ARML Chapter 120.2: CP Fans

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CP fans were especially good at digging out details.

For example, at the match where Chi Shuo's jungler core had made a reappearance, Chi Shuo had turned around and hugged Ye Shaoyang right away.

Another example was Ye Shaoyang changing his phone to the same model that Chi Shuo was using on the day of his birthday.

There were also pictures of the two smiling at each other in the venue's soundproofed room, of when they were huddled together discussing tactics, when they were whispering into each other's ears...

The dedicated CP fans had screenshot all these moments and included them in the super topic.

Whether it was them tacitly facing each other, or the tacit understanding present when they looked and smiled at each other, Chi Shuo's gentle gaze, Ye Shaoyang's dazzling smile. The screenshots that came one after another... were really sweet.

Even Qin Rui felt that the ship was really sweet!

Now that he thought about it, when his brother was still a streamer, Captain Chi would pretend to be a boss and send lots of gifts in his live stream. He had also arranged for them to go to the stadium to watch a match together and also brought him to the training camp for the player trials.

Afterward, to let his brother join Tianhuan, Captain Chi had held his ground, invited his master out to help, and managed to fight for the highest signing fee for a newcomer during the shareholders' meeting. It can be seen that he attaches great importance to his brother.

It can be said that for his brother to have today's achievements, was also because there was Captain Chi on the side guarding and protecting him.

An Alpha silently protecting the Omega and letting the Omega become a professional player as strong as himself. The both of them overcame obstacles together and advanced to Group S, entering the season's playoffs, and aiming for the world championship…...

It was really too shippable!

Qin Rui sat there, refreshing the super topic and shipping. The more he shipped, the more excited he became.

He was thinking, if his brother and Captain get married in the future, should he personally make a wedding cake for his brother?

After Ye Shaoyang had finished showering, he went straight to the study as he discovered the light was still on. He saw the webpage’s name on Qin Rui’s screen was called ‘RiyueTonghui’ and curiously went up to him.

“RiyueTonghui? Are you looking at Weibo?”

Qin Rui who currently had a guilty conscience was about to close the webpage.

Ye Shaoyang quickly took the mouse from the table and swiftly dragged it down.

Qin Rui originally thought that his brother would be all red in the face and shy after seeing himself and Chi Shuo’s CP super topic but in the end, Ye Shaoyang directly laughed out loud, “Hahaha, Captain Chi and I unexpectedly still have CP fans?”

Qin Rui: “…?”

What do you mean ‘unexpectedly’?

Wasn’t it very logical and natural that the both of you have CP fans?

Ye Shaoyang's current expression was like an old man on the train, looking at his handphone. He sighed while scrolling down, "Tsk, when did they even screenshot this? They can make up a whole movie just from me smiling at Chi Shuo. I truly surrender."

TL/n: If you check the picture on Google, you will get it. Just type this in 地铁老人看手机. It can mean confusion or disgust etc.

“And as for the phone, what do they mean couple color? Both of us are men. If we don’t get gold and silver, then are we supposed to get pink and green?”

Ye Shaoyang closed the super topic with a face full of smiles and looked at Qin Rui, “You believe in this kind of thing too?”

Qin Rui was dazed, “Ge, you and Captain Chi, are, are you not together?”

“We’re just teammates.” Ye Shaoyang answered frankly, then patted his little brother’s shoulder and said, “Don’t think too much. The phone was a birthday gift from Captain Chi to me. We would usually be busy training, so where would we have the time to think about these matters.”

He turned and continued speaking while walking to the bedroom, “I’ll pack some clothes. Little Rui, you should sleep early.”

Qin Rui scratched his head in confusion, “Okay.”

The two of you really are just teammates? But the way Chi Shuo looked at you, was indeed really gentle?

After returning to the bedroom, Ye Shaoyang casually picked out some clothes and stuffed them into the bag.

It was already May and summer would soon be arriving in the capital city. The thick clothes he brought last time couldn't be worn anymore and he was too lazy to buy new ones. He directly took advantage of their match being in Star City this time to go home and pack a few summer clothes.

After packing up, he lay in bed playing with his phone.

The curious Ye Shaoyang went to search for the most trending CP in the esports circle. The trending one was actually #RiyueTonghui#, which was his and Captain Chi's CP super topic. The reason being: it was too sweet.

Ye Shaoyang's head was full of question marks.

Him turning back and smiling at Chi Shuo, Chi Shuo hugging him gently——to him, it was all a very normal exchange between teammates, but it was enough to let the CP fans scream in excitement: "So sweet" "I'm shipping" "It's hard for the endgame to not be marriage"

There were even some CP fans there discussing: "What do you think the future child of Yueyue and Yangyang should be called?" "Everyone, I think they can be called Little Ming." "Combining Riyue will be Mingming."

TL/n: Riyue in Chinese is 日月, and there’s an actual word in Chinese called ‘ming 明’. If you look closely, you’ll see that ming is made up of the riyue characters.

Ye Shaoyang: "????"

What the hell, they even went to the topic of children?

A child with Captain Chi? Ye Shaoyang got goosebumps.

He didn't mind CP fans at all. After all, there were also some so-called CP fans in the esports circle in his past life. These were all their hobbies and interests that they indulged in. Some professional players also knew about the CPs they were assigned to, and they would also joke about it with each other at times. No one took the netizens' words seriously and there would also be no one who would interfere.

As long as they kept their CP on the inside and didn't disturb the players' private lives, it didn't matter no matter what they thought.

Ye Shaoyang didn't mind it, they can say whatever they want. However, will Chi Shuo be angry after seeing all this? Chi Shuo's personality was more serious and cold after all. He didn't like people making a joke about him.

Just as Ye Shaoyang was thinking that, his phone suddenly lit up.

It was Chi Shuo's message: [Are you at home?]

Ye Shaoyang replied: [Mn, just finished packing my things.]

Chi Shuo: [Rest early, you can sleep in tomorrow.]

Chi Shuo: [Oh right, I've shared the pastries Little Rui made with everyone else. They all liked it very much. Especially Old Qin, he had even eaten five pieces and now he's bloated.]

Ye Shaoyang suppressed his laughter: [What about you? Have you tasted it?]

Chi Shuo: [I don't like eating sweet food. I left my portion for you. It's in the refrigerator, you can eat it when you come back tomorrow.]

Ye Shaoyang replied: [Okay. Thank you, Captain Chi.]

Right at this moment, his phone suddenly rang. It was an unfamiliar number.

Ye Shaoyang answered the phone and a soft female voice greeted from the other end, "Hello, may I know if this is Mr. Ye Shaoyang?"

Ye Shaoyang thought the voice sounded a little familiar and subconsciously replied, "Yes."

The woman continued, "I'm Doctor Xue from the Capital City's Central Hospital. I called you for a follow-up on your situation. May I know if your pheromones have been stable lately?"

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