ARML Chapter 122.2: The Significance of Marking

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Looking at the youth's face in front of her turning a shade of red and white, Doctor Xue asked him softly, "What's the matter? Your boyfriend lost control when marking you? Did he hurt you?"

Ye Shaoyang's face and ears were both red, "No, no!"

Doctor Xue continued, "Don't be nervous. I'm a doctor and have seen all kinds of cases. Some Alphas who don’t have much experience and who are also not patient and gentle enough will lead to them hurting their Omega during their first time. The two of you are still young and should be more careful during the process of permanent marking. You should also take precautions in advance in case any incidents occur."

Ye Shaoyang: "..."

The doctor was so blunt that it rendered Ye Shaoyang speechless.

Thankfully, the nurse came out at this moment. She took a document and handed it to the doctor, breaking the awkward silence, "Doctor Xue, here are the pheromone test results of case five."

Doctor Xue took it and looked through it before saying, "Your pheromones are very stable. However, there may be a chance of it going out of control if we base it on the calculation of normal timing. It's best if you can let your boyfriend renew the mark in advance so as not to delay the two of you from going about your business."

Ye Shaoyang asked curiously, "Can I get it renewed in advance even when I haven't lost control?"

Doctor Xue said, "Of course. Temporary marks can be renewed at any time. Permanent marks can only be done only when an Omega is in heat... I'll submit your sampling results to the research institute as soon as possible. Call your boyfriend in."

After saying that, she picked up a pamphlet from the table and handed it to Ye Shaoyang, "Go back and look at this carefully. Don't wait until that moment comes and you have no idea what to do and are confused.”

Ye Shaoyang thanked her and took the pamphlet. He then turned and called Chi Shuo, "The doctor told you to go in."

Chi Shuo got up and started walking to the office. When he reached the door, Ye Shaoyang suddenly stopped him, "Well... this doctor is very direct. Captain Chi, don't mind it. She seems to have misunderstood our relationship."

Chi Shuo nodded, "Mn, I got it."

After entering the room, the doctor had the nurse draw Chi Shuo's blood for some tests. She then instructed him, "Omegas may cause Alphas to have an induced rut. You must be careful of yourself losing control. I'll give you some inhibitors for you to bring back to prepare."

She also gave him a pamphlet, "Go back and read up. Don't hurt the Omega even if you lose control."

Chi Shuo looked down and saw that the pamphlet the doctor gave him was on marking Omegas.

There were huge words on the cover of the pamphlet "Scientific Marking", and below was a small line of words: "Let marking turn into enjoyment, not harm——the publication of the pheromone department from the Capital City's Central Hospital"

Flipping it open, there were specific steps on marking an Omega and a chibi illustration paired with words to explain. It was even more detailed than physiology textbooks in high school.

Embarrassed, Chi Shuo put the pamphlet down, "I know everything here."

Doctor Xue smiled, "But it seems like he doesn't."

Chi Shuo: "..."

Indeed, Shaoyang doesn't seem like he understood a lot. He's probably only thinking about competitions in his mind, right?

Chi Shuo chuckled and said, "I'll teach him in the future. Doctor, don't worry. I won't forcefully mark him if he isn't willing to. I know the limits."

"Mn, that's good." Doctor Xue gave him a prescription. "You can leave, so go and take your medicine. Call me whenever you have questions."

"Thank you, doctor." Chi Shuo got up and left the office.

When he went out, he discovered Ye Shaoyang sitting at the side, his head lowered while he flipped through the pamphlet with the title 《Scientific Marking》 that was given to him by the doctor. His face was varying shades of red and white.

He quickly rolled the pamphlet and stuffed it into his pocket when he heard footsteps.

Chi Shuo saw what he did but didn't say anything.

Ye Shaoyang averted his gaze and pretended to be composed, "Did the doctor say anything?"

Chi Shuo replied, "Just drawing blood for samples, nothing else. She also prescribed some inhibitors for me."

Ye Shaoyang thought back to when the doctor had said that "Alphas will have instinctive physiological reactions"——why did the doctor prescribe inhibitors for Chi Shuo? To control his physiological response?

Ye Shaoyang's face turned red, and he changed the topic, "Cough, let's go back first since the check-up is finished."

Chi Shuo went to the first level to pay and collect his medicine before he drove back to the base.

No one spoke in the car on the way back to the base, making the atmosphere in the car a little awkward.

After returning to the dormitory, Ye Shaoyang carried the kitten and hid in his bedroom. He sat on the bed and carefully read the 《Scientific Marking》 pamphlet he didn't get the chance to finish in the hospital from top to bottom again——

【The glands in an Omega's nape are an important organ that secretes Omega pheromones. It is also a secondary sex organ of an Omega and will usually develop after differentiation in adolescence. It matures in a short time.】

【Temporary marking refers to an Alpha using their canine teeth to pierce an Omega's glands, injecting their pheromones into the Omega. The pheromones can flow throughout the Omega's body through blood and fuse with the Omega's pheromones, pacifying the Omega who had lost control of pheromones.

Note: This is an Alpha and Omega's first sexual experience. It is quick for both parties to feel pleasure.】

Ye Shaoyang: "..."

Holy f--k, what sexual experience!

Isn't it a bite in the nape?

Ye Shaoyang touched his nape guiltily. No wonder he felt so comfortable during the times when Captain Chi had bitten him. It was the feeling of his entire body's pores being gently pacified. He hadn’t thought much about it at that time and only thought that it was because his pheromones were being controlled.

As a result, it was actually...

The pleasure felt from sexual contact?!

What the f--k! So, it turns out that biting the nape wasn't just simply a bite in the ABO world, but the first intimate contact that happens between an Alpha and Omega?! Can he understand it as two people helping each other get it off in his previous world's terms?

He took the initiative to ask Chi Shuo for two bites and even got Chi Shuo to go over to his house during the new year to mark him? If this was in his world, it could be translated as him taking the initiative to tell Chi Shuo, "Captain Chi, come to my house and help me jack off?"

He even told Chi Shuo after finishing, "Thank you, let's have dinner together."
Ye Shaoyang: "..."

He really felt like collapsing this time.

He finally understood what it meant to feel so embarrassed that he could dig out a castle from the ground with his toes.
TL/n: One usually curls their toes when they feel embarrassed so when they can dig out a castle, it means they're extremely embarrassed.

It turns out that he’s the one who has constantly been acting indecently towards Chi Shuo. The innocent Chi Shuo was repeatedly dragged by him into his mess and inexplicably got into an intimate relationship with him. It was no wonder why Chi Shuo resisted a little during the first marking.

This was equivalent to being requested to help with jacking off even after not knowing each other for long. How could he not resist?

Please let the ground open a crack and quickly bury him inside, he no longer has any face left to face Chi Shuo again...

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