ARML Chapter 118.3: Guidance Match

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Tianhuan continued leading minions and pushing without care. The mid lane defensive tower was also opportunistically brought down to half health by Cheng Xing.

Yaoguang was being played like monkeys and they were extremely miserable.

Zi Ye looked at the Berserker who was leading the minions in the top lane and said, "Gank the top laner!"

Ye Shaoyang warned, "Old Qin, retreat. We'll handle it."

Yaoguang's support, jungler, and marksman rushed to the top lane. The jungler charged toward Old Qin with a combo, causing the combo to hit the wall. Yu'mao immediately followed up by dealing some damage...

The Berserker was almost about to be killed but before anything else could happen, some rocks rained down from the sky once again!

Ye Shaoyang's Earth Mage quickly flew in to assist and placed a row of rocks in front of the three Yaoguang players. The crippled Qin Yizhu immediately flashed and escaped.

Yaoguang's jungler was stuck between the two rocks, unable to advance or retreat.

Cheng Xing shot a bullet from afar. The Machine Gun Huntsman's Q skill could land all his shots on the enemy jungler and so, the three opponents were caught in a difficult position and could only retreat.

——Your defensive tower has collapsed.

The top lane inner tower was destroyed by Tianhuan.

At the same time, Chi Shuo and Qu Jiang managed to break through the bottom lane and their minions were directly led to the base!

The number of kills on both sides was still 0:0.

Not a single defensive tower from Tianhuan's side had fallen while Yaoguang's top and bottom lane was pushed through completely. The mid lane inner tower only had a sliver of health left and Cheng Xing tanked the damage from the tower to destroy it.

The game was in an 'imprisoned' state.

It was currently 17 minutes in and Yaoguang was left with three towers.

Seeing this, Yao Mu couldn't help but smile. "《Gods War》 is essentially a tower pushing game and the number of kills a player gets isn't important. Three kills, five kills, it only looks pretty. The essence of this game actually lies in managing minions and micro-play,"

Dong-ge praised, "Not bad, this isn't a fighting game. There's not much meaning in just looking at the number of kills or kill count. An example would be this game. The kill count for both sides is still 0:0, but Tianhuan has already pushed all the way to Yaoguang's base."

Tianhuan's style of playing this game was...

No different from publicly slapping their faces.

Just yesterday, a strange 'marksmen ranking' had suddenly appeared on Weibo's Hot Search List and Yu'mao was ranked second as his average kills per game was greater. Tianhuan's Cheng Xing was ranked first from the bottom as his kills were too few.

The number of kills doesn't actually mean anything. It was just as Yao Mu said: It's nothing more than a pleasing sight.

A team's strength has never depended on the number of kills either.

In the first game, Tianhuan had forcefully killed Yu'mao six times and threw a basin of cold water over his head, putting a stop to his arrogance.

In the second game, Ye Shaoyang was too lazy to kill and instead, used his excellent play to drag Yaoguang around, not letting them defend their base.

Doing this while the kill count was 0:0 was especially mocking them!

It was extremely hard to play while being in an 'imprisoned' state. The five of them were forced to defend their base and they couldn't get out. This also meant that their eyes were covered with regard to the entire map. They didn't have any established vision outside so no matter where they went, they might have a chance of getting ambushed unless they forcefully dragged out the game until everyone in the team had six godly pieces of gear. Then, they would be able to turn the tables and eliminate all their opponents.

In this round, Yaoguang had the Frost Goddess whose ult could clear a minion wave, and also the Wind Nymph who had considerable clearing speed too. Zi Ye looked at the duration of the mage and gritted his teeth, "Drag it out and when our gold reaches 10000, we'll attack and make their team collapse!"

It was theoretically feasible.

However, Tianhuan's play was very stable this round and there were no flaws. They didn't give their opponents a chance to gank or counterattack at all.

After they've finished establishing their advantage, the five of them started to team up and lead their minions, invading the jungle, plundering the resources, and taking down the dragon. They played steadily and the snowball became bigger and bigger.

Tianhuan's gold had reached 10000 before Yaoguang. Ye Shaoyang, Cheng Xing, and Chi Shuo all had six godly pieces of gear already while Old Qin bought two pieces of defensive gear to tank damage. Qu Jiang's gear had also been upgraded to the highest level.

Ye Shaoyang: "Secure the grand dragon."

After pushing to Yaoguang's base with their minions, Tianhuan turned to take down the grand dragon.

After Yaoguang cleared all the minions, the five of them grouped up to steal the dragon——this could be their only chance! If they could wipe out here, they could lead their minions out and counterattack.

Zi Ye exclaimed, "Forcefully initiate the fight and kill their back line!"

The Holy Knight jumped into the dragon pit directly while the King of Fighters stunned Cheng Xing. Yu'mao fired shots at them and swiftly beat Tianhuan's front line down to critically low health.

Ye Shaoyang said urgently, "Retreat and play for counterattack!"

Tianhuan's lineup was indeed a little fragile. In this bout, Yaoguang unleashed their skills together and everyone in Tianhuan was instantly crippled, leaving only half of their HP. In the end, Qu Jiang's W skill, the Time Reversal, boosted their speed while simultaneously restoring their HP by 20%.

Taking advantage of Qu Jiang's speed boost, Tianhuan hurriedly opened up a gap in distance between the two teams.

Ye Shaoyang turned and unleashed his ult——

Only to see a wall composed of four rocks suddenly appearing from the ground, forming a rectangular encirclement and collectively trapping all five Yaoguang players inside.

The Earth Mage's cool voice sounded, "Stay where you're supposed to be, don't be delusional!"

Yaoguang: "..."

The viewers: "..."

This line was really meaningful.

Where should Yaoguang stay? None other than in Group A!

Yao Mu couldn't laugh or cry, "Lieyang's control skill directly immobilized all five Yaoguang players!"

Dong-ge praised, "The Earth Mage's terrain control skill is actually a skill that's difficult to operate. His ult requires the player to drag their mouse quickly, forming a rectangle that can create a rock encirclement. In normal situations, being able to trap three players is already outstanding."

Yao Mu continued, "But in this bout, Lieyang was able to pull himself away with the help of the Space-Time Traveler's speed boost. He was able to counterattack with an ult while Yaoguang was attacking, successfully trapping all five Yaoguang players together!"

The live stream was filled with 666.

【Yaoguang, stay where you're supposed to be!】

【Is this an introduction to the Earth Mage's control skill which is also known as the pigsty?】

【All four sides are walls, you probably can't get over, right?】

【Hahaha, Yaoguang is trapped inside, how pitiful!】

As a skill-focused mage, the damage dealt by the Earth Mage definitely couldn't compare to assassins or artillery mages. However, Ye Shaoyang had equipped godly gear. After unleashing his ult and using the 'pigsty' to trap everyone, he followed up with a W and E skill combo. There were still countless rocks falling from the sky and smashing their faces!

All five Yaoguang players were instantly beaten down to low health.

Terrain control only lasts for two and a half seconds. However, this amount of time was more than enough for Tianhuan.

Cheng Xing directly unleashed his ult and the bullets were unleashed like falling rain. He managed to kill two of Yaoguang's front-line players in an instant; Chi Shuo's Brawler and Old Qin's Berserker cooperated with each other and flanked Yaoguang from the side. One went to hack the mid laner and the other went to kill the marksman. Ye Shaoyang used his Q skill to immobilize from afar.

The five Yaoguang players were trapped inside. It was like catching turtles in a jar.
TL/n: Easy targets.

In the blink of an eye, all his teammates died. Yu'mao tried to flash and escape, his face dark.

In return, Ye Shaoyang accurately laid down a piece of rock on his escape path. All that everyone could see next was Ye Shaoyang's rock hitting the Wind Nymph's head, and he ended up dead from that hit.

——[Tianhuan-Lieyang (Earth Mage) killed YG-Yu'mao (Wind Nymph)!]

The viewers: "..."

Yu'mao: "..."

This was... indeed a little unsightly.

【Hahahaha, he flashed and hit the rock, how silly】

【This is so damn funny, was it a mistake with his positioning?】

【I only saw Yu'mao suddenly flashed, then dying by hitting Yangyang's rock】

【He can't beat them so he just hit himself and died, great job!】

【Sisters and brothers, hurry and screenshot this so we can make an emoticon pack】

And so, the scene of Yu'mao flashing and hitting the rock that led to his death was clipped and made into an emoticon pack. It was paired with various phrases such as: "I don't want to live anymore!" "Expressing my ambition with death!" "This game is so difficult; I'd be better off hitting myself to death!" "Flashing and hitting the rock, introducing you to the pro league's no.1 marksman?"

Yu'mao's face was currently as black as the bottom of the pot. It wasn't that he had flashed and hit the rock, but instead, it was Ye Shaoyang who had predicted the direction of his flash and placed a rock at that location! Other than blocking a path, the Earth Mage's rock could also deal magic damage.

Ye Shaoyang was currently fully equipped with six godly pieces of gear and the damage dealt by his Q skill was enough to instakill the crippled marksman.

It's just that, if he explained it like that, would there even be anyone who would listen? Yumao's hands trembled slightly as he looked at the gray screen. He felt suffocated and wished he could just smash the keyboard!

Red words popped out on the screen not long after he had died.


Yaoguang was annihilated.

The five of them laid in their base crystal and could only watch as Tianhuan led their minions over and destroyed it.

This game's kill count was 5:0. Tianhuan had focused on micro-play in the early-game and didn't kill a single one of them. Instead, they had destroyed all of their towers and 'imprisoned' them with a 0:0.

In the last team fight, they directly counterattacked swiftly by immobilizing them and chopping them up like fruits and vegetables, instantly resulting in a team wipe.

What exactly was the advantage of having high awareness?

From the start to the end of this game, Tianhuan had been leading them by the nose. It was as though a mature and modest adult was telling a mischievous and troublesome kid, "Did you see that? That's how the game should be played."

What was the point of the kill count?

A truly strong team's best point was actually their micro-play. You can't win a game by simply having team fights, killing people, and picking fights. The so-called kill count was only a bunch of numbers and was just for show.

Yao Mu had a smile on her face, "Congratulations, Tianhuan on your 2-0 victory in the rank-deciding match!"

Those who could understand today's match all knew what Tianhuan was trying to say.

I can beat you if I kill.

I can still beat you even if I don't kill!

——Stay where you belong and stop your wishful thinking.

The Earth Mage's last key move had directly trapped the five of them, causing them to be immobilized. Ye Shaoyang seemed to have used this method to tell them simply and crudely, "Just return to Group A and stay there. Want to enter Group S? You're not worthy."

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