ARML Chapter 119.1: Promotion List

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In the backstage viewing area, Xu Zhuo constantly felt that Tianhuan's playing style in the second round was different from Chi Shuo's usual style. He muttered softly, "With Chi Shuo's temper, they probably wouldn't maintain a 0:0 kill count in the early game, right?"

Xie Weiyu commented, "There were a few times where Tianhuan had hidden and waited for Yaoguang. They also didn't continue to chase after crippling them. Chi Shuo's Brawler actually has a lot of movement skills. He could definitely have killed Yaoguang if he went to chase them."

In the end, it was Tianhuan who always didn't chase their opponents after crippling them. They only cared about pushing their opponents' towers. It was as though they were using the kill count of 0:0 to taunt Team Yaoguang——we can still win even without killing.
In the commentators' booth, Dong-ge smiled and said, "Let us listen to the playback of the in-game voice chat."

The director would cut out the voice clips of the winning team for playback purposes after each match. The excited fans who were all screaming immediately quietened down. Tianhuan members' voices echoed throughout the venue clearly through the amplification of the microphone.

The recording that was played just so happened to be when they were having the last team fight.

They heard Ye Shaoyang's clear voice coming from the voice channel, "Retreat and counterattack."

Qu Jiang said, "I'll activate haste, hurry and run."

This was immediately followed by Cheng Xing's excited voice, "My Yang-ge is amazing! Immobilizing all five players!"

Chi Shuo said calmly, "I'll kill the marksman."

While Old Qin also said, "The mid laner is mine."

Then, Cheng Xing could be heard rapidly spitting words out while moving around and dealing damage, "My Yang-ge is amazing! Master is amazing! Old Qin is amazing! Qu-ge, ah ah ah ah, I killed two!"

The viewers: "..."

Little Xing, your noisiness is affecting us too.

Ye Shaoyang had a hint of laughter in his voice, "Nice. Yaoguang is completely wiped out and we can end the game now."

Qu Jiang deepened his voice, trying to mimic the Earth Mage's voiceline, "Stay where you belong and stop your wishful thinking."

Cheng Xing said excitedly, "Qu-ge, Qu-ge. Can you stop making the 《100 Ways to Kill Little Xing》 compilation and remake it into 《Little Xing's Collection of Dashing Kills》?"

Qu Jiang laughed, "I'll consider it if you buy me a bucket of drumsticks."

The viewers: "??"

What exactly was the '100 Ways to Kill Little Xing' compilation?

It seems like they've overheard something interesting!

The playback ended here.

Xu Zhuo said with certainty, "It wasn't Chi Shuo who commanded this game."

Xie Weiyu turned back and looked at him, "How can you tell?"

Xu Zhuo laughed, "When Chi Shuo is commanding, Tianhuan's voice channel would be silent. His commanding style is usually something like this: Support, initiate the fight; retreat quickly; gank the marksman. It would be cold and simple, and there were many times when he wouldn't even speak. He would directly use the in-game pings to command. Cheng Xing also wouldn't dare to chirp away noisily in front of his master!"

Xie Weiyu thought about it carefully.

What Xu Zhuo said made sense. There was basically no noise in Tianhuan's voice channel when Chi Shuo was commanding. Qu Jiang would report on his vision at most, and Cheng Xing would be as quiet as a chicken.
TL/n: A talkative person suddenly becoming quiet.

But today, Tianhuan's voice channel was extremely lively. Not only was it lively, but Ye Shaoyang was the one who told the team to retreat and counterattack. One has to know that whether a team continued through a team fight was dependent on the judgment of the commander.

Xie Weiyu was shocked, "Was it Yangyang commanding?"

Xu Zhuo was deep in thought, "Maybe. The key point here was that he was the one who said to retreat, then to counterattack."

Xu Zhuo paused, then turned back to look at Xie Weiyu, "Do you remember back then, when Zhao Xin'an had sent the group a recording of Xiao Bai's King-rank promotion game? The one where Xiao Bai had commanded and led a team with their macroplays and turned the tide of the game?"

Xie Weiyu thought back to that game. He nodded and said, "Yes. It seems like Yangyang actually has the ability to command. It's very likely that he was commanding this game that had led to Yaoguang's defeat."


At the same time, Team Beimu.

Zhao Xinping said calmly, "Ye Shaoyang should've been the one commanding this round. Tianhuan's voice channel had never been so lively when Chi Shuo was the commander. It would usually be silent."

Zhao Xin'an always felt like hitting a wall whenever he watched Tianhuan's matches. He constantly felt like he had gifted Tianhuan a luxurious treasure chest. Hearing what Zhao Xinping had said, he couldn't help but complain.

"Indeed, Xiao Bai can command very well. Wasn't it because of his exceptional game sense, awareness, and the fact that he relied on macroplays to defeat Brother Fish that caused us to pay attention to him in the first place?"

Sean asked seriously, "It seems like Tianhuan will definitely enter Group S since they defeated Yaoguang 2-0. I'm not sure who their first opponent in Group S will be. Do we need to make some preparations in advance?"

Beimu's coach stroked his chin and replied, "Study them in advance. We're familiar with the current opponent teams in Group S, but Tianhuan is a team that we haven't crossed paths with before."

He paused, then continued, "Tianhuan has a high possibility of becoming the biggest variable in Group S. We have to be on guard against them."


This round's MVP title was awarded to Ye Shaoyang as usual.

At the post-match interview stage, the reporter welcomed Ye Shaoyang excitedly, "Welcome once again to the interview stage, Tianhuan's Lieyang! Tianhuan's voice channel was really lively when we were listening to the playback. Little Xing had even mentioned a '100 Ways to Kill Cheng Xing' video and many viewers had left comments expressing their curiosity about it. Are you able to tell us what that is?"

Ye Shaoyang answered, "It's a highlight video that Qu Jiang did because he had nothing better to do. Inside contains 100 ways to kill Little Xing."

In the live stream——

【Making a compilation for your teammate's 100 Ways of Dying? Qu Jiang, I didn't know you were like this!】

【Hahaha, Qu Jiang is revealing his true colors. I knew from the start that he wasn't as simple as he looked】

【Qu-ge, can you release the video for us to watch? I also want to watch Little Xing's 100 Ways of Dying】

【Want to watch +1】

The reporter took advantage of all the buzz and asked, "Can the video be released for everyone to watch?"

Ye Shaoyang smiled, "I'd have to seek Qu Jiang and Little Xing's opinion on this."

The reporter then changed the topic and asked, "Alright. Tianhuan had defeated Yaoguang with a score of 2-0 today and the tactics used in both games were completely different. Was it something your team had discussed in advance?"

Ye Shaoyang answered, "Of course. We have practiced our comps in advance. Tianhuan prepares for every match meticulously."

The reporter continued, "Tianhuan's voice channel this time seems to be a little different from the usual style. Many viewers are curious about this. Did you change the commander?"

Ye Shaoyang replied frankly, "That's right, I was the one commanding in the second game."

He paused momentarily, then narrowed his eyes and said, "Our Captain Chi is a little tired from constantly commanding, so he let me try out as a commander for the second game."

Everyone: "..."

So you were using Yaoguang as training dummies?

Using a 0:0 kill count as a comparison and taunting their opponents indeed wasn't Chi Shuo's style.

The reporter finished it off, "Thank you, Lieyang, for receiving our interview. Hope you do well for tomorrow's match too!"

Ye Shaoyang bowed to the reporters present at the interview stage politely, then turned to return backstage.

Coach Lin came over happily and said, "Everyone, let's go back to the hotel first."

It was actually Coach Lin who instructed Ye Shaoyang to reveal that he was the commander in the interview.

At present, the teams in Group S still weren't familiar with Ye Shaoyang's commanding style. The fact that he had the ability to command a team was already discovered by people during the period when Xiao Bai was still an anchor. This was something that couldn't be concealed, so they'll just let the coaches in Group S guess for themselves.

In the future, the coaches from each major team would probably get a headache from guessing before each match starts——was it Chi Shuo or Ye Shaoyang commanding Tianhuan this round? Would Tianhuan focus on their mid/jungle duo, jungler core, or macroplay? Which hero would Ye Shaoyang play? What about Chi Shuo? Who should we ban?

Before, Lin Feng would have an extreme headache before every match as he didn't know which hero they should play to ensure a victory. He was also worried that their opponents would target Chi Shuo's jungler.

Now, the times have changed and the coaches from other teams will be the ones to have headaches.

As for Tianhuan's mid laner and jungler, both their hero pools are extremely deep. You can ban however you like!


Next afternoon was the rank-deciding match for Group A/B and at night, it would be for Group S/A.

After the afternoon match had ended and the teams' list in both Group A and B had been confirmed, everyone who remained in Group B was eliminated. The first match at 7 p.m. was between Yueying and Yaoguang. Ye Shaoyang and the rest also came to the live venue early to watch the match.

Yu'mao made a mistake with his positioning in the bottom lane during a face-off not long after the match started. Xie Weiyu grabbed a hold of this chance to get a solo kill!

——First Blood!

Xie Weiyu took the first kill.

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