ARML Chapter 120.1: CP Fans

After the weekend games had ended, Little Rui sent Ye Shaoyang a message: [Ge, can I come backstage to find you?]

Star City's Esports Center was only three stops away from his house, and Little Rui had come to watch the match. When Ye Shaoyang received the news that he was here, he immediately replied: [Okay. Go to the hidden door at the side of the stage and I'll open it for you.]

A moment later, Little Rui reached the door. Ye Shaoyang opened the door to let him in.

Little Rui hugged Ye Shaoyang tightly in excitement, "Ge, you're simply too amazing. You actually entered Group S!"

Ye Shaoyang rubbed his little brother's head gently, "Long time no see. It seems that you've grown taller?"

Qin Rui's eyes curved, "I'm 3cm taller now."

Chi Shuo went over to where they were and greeted him kindly, "Little Rui, you came."

Qin Rui let go of Ye Shaoyang and greeted politely, “Hello, Captain Chi.”

He took out a delicately packaged box and handed it to Ye Shaoyang.

"Ge, I handmade some pastries for you. Take it back and eat it as a midnight snack." Qin Rui whispered.

Ye Shaoyang was touched. He took the box and said, "Thank you."

He then took out his phone and sent a red envelope to Qin Rui, "I'll give you some pocket money."

Qin Rui quickly waved his hands, "I don't want it."

Ye Shaoyang insisted, "Take it. You're still in university and have no source of income. This is something your Ge is giving you."

Chi Shuo who was on the side also advised him, "Accept your brother's good intentions."

Qin Rui looked at the transferred amount, his eyes unable to leave the screen, "Isn't this too much?"

Is this noveau riche brother calculating his base unit by 'ten thousand' when he gives pocket money?

Ye Shaoyang continued speaking warmly, "Take it and go spend it. I won't be able to spend much when I'm in the team, whereas you can buy something to eat or use."

He paused, before reaching into his pocket to take out his handphone and continued, "That's right, the phone that Captain Chi gave me is pretty good. I think your phone is an old model, right? Do you want to buy a new one?"

Qin Rui was stunned. He raised his head and took a look, only to discover Chi Shuo and his brother had identical phones. Chi Shuo's phone was silver while his brother's was gold——was this handphone unexpectedly a gift from Chi Shuo to his brother?

An Alpha gave Omega such an expensive phone, and the two of them were using the same model, with colors that were meant for couples.

Chi Shuo wouldn't happen to be interested in his brother, right?

Qin Rui felt something strange in his heart and secretly looked at Chi Shuo.

Chi Shuo's expression was calm. He looked at Qin Rui with a gentle gaze and the tone he used when speaking was also like that of an older brother, "Your brother was still wondering a few days ago if he should get you a present when we reached Star City for the match. However, we rarely have a chance to go out during the training period and he didn't have time to buy a present. So he directly gave you a red envelope instead. Whatever you want, you can buy it yourself."

Qin Rui came back to his senses. He looked at Ye Shaoyang and said, "Thank you, Ge. I don't plan on buying a phone for the time being. I'll take this money and apply for a cooking class. I want to learn how to cook Western dishes."

Just then, Coach Lin walked over and shot a curious look at Qin Rui. Ye Shaoyang introduced him, "This is my little brother, Qin Rui. He came to the live venue to watch our match and even brought us some homemade pastries."

Coach Lin smiled, "Little Rui, I know you."

Qin Rui's face turned red, and he said meekly, "The reason why Coach knows me is that I played support badly, right?"

Coach Lin: "Ke ke."

After all, while he was playing as support using the Blessed Priest, he had used a chain to hook himself to his team's jungler who was in stealth and exposed the jungler's location. He indeed played incredibly badly. Coach Lin had a deep impression of Xiao Bai's little brother, Little Rui.

Ye Shaoyang turned and looked at the coach, "Coach, can I have a day off? I want to go home first, then gather at the hotel tomorrow afternoon. My house is only three stops away, so I want to go back and tidy some things up."

Coach Lin simply said, "No problem, you can go."

Ye Shaoyang passed the pastries to Captain Chi, "Share it with everyone, my brother made this with us in mind."

Chi Shuo took the box, "Okay, be careful on the way home."

Ye Shaoyang left backstage with Little Rui in tow. Little Rui had been staying at Ye Shaoyang's place as it was nearer to his school. As Ye Shaoyang wasn't home, he naturally helped his brother to look after the house. The two took the train and upon reaching home, Ye Shaoyang went to the bathroom to take a shower. Qin Rui went to the study with complicated feelings and turned his laptop on to surf the Internet.

Was Captain Chi and Yang-ge involved in some special situation?

He kept thinking about this on the way home.

As an Omega born and bred, he had always felt that an Omega shouldn't casually accept an Alpha's gift, much less the gift that his older brother had mentioned in passing just now. The price of his phone listed on the official website was twenty-five thousand dollars and was definitely not any ordinary gift.

It was rare for normal friends to give each other such expensive gifts.

Unless it was his boyfriend...

Yang-ge's an Omega while Chi Shuo's an Alpha. The two are together day and night, wasn't it very normal for them to develop feelings for each other?

Although Qin Rui was a noob in playing games, he could still understand what was going on in matches. Tianhuan's mid/jungler duo was very strong. Shuoyue and Lieyang were one of the most tacit duos in this season.

From teammates to lovers, it seems pretty logical?

While Qin Rui let his mind run wild, he searched for 'Shuoyue Lieyang' on the web. In addition to the news that praised Tianhuan's Riyue duo for having great tacit understanding, he also accidentally found a super topic called 'RiyueTonghui'.

Qin Rui clicked into it from curiosity——

【Riyue CP looks really compatible!】

【Congratulations Tianhuan for entering Group S! Everyone, I've discovered that Yueyue would always look back at Yangyang whenever a match is finished. His expression would also be much gentler than the ones he had on when looking at his other teammates——click [Screenshot]】

【In love, in love! His gaze is so doting!】

【He has never looked at Qu Jiang that way before [Doge.jpg]】

【The match that had kicked Yaoguang's ass was commanded by our Yangyang, Yangyang is the coolest Omega, no one else can compare!】

【Tianhuan has two commanders, this is too amazing】

【I'm shipping this strong duo's love to death. Advance, advance to the world championship!】
【Ah ah ah, is the CP that I'm shipping real? They will fight side by side at the world championship, right? Right?】

【When the time comes, let Shuoyue and Lieyang scatter dog food to the world】

Qin Rui: "..."

At first, he thought he was just being doubtful.

But as he looked further down the super topic, the more he felt that maybe there really was something going on between Captain Chi and Yang-ge?

TL/n: Just started my travels and will be abroad for the next month and a half! Will still try to get chapters out though :)

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