ARML Chapter 121.1: Hospital

It didn't take long before Ye Shaoyang remembered who this female doctor was.

Doctor Xue was the doctor specializing in pheromones they had met on the day he had suddenly differentiated into an Omega and Chi Shuo had gone with him to the hospital. At that time, he left his number and even went to find the other party to pay money and beg the research institution to help develop inhibitors.

No wonder she sounded familiar. Ye Shaoyang hurriedly answered, "Hello, doctor. My pheromone value has been stable recently and has been controlled and kept under 6.0."

Doctor Xue said with concern, "It seems like your boyfriend has been marking you on time, right?"

Ye Shaoyang was momentarily stunned. "Boyfriend?"

Doctor Xue: "I'm talking about the Alpha who accompanied you to the hospital last time. Back then, I had reminded you that temporary marking had a time limit and once the pheromone value is unstable, you would have to do the marking again."

Ye Shaoyang came to a realization——the doctor was referring to Chi Shuo. It was a desperate situation at that time, so he had let Captain Chi help by marking him. The doctor mistook Chi Shuo for his boyfriend, but he also didn't explain further.

Ye Shaoyang coughed softly and said, "During Chinese New Year, my pheromone value suddenly increased, and I let him mark me. The value has been pretty stable recently, and I have been measuring the value every morning."

Doctor Xue smiled and said, "That's good. It's like this, the research center called and told me that there were some problems during the research and development phase. They would like you to return to the hospital for another check-up and it would be best to take your boyfriend along too."

Ye Shaoyang asked with uncertainty, "Is the development not going smoothly?"

Doctor Xue replied. "It can still be considered smooth sailing. We've entered the second stage. However, the previous sampling data wasn't too accurate. After all, you had just differentiated, and pheromones secreted by the glands weren't stable enough. We want to collect more samples when you're in a stable state."

Ye Shaoyang agreed, "Okay. My flight back to the capital city is tomorrow, can I head over to the hospital on Tuesday?"

Doctor Xue: "No problem, I'll be at the hospital all day on Tuesday. You can directly come to the pheromone department to find me. I'll arrange an appointment time for you in advance."

Ye Shaoyang: "Thank you, Doctor Xue."

After hanging up, Ye Shaoyang opened his WeChat and sent Chi Shuo a message: [Captain Chi, the hospital just called and asked us to go for a check-up the day after tomorrow."

Chi Shuo immediately sat up straight: [Why? Are you unwell?]

Ye Shaoyang explained: [No. The doctor called solely to tell us to make a return visit. She said it was to collect data again for the research and development of the inhibitors. I'm not sure of the details.]

Chi Shuo sighed in relief: [Okay, I'll accompany you there. Sleep early.]

Ye Shaoyang: [Mn, good night.]

The next morning, Ye Shaoyang bid farewell to his little brother and returned to the hotel with his luggage. The coordinator had booked an afternoon flight, so everyone went to the hotel's buffet to have lunch.

Cheng Xing whined as he scrolled through Weibo, "I shouldn't have mentioned 100 Ways to Kill Little Xing compilation in the voice channel. Now it's great, many people are privately messaging me on Weibo asking to see that video. Ah ah ah, I won't be able to show my face anymore!"

Ye Shaoyang resisted the urge to laugh, "Who told you to shoot your mouth off. The conversation in the voice channel during matches could be cut out and replayed by the director any time, you'd better be more careful in the future."

Cheng Xing's head drooped, "What should we do now? Pretend not to know anything?"

Ye Shaoyang suggested, "If you're thick-skinned, this video can be released to the public, triggering a wave of self-mockery. This way, no one would be able to mock you anymore."

Qu Jiang agreed, "It makes sense. The video we made ourselves would be better than someone else's malicious evil editing."

Chi Shuo said softly, "Release it. You should bear the consequences since your tongue slipped."

Cheng Xing thought about it carefully. The video already attracted the attention of many netizens, and he had frequently received many comments and private messages. If he still doesn't release it, there will be someone else who would make a '100 Ways to Kill Little Xing' and forward it everywhere. Maybe then, his haters would use the video and maliciously edit it to start a rumor.

He may as well release it openly without any tricks.

Walking down the road of a black fan will leave no open doors for other black fans!

Cheng Xing simply said, "Okay, I'll release it now. In any case, I've already been judged as the league's worst marksman. Let them make fun of me all they want. I'll make a fool out of myself first so that no one can mock me again."

Cheng Xing was the youngest on the team. Ye Shaoyang also hoped that he can quickly become a mature player whose mental state would always be stable and not affect a competition regardless of how the world evaluates him.

Ye Shaoyang patted Cheng Xing's shoulder and smiled, "Now, it's 100 Ways to Kill Little Xing. In the future, there will be Little Xing's Collection of 100 Kills."

Cheng Xing nodded his head with all his might, "I think so too!"

After finishing lunch, Qu Jiang edited the video from before and tidied it up. He deleted the black/white wolf kings and double flight comp, the parts that exposed the heroes that Tianhuan's mid/jungle duo used and put together a new video, and sent it to Cheng Xing.

Cheng Xing directly posted it on his Weibo.

"The 《100 Ways to Kill Little Xing》 that everyone wanted is here!"

As soon as the video was released, the comments section was filled with laughter and many fans went to watch——

【My heart is aching for Little Xing】

【Poor Little Xing, head pat】

【As a marksman player, I felt this deeply!】

【All kinds of deaths combined with such sad music, this is too tragic. But, I still want to laugh hahaha】

Cheng Xing: "..."

Laugh all you want.

I've been killed so many times, I'll for sure find my standing in the future!

Chi Shuo, Ye Shaoyang, and other Tianhuan teammates shared the post. They were watching the video blowing up, not at all minding that it was getting hotter and hotter.

The video quickly became one of the hot topics.

Those black fans had initially still wanted to laugh at Cheng Xing for being so noob. As a result, Cheng Xing had given them free rein to ridicule him all they wanted. On the contrary, this round of self-mockery had caused them to have no way of beginning.

Several posts also appeared in the super topic for #RiyueTonghui.

【Has everyone watched the collection already?】

【Watched! Yangyang was having a 1v1 with Little Xing as part of the team's training. He used the assassin and killed Little Xing so many times】

【Yangyang is so good to Little Xing. It feels like he's treating Little Xing as his apprentice】

【Captain Chi's apprentice is also Yangyang's apprentice. They raised their apprentice together and there's no distinction between them】

【Riyue wife and husband bringing up Xingxing together, love it love it!】

Ye Shaoyang was scrolling casually after returning to the dorm when he unexpectedly saw all these people eating sugar in the super topic. He really can't bring himself to laugh or cry——you can even eat sugar from this, all of you are really imaginative!

Ye Shaoyang and Chi Shuo sat in the last row on the way to the airport in the afternoon. He continued using his phone and scrolled through Weibo out of boredom.

Chi Shuo looked to his side. As Ye Shaoyang's phone screen was very large after it was unfolded, the words on the screen were displayed very clearly.


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