ARML Chapter 122.1: The Significance of Marking

Updated: Aug 11

The couple next to him whispered into each other's ears for a very long time, seemingly discussing the wedding date.

Ye Shaoyang's head was buzzing. He massaged his temples and controlled the shock he felt deep down. He quickly reviewed all the physiological knowledge he knew carefully since transmigrating into the ABO world in his mind.

In reality, his understanding of this world was limited to superficial knowledge and his knowledge of physiology matters were from the Internet. He hadn't looked at professional materials on physiology. He only knew that both men and women can give birth in this world, that Alphas and Omegas have pheromones and need inhibitors to suppress them...
He only had one thought in his mind ever since his rebirth——to win the world championship.

Hence, he didn't pay much attention to other things and only had a general idea.

When he differentiated into an Omega, the doctor said he was allergic to inhibitors and could only let an Alpha give him a temporary mark. He didn't think too much about it and asked Chi Shuo to give him a bite without hesitation.

In his eyes, giving a bite was very simple, and wouldn't even lose a single piece of meat.

But now, it seems like things may not be what he thought it was?

Ye Shaoyang lowered his head and thought for a moment. Just as he was about to take out his phone and search for some information related to marking, he heard the prompt from the hospital's reception desk: "Patient 005, please head to the consulting room for consultation."

He had gotten distracted from listening to the gossip of the couple next to him. It has not even been that long, and it was already his turn?

Ye Shaoyang hurriedly kept his phone and stood up. He walked to the doctor's office with Chi Shuo.

Doctor Xue looked up and saw them.

"Family members will have to wait outside for a while. Please come in, Mr. Ye."

Chi Shuo said, "I'll wait for you here."

Ye Shaoyang nodded at him and walked into the office.

The doctor closed the door and had Ye Shaoyang sit and measure his pheromone value. A nurse then went to draw his blood.

The amount of blood drawn this time was more and there were several colored test tubes. Ye Shaoyang didn't know what they were for. He simply sat there and cooperated to the best of his abilities.

Only when the nurse finished drawing his blood did he press down on the hemostatic cotton swab before he raised his head to ask the doctor, "Doctor Xue, may I ask, when will the inhibitor be developed?"

"Your condition is quite special. The reason why you're allergic to inhibitors isn't because of your physique, but because of a genetic problem. Professor Xu is personally leading a team to tackle this problem at the research institute. As long as the research and development of your inhibitor returns successful, it'll be able to help many Omega patients like you." Doctor Xue said while writing down the medical record.

"Professor Xu?" Ye Shaoyang asked in doubt.

Doctor Xue replied, "He's an authoritative expert in the pheromone field. His team had already found several cases similar to yours and is now making use of most of their time studying them. Their progress is currently going smoothly and I'll contact you as soon as possible if there are any results."

Ye Shaoyang sighed in relief and smiled while saying, "I got it, thank you."

Doctor Xue looked at him and asked, "I remembered you saying that your boyfriend marked you on the first day of the New Year... that's January 8, right?"

Ye Shaoyang nodded, "Yes."

Doctor Xue continued, "It has been four months since the last mark. Have you not felt uncomfortable recently?"

"There wasn't any discomfort." Ye Shaoyang also had some doubts, "Didn't you say that the period the mark would be effective for was usually one to three months? But I've been checking my pheromone value every day lately and it's constantly stable."

Logically speaking, Chi Shuo would have to mark him again in April since he had previously marked him in January.

But lately, the pheromone value was indeed very normal when Ye Shaoyang went to check every day. Hence, he didn't get Chi Shuo to renew the mark. In any case, they were together every day. Renewing it wouldn't be an issue if the problem did arise.

Doctor Xue said with a smile, "That's because you and your boyfriend's pheromones are becoming more and more compatible."

Ye Shaoyang stared at her blankly, "What do you mean?"

Doctor Xue explained, "For example, there were many married couples who didn't need to renew their marks after the Alpha had marked the Omega permanently. The Omega also wouldn't lose control of their pheromones. This is because the Omega's body had already adapted to their Alpha's pheromones and their glands had been tamed, no longer flaring up.”
The more Ye Shaoyang listened, the more he felt that something was wrong. He scratched his head and asked, "My body has already adapted to his pheromones; hence, the second mark has a longer effect than the first... doctor, is that what you mean?"

Doctor Xue nodded, "Yes. The effective period may be even longer the next time he marks you. If the two of you get married in the future and he gives you a permanent mark, you may not even need to inject inhibitors depending on your compatibility level. Your pheromones will also be extremely stable."

Marriage? Permanent possession? Doctor, what are you implying! We're just friends.
TL/n: Internet buzzword that means that while a sentence may look normal on the surface, it has a double meaning (usually dirty).

Ye Shaoyang's mind was a mess, and it took a moment for him to recover. He thought back to the couple from before and hurriedly asked, "By the way, is it very difficult for an Alpha to control themself when marking an Omega? Is there any possibility of losing control?"

Doctor Xue had a gentle look on her face, "Of course, there will be instinctive physiological reactions. It depends on the Alpha's self-control. An Alpha with strong self-control will usually be able to suppress their physiological reaction and not cause harm to an Omega. It is also common for unintentional incidents to occur for those with weaker self-control."

Ye Shaoyang's brain exploded with a 'bang'.

Physiological reaction!

Biting the nape can unexpectedly cause a physiological response?

He had zero sexual experience. He was a virgin in his previous life, but he was still a normal man and had masturbated during his adolescent years. He obviously knew what 'physiological reaction' meant.

The doctor said: An instinctive physiological reaction will be produced when an Alpha marks an Omega.

In that case, during the last two times that Captain Chi had bitten him...

Did he have a reaction?

F--k, f--k, f--k, he can't think about it anymore. The more he thought, the more ashamed he felt.

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