ARML Chapter 119.2: Promotion List

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Dong-ge couldn't help but exclaim, "For a marksman to get solo-killed while laning against his opponent, Yu'mao's mistake just now is a little too serious."

Yao Mu replied, "Xiao Yu is playing very calmly and immediately took the opportunity to kill his opponent. He had been competing for two years after all and had tons of experience in competitions. His mental state is also much more stable than rookies."

Dong-ge paused a little before continuing, "Recently, there were many negative comments about Xiao Yu on the Internet but actually, professional players transferring to other teams is a very common phenomenon. There isn't a need for everyone to overinterpret it. After going to Yueying, the reason why Yueying's performance had been going downhill wasn't just because of him, but also because the team couldn't work well together."

Yao Mu nodded in agreement, "That's right. Ever since Yueying dropped from Group S to Group A and played five matches in Group A, the team's tacit understanding also rose."

Just as she was saying this, Yueying's jungler suddenly ganked bottom lane and immobilized Yu'mao on the spot with a skill. Xie Weiyu then followed up by dealing high amounts of damage and once again, took Yu'mao's head.

Xie Weiyu who had gotten both kills was leveling up extremely quickly.

During the team fight in mid lane, Xu Zhuo flashed and circled around to cut into Yaoguang. He swiftly dispersed Yaoguang and Xie Weiyu quickly moved in, dealing fast damage——

Double Kill!

Triple Kill!

Yao Mu said excitedly, "Xiao Yu took three kills in this bout!"

Dong-ge continued, "Xiao Yu's movements are indeed very nimble and Yaoguang had no way of dealing with him. Their marksman fell first, leading to their complete collapse in the team fight!"

Seeing this, Ye Shaoyang who was sitting backstage couldn't help but smile, "Yaoguang made quite a lot of mistakes today!"

Chi Shuo said nonchalantly, "They had been mentally broken by us."

Cheng Xing was at the side gloating, "Who told them to play the trick of trying to hype themselves through the entertainment industry. The higher they put themselves on the pedestal, the harder they will fall. That Yumao had been killed by us 0-6 yesterday. His mental state probably isn't good and he hasn't adjusted it back properly yet."

The two matches in the S/A rank-deciding matches didn't have such a long resting time as compared to usual. There would be one match on Saturday and the second match would commence immediately on Sunday. If they couldn't adjust their mental states in time, it would indeed be very easy to collapse.

Tianhuan's mocking play from yesterday's match was no different from publicly slapping Yu'mao's face.

Since returning to the hotel yesterday, the more Yu'mao thought about it, the angrier he got. His dreams were full of the Destiny Goddess' taunting voiceline: "This is destiny, don't try to resist!"

He was in a bad mood after he woke up in the morning and he wanted to prove that he was better and stronger than Yaoguang's old captain in their upcoming match.

However, the more anxious he was, the more likely he is to make mistakes!

On the other hand, Xie Weiyu was extremely calm from the start to the end. After he got a solo kill, he started to snowball and in an instant, his gold was greater by 1000 and he also managed to get an excellent gear first.

Do they even have to continue playing!

Yaoguang collapsed after 15 minutes in the first game.

Xie Weiyu's score: 8-0.

Yu'mao's score: 0-6.

This drastic comparison was too ridiculous.

In the second game, although Yaoguang's coach tried his best to adjust and change their comp, Yaoguang's morale crashed to the bottom like a landslide. The members' conditions were unlike yesterday.

In one of the key fights, Yueying's top laner, Xu Zhuo, flashed and cut into the glass cannon Yaoguang as though he was dicing fruits and vegetables. They directly instakilled Yaoguang's marksman and mid laner, swiftly ending the game.

Yao Mu said, "Congratulations to Team Yueying for winning the match with a 2-0!"

Dong-ge continued, "Yueying defeated Langzu with a 2-0 yesterday, and today, they defeated Yaoguang with a 2-0 too, making them the first team that would be promoted to Group S!"

The next round will be up to Tianhuan to win.

Tianhuan vs Langzu's match was the last match in the S/A rank-deciding matches. Tianhuan also unquestionably took home a clean win of 2-0.

So far, the second round of the rank-deciding matches has all ended. Tianhuan and Yueying would both be promoted due to their two consecutive victories.

The final list of teams in Group S was released on the big screens.

Yao Mu congratulated, "Congratulations to Tianhuan and Yueying for getting promoted to Group S! The teams in Group S currently are Team Beimu, Team Jingzhe, Team Binghun, Team Huowen, and the newly promoted Team Tianhuan and Team Yueying!"

Dong-ge said, "In the third round, all the points of a team would be cleared, and they have to start from zero again. This phase of the competition will determine the teams that made it into the playoffs and their ranking!"
Yao Mu finished it off, "Next up is a one-week break. Players will also have to adjust their states as soon as possible to face fiercer competition in the future. Let us look forward to the performances of the six Group S teams in the third round!"



Xu Zhuo walked over to Chi Shuo and hugged him. He smiled, "Great job!"

Chi Shuo nodded, "Mn, see you in Group S."

Ye Shaoyang was on the side talking to Xie Weiyu. "Xiao Yu, you were so cool today! You're an 8-0 marksman while Yu'mao is a 0-6 marksman. Let's see how well Yaoguang can still market themselves."

Xie Weiyu smiled softly and said with a gentle voice, "I no longer care about these kinds of matters."

In the past, he would get upset from the insults that the Internet threw at him, but he had a sudden revelation today. Yaoguang's newcomer wanted to use him to climb higher, and this was simply just a marketing method. He could either become a stepping stone for the other or prove his strength with his performance.

Esports is a place that only cares about one's strength.

No matter how beautiful spoken words can be, they are not as persuasive as one's stats and performance.

There wasn't a need for those haters or water armies to care about him. Today's match was enough to prove that...

He, Xiao Yu, am still the league's no.1 marksman!

Ye Shaoyang met his clear gaze, then patted him on the shoulder, "It's best if you could let it go. Yaoguang's matter is already a thing of the past so you should stop thinking about it. All the teams in Group S are strong teams. It definitely wouldn't be easy to go up against them."

Tianhuan and Yueying would still meet in Group S, but so what? Everyone was competing fairly, and they could still get skewers together after the competition. Winning or losing is temporary, but friendships are long-lasting.
A message was suddenly sent in the [Gods War - Supreme Gods] group chat.

[I'm Very Square]: @[Old Yu] @[Tianhuan-Shuoyue], welcome to Group S.

[I'm Very Round]: Applause applause!

[Xiao Chen]: Sprinkling flower petals!

[Zhou Zhou]: Welcoming the great demon kings to Group S. Everyone, quickly prepare yourselves to fight the boss.

[Reporter Zhao]: Watch out for your neck and wait for me to kill all of you!

[Sean]: [TornFace.jpg]

Ye Shaoyang watched the messages streaming in the group chat without pause. The corners of his lips raised slightly.

Group S, we're finally here.

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