ARML Chapter 121.2: Hospital

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Chi Shuo wondered, "What's this?"

Ye Shaoyang went over to him with a smile and answered with a mysterious air, "It's our CP fans."

Chi Shuo: "..."

Ye Shaoyang's expression was calm, "My little brother found it unintentionally when he was scrolling through Weibo yesterday. There were some netizens who were in their world and making up all sorts of imaginary scenarios."

Ye Shaoyang was afraid that Chi Shuo would be angry and quickly added, "It's just their way of entertaining themselves. Captain Chi, you don't have to take it to heart."

Chi Shuo feigned calmness and made a sound of agreement. He turned his phone on and silently searched for the super topic.

He has to say, the CP fans' imaginative ability was first-class. However, the many details that he had ignored made him realize that his liking for Shaoyang was pretty evident after the CP fans had screenshotted and magnified it.

For example, his gaze would always be very gentle when he looked at Ye Shaoyang. Another example was that he would put both his arms around Ye Shaoyang when hugging him and wrapped him tightly, showing a trace of possessiveness. The CP fans also came up with many stories from the day they had changed their phones together on Ye Shaoyang's birthday.

The more Chi Shuo saw, the more he felt that his ears were burning.

He turned back to Ye Shaoyang and discovered him scrolling through the super topic while cursing, "My god, there are even people writing our fanfictions."

Just as Chi Shuo was about to take a look, Ye Shaoyang suddenly turned his mobile screen off.

Chi Shuo asked with uncertainty, "What fanfictions?"

Ye Shaoyang's face revealed some awkwardness, "Cough, nothing, it was written so badly that I can't read on."

That fanfiction started like this: "Tianhuan entering Group S was the result of their joint effort. After the competition had ended and they had returned to the hotel, Shuoyue finally couldn't control his excitement and pinned Lieyang to the wall, kissing him fiercely. Lieyang's eyes turned red from the kissing and his body trembled slightly..."

Ye Shaoyang's scalp was numbed, and he hurriedly turned his phone off.

Holy f--k!

The CP fans would actually write this kind of eye-damaging thing? No way, he has to wash his eyes when he gets back.

Ye Shoayang secretly glanced at Chi Shuo and coincidentally met Chi Shuo's unconvinced gaze. He quickly adjusted his expression and changed the topic, "Other teams also have CP fans. I saw people being manic for Fang Zhengqing and Xie Yuan, Jingzhe's Square-Round CP is also pretty popular. Anyway... it's all their imagination, there's no need to pay attention to them."

Chi Shuo said calmly, "I don't mind, as long as you're not affected."

Ye Shaoyang faked a laugh, "Mn. I'll sleep first, wake me up when we arrive at the airport."

He closed his eyes and started resting.

Chi Shuo was curious and so, he continued to venture further down the super topic. Then, he saw the 'fanfiction' Ye Shaoyang had mentioned. It was about Chi Shuo kissing Ye Shaoyang in the hotel after the competition.

Chi Shuo: "..."

All of you really know how to make a story, to the point where he felt parched from reading.

Ye Shaoyang slept soundly all the way to the airport and slept for another two hours on the plane. After reaching Tianhuan's base, he returned to the dorm to put his luggage down. He then held and played with Xiao Bai for a little while before telling Chi Shuo, "Let's go to the hospital earlier tomorrow. I've made an appointment with Doctor Xue."

Chi Shuo stroked the cat's head gently and said warmly, "Mn. Remember to wear your hat and mask, you're very famous now. It would be difficult to explain if you happen to be photographed by the paparazzi."

Ye Shaoyang nodded his head, "I understand."

Early next morning, Chi Shuo drove Ye Shaoyang to the capital city's central hospital after they had finished washing up. They arrived quickly as the hospital was only a few kilometers away from Tianhuan's base.

People were coming and going out of the hospital and there were also many patients queueing in the pheromone department. Ye Shaoyang had made an appointment with Doctor Xue and his number was 005. The number on the screen of the number calling system was currently 'Patient 001, please head to the outpatient department for consultation'.

Ye Shaoyang found an empty seat and sat down, "There are still four patients ahead of us, let's wait here first."

Chi Shuo followed and sat next to him.

Both of them were wearing hats and masks, armed to the max, so no one recognized them.

A moment later, two men walked over and sat next to Ye Shaoyang. They looked to be around 25 years old. One of them was tall and muscular while the other one looked refined. He was wearing glasses and his skin was a little pale.

He seemed extremely nervous; his hands clasped tightly together.

The taller man comforted him in a soft voice, "Don't be afraid. Although we're not married, we've already established our relationship early on. Last time, it was my bad for losing control and marking you but since things have turned out this way, I will take responsibility. I'll go to your family to ask for your hand in marriage and discuss the marriage date with uncle and auntie."

The man wearing glasses' voice trembled, "But I'm pregnant."

Ye Shaoyang: "..."

He almost spat out his water.

Although he knew that both men and women in the setting of the ABO world could give birth, knowing is one thing and personally seeing it happen is another——seeing a pregnant male for the first time had a much stronger visual and psychological impact than just simply reading a description from words.

Ye Shaoyang's ears pricked up as he listened curiously to the two's conversation, feeling like his views on life were going through an earth-shattering change.
TL/n: Refers to outlooks, namely one’s outlook on the world, in life, and on values.

The man wearing glasses asked softly, "This child, do you want it?"

The other party instantly said, "Of course. This is our child; how can I be willing to give them up? Don't worry, I will help you arrange for leave from the company. Rest easy at home and give birth to the baby. I'll arrange the wedding as soon as possible. In short, leave everything to me and don't feel pressured."

The man wearing glasses blushed and seemed a little shy, "I would've injected inhibitors instead of letting you give me a temporary mark if I had known earlier that this would happen. In the end, the temporary mark had become a permanent mark..."

The other party also looked embarrassed, "I-I didn't think I would lose control. Sorry, this is my fault."

The man wearing glasses: "This can't be fully blamed on you. At that time, I also wanted to..."

Their voices became lower and lower as they whispered into each other's ears.

A row of question marks slowly appeared in Ye Shaoyang's head.

Isn't temporary marking just taking a bite? It could get out of control too?

This male homosexual couple, no, a male Alpha and male Omega was not considered a homosexual couple in the ABO world.

In short, from what he's gathered from listening to their conversation, the male Omega let his Alpha boyfriend give him a temporary mark. This resulted in the Alpha losing control and giving the other party a permanent mark, leading to him getting... pregnant?

This was the idea, wasn't it?

Ye Shaoyang thought back to how he had let Chi Shuo give him two consecutive temporary marks.

So, is it possible that Chi Shuo might lose control too?

He thought that a temporary mark was just a bite in the nape, a straightforward thing. He didn't expect that marking an Omega was actually a huge test on an Alpha's willpower, and an Alpha whose willpower wasn't firm enough would easily lose control?

He understood the idea of a permanent mark. It was just sexual intercourse, putting that Alpha's thing and leaving it inside an Omega.

The couple beside him lost control during the temporary marking and went from a bite on the nape to sexual intercourse, resulting in the pregnant Omega rushing to the hospital for a check-up.

He's also a male Omega, so does that mean he could get pregnant too?

Ye Shaoyang wanted to collapse when he became aware of this fact!

He almost forgot that the ABO world had such an amazing setting. It seems like he thought too little of a temporary mark?
TL/n: Being sarcastic.

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