ARML Chapter 123.1: Seeking Help

After understanding what the temporary mark signified, Ye Shaoyang badly wished he could escape from Tianhuan that very night. Just as his views were about to collapse, his phone suddenly dinged. The notification was a message from Tianhuan's group chat.

[Coach Lin]: @All, everyone has worked hard during this period. The competition schedule for the next stage of the league hasn't been released yet; The entire team can have a three-day holiday. Take this time to have a good rest.

[Coach Lin]: Sending everyone a red packet.

Coach Lin sent several big red packets in a row and everyone collectively rushed out to snatch them.

[Old Qin]: That's great, I'll head back home then.

[Jiangshui]: Three days? Then I'll go back home too and get some clothes.

[Little Xing]: I won't be going back since my parents aren't home anyway. I'll stay here and play games, mwahahaha!

Looking at these familiar names, Ye Shaoyang felt very complicated.

Things have already developed to such an extent that there’s no use escaping now.

If he leaves Tianhuan now, he'll become the greatest sinner in history. He'll let down his teammates who trusted him and supported him. He'll also let down those fans who had high expectations for Tianhuan. Tianhuan wasn’t just his team alone, Tianhuan carried the hopes of countless people.

Everyone had worked hard for so long and finally entered Group S. Would it be appropriate for him to run now?

He can't possibly run away. He can only brace himself and face it.

Should he pretend that it never happened? Or should he take the initiative and admit his mistake to Captain Chi?

How should he say it? Captain Chi, sorry, I didn't know that a temporary marking was so intimate and thought it was a simple bite on the nape. I even had you mark me twice and I feel sorry about that.

This... he can't say it out at all!

Thankfully, the marking was a secret between him and Chi Shuo and was something other people didn't know of. Ye Shaoyang couldn't possibly tell his teammates and he felt embarrassed to ask his little brother, Qin Rui, for help. He'll completely suffer from social death once word gets out.

Ye Shaoyang's mind was a mess. Suddenly, he thought of an idea——go onto the Internet, seek other Omegas' help, and see how they can patch up this problem. He's not from this world after all. Those Omegas who were born and raised here should have more experience when they are faced with this kind of problem, right?

Anyway, he's anonymous on the forum and there wouldn't be anyone who would know him.

Ye Shaoyang made up his mind and immediately searched on the Internet. He found one of the largest relationship forums in China and made an account called 'Alien', before publishing a post.

Title: I've been marked twice by my good friend, what should I do?

Details: I'm hopeless at studying. I didn't pay attention in physiology class back in middle school and didn't know what a temporary mark signified. Previously, there was an emergency and I almost lost control of my pheromones. Thus, I could only ask my good friend to give me a bite.

A few months passed and I didn't buy an inhibitor. My pheromones went out of control again, but I was thinking. The first time might be difficult, but the second time would be easy, right? So, I let him bite me again.
TL/n: In Chinese, this simply means that some things might be difficult to request or do when it's the first time but the second time will be easier since it's been experienced before.

Only did I realize today that a temporary mark was equivalent to foreplay.

I don't have the face to see him! [TornFace.jpg]

But he's my good friend and colleague. We still must work together in the future.

Our project team must come out with results this year, and everyone has worked hard for so long. I'll be irresponsible toward my colleagues if I were to run away now. Besides, other than feeling really embarrassed when seeing him, I like my company very much and also really want to get the year-end bonus. I can't give up halfway.

What should I do?

Omega brothers and sisters, can you come up with any idea?

Ye Shaoyang obviously wouldn't tell the whole truth in a public forum. His identity might get exposed at any moment if he mentions words such as the team or esports competition. Hence, he could only use 'project team' and 'company' ambiguously.

As the largest uncensored forum in China, the traffic was extremely frightening. Ye Shaoyang's post already had many replies even though it was just posted.

1L: OP, you're not hopeless at studying, you're a little rascal~

2L: Is your nape okay? Your good friend is truly miserable, so pitiful.

3L: Hahaha, I feel sorry for your good friend. I'm an Alpha and in my opinion, my first mark will definitely be given to someone I like. You've cheated your friend off his first time and now, you don't want to take responsibility? Really a scum.

4L: OP would face social death and friendships ending if the word had gotten out. You didn't know? Only a ghost would believe that!

9L: OP really didn't know what a temporary mark signified? Their ID name is alien, could they really be from space? Isn't this general knowledge? [Confused.jpg]

10L: I agree with what upstairs said. Even my five-year-old nephew knows about this kind of question that's just common sense.
TL/n: Every comment is like one 'level/floor' each in China, so it literally translates to upstairs.

11L: Even my baby in kindergarten knew what a temporary mark signified. OP, you really didn't know?
TL/n: Not literal baby, just a term of endearment.

17L: OP brought out all the laughter I have stored in me today. Hahaha, I'm rolling on the floor laughing.

18L: I have an idea for OP. Let him give you a permanent mark, then you won't feel awkward anymore. [Doge.jpg]

22L: I thought the OP was a little cute. Why's that so? They're so silly and naive, simply telling their Alpha friend, "Brother, come and bite me." Hahaha, I really want to interview this good Alpha friend of theirs and see how they're feeling right now.

23L: Upstairs, I felt like the Alpha's views had shattered at that moment. He definitely would've thought that OP was having a secret crush on him.

32L: This matter is very difficult to wrap up without ending in marriage.

33L: Since the mistake has already been made, why not go ahead and turn the temporary mark into a permanent one and get together with him? Or just break off the friendship and stop contacting him in the future. OP is a certified fool and a candidate for the year's most scum Omega.

34L: OP, please wake up. He willingly bit you twice. Does he like you?

Ye Shaoyang: "..."

His face was almost burning from looking at all the enthusiastic replies from netizens. Certified fool, candidate for the year's most scum Omega, the kind that would get scolded to death by the Alphas if this was sent to Weibo.

He was indeed careless. He transmigrated into a new world and before he had completely understood the world's settings, he rushed to become a professional player. All he thought of was competing and the championship. As a result, he made such a huge mistake.

This is hard to wrap up!

Ye Shaoyang held the kitten as he got lost in his thoughts.

Sensing its owner's struggle, Xiao Bai used his head to rub Ye Shaoyang's hand. Ye Shaoyang sighed and stroked Xiao Bai's head. He murmured to himself, "Should I just pretend not to know anything? Our friendship will really end if I say it out... ah, the mid laner and jungler are no longer friends, their relationship is stiff, and there's no way of competing together anymore."

They can no longer be friends if he says this out loud.

This was just like him telling his good friends in reality, "I'm sorry. You helped me masturbate but I didn't think that masturbating was actually such a serious thing. I thought it was as simple as shaking hands." It would be strange if that friend didn't beat him up.

Not only that, but the inhibitor is still in the development stage. Genetic-involved problems wouldn't be resolved so quickly. There's a possibility that his pheromones might get out of control in the near future——in other words, he must continue to let Chi Shuo bite him.

This was the most embarrassing part, okay!?

Once he reveals everything, what should he do the next time Chi Shuo bites him?

Ye Shaoyang's brain was close to exploding. He opened the forum to see if there were any new suggestions that were good. Instead, he saw a moderator's reply.

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