slow death if this continues. They must look for opportunities during the team fight and find a breakthrough point.

The Yaoguang players swiftly cleared the minions, and the support went to establish vision in the areas near the grand dragon. However, Tianhuan didn't have the intention of fighting the grand dragon. Ye Shaoyang looked at the health of the defensive towers in the top and bottom lane and said with a smile, "Lead another over."

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