ARML Chapter 123.2: Seeking Help

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389L[Moderator's reply]: If this is real, then the OP looks pretty dedicated to his work. He made such a mess but had never thought of resigning and running away. So, he can't really be considered scum, he just isn't sensible.

There's a saying, 'One who doesn't know isn't guilty'. You're not deliberately bullying him. If the two of you are truly good friends, I believe that one day, when you tell him the truth, he'll understand.

It's just that it’s uncertain whether you can still continue being friends. OP, think twice.

Ye Shaoyang calmed down and carefully laid everything out.

It isn't the best time for him to lay out all his cards with Chi Shuo now. Firstly, it was too embarrassing for him to say; Secondly, he still had to continue asking Chi Shuo to renew his mark. They wouldn't be able to continue if he said it out loud!

He can't continue competing if Chi Shuo doesn't renew his mark. Tianhuan will also have no way of winning the championship.

Was the championship more important, or were his personal feelings more important?

There was hardly a need to consider the answer.

Chi Shuo had made his debut in S6 and until now, had competed for four years. He had constantly been suffering, enduring all the rumors and controversies about him. Although he said nothing, Ye Shaoyang could feel his desire and perseverance for the championship.

In order to get Tianhuan out of their current plight, he personally invited Ye Shaoyang to join the team and fought for the highest signing fee for a newcomer at the shareholders' meeting... All of this indicated how important Chi Shuo viewed Team Tianhuan.

Ye Shaoyang knew very well that nothing was more important to Chi Shuo than leading Tianhuan to regain a place in the championship again.

This was also the reason why Chi Shuo marked him in the end despite rejecting the idea of it in the hospital——Chi Shuo is the captain. He didn't want to see a valued teammate not be able to become a professional player due to his loss of control over his pheromones.

If this was just a personal grudge, maybe Chi Shuo could find it in him to forgive?
However, if he affects Tianhuan's performance because of this problem and destroys their hope of winning the championship, he'll definitely become the person most hated by Chi Shuo.
All of them were once captains. They should know how to choose between the general situation and minor matters.
Ye Shaoyang thought it through and replied in the forum: [Thank you, everyone, for your suggestions. I know what to do now.]
The competition still has to be played, and the mark still has to be renewed.
Everything will go on the same as usual. Although his heart felt uncomfortable, he was thankful that the mark only needed to be renewed once every few months. Hence, he can temporarily ignore this discomfort in his heart. One day in the future, after Tianhuan wins the championship, he'll formally apologize to Chi Shuo.
Ye Shaoyang took a deep breath and finally calmed down. He turned his phone on but was hesitant about whether he should send a message to Chi Shuo. In the end, it was like their hearts beat as one and Chi Shuo sent him a message.
It was straight to the point: [Are you going to have lunch?]
Ye Shaoyang had been hiding in his room reading the pamphlet and scrolling through the forum ever since he came back from the hospital. Somehow, it was already twelve in the afternoon without him realizing it.

Ye Shaoyang replied: [Okay.]

He put Xiao Bai down and refilled the cat bowl with cat food before going out.
Chi Shuo coincidentally walked out of his room at the same time and the two made eye contact the moment they opened their doors. Ye Shaoyang quickly averted his gaze as though he had gotten an electric shock. The tip of his ears reddened slightly.
Chi Shuo noticed his head was lowered and his ears were red. "What's wrong?" He couldn't help but feel concerned for him.

Ye Shaoyang suppressed the urge to dig a hole to bury himself in it. He feigned composure and replied, "Nothing, let's go."

After saying this, he walked out of the dorm with quick steps.
Chi Shuo looked at the other party's rigid back with uncertain eyes. Shaoyang always smiled candidly at him whenever he saw him in the past. Today, however, he had looked away and even seemed embarrassed to see him?
Chi Shuo suddenly recalled the pamphlet that Ye Shaoyang had stuffed into his pocket when they left the hospital. From the cover, it was the same pamphlet as the 《The Science of Marking》 pamphlet the doctor had given to him. It was clear that the pamphlet was something printed in bulk by the Central Hospital's pheromone department and given to Alphas and Omega as a read.
Everything written inside was very detailed, and there were even images depicting the process of a permanent mark. For example, even the situations in which an Alpha can enter an Omega without hurting them and form a knot, finishing the permanent mark.

Could it be that Shaoyang saw that and became embarrassed?
Ye Shaoyang was sitting together with Cheng Xing and chatting with him when Chi Shuo went down to eat. Old Qin and Qu Jiang had applied for leave and went back home while there were quite a few members of the second-string team that took advantage of this three-day holiday to go out and play. Hence, there were only a few people remaining with the team.

Chi Shuo went over to them while carrying a plate and sat down beside them. Ye Shaoyang was eating his food silently, his head lowered, and Chi Shuo also didn't speak much. Cheng Xing looked at his master blankly, then looked at Yang-ge. He somehow felt that the atmosphere between the two wasn't quite right.

Didn't Yang-ge like to talk a lot whenever they ate in the past? Why did he become so closed-off today?

The table was still extremely quiet even until the meal was finished. Cheng Xing awkwardly broke the silence, "That... I, I want to watch a movie tonight. Do you want to go see the sci-fi film 《Alien No. 773》 that's been very popular lately with me?"

"Not going." Both men said in unison.

Cheng Xing: "...Oh."

He quickly cleared up the plates and slipped away.

Chi Shuo and Ye Shaoyang returned to their rooms together.

After walking into the dorm, Ye Shaoyang looked at Chi Shuo's tall figure and summoned up the courage to call out to him, "Captain Chi."

Chi Shuo stopped and looked back, "Mn. What's up?"

Ye Shaoyang said, "Today in the hospital, the doctor said my pheromones might go out of control anytime now. Er... we have to compete in Group S next week. I'm thinking, why not, before the competition starts, you... we..."

F--k, f--k, f--k, saying 'give me a bite' in the past was so easy. But now that he knew what a temporary mark signified, it's so hard for him to say it out! It was just like him finding Chi Shuo and telling him again——can you give me a hand again?

Ye Shaoyang's face was completely red, and his head dropped. He was at a loss as to what to do.

He chickened out halfway through and turned to run to his room, "Ke, I think I'll just tell you about it another day..."

Chi Shuo grabbed his arm lightly and warmly said, "I understand. If a problem occurs during the competition, it'll be very difficult to conclude things. So, you want me to renew the mark once more before the competition starts so that there'll be nothing to worry about in the future, right?"

Ye Shaoyang flushed and nodded stiffly.

Chi Shuo asked, "Now?"

Ye Shaoyang felt as though he was on his way to getting executed, the earlier he dies, the earlier he'll reincarnate!

With his face red, he spoke in a voice as soft as a mosquito's, "Mn, if it's convenient, then, then let's renew it today."

Ye Shaoyang, do you not want your face anymore?!

Eh, don't want it anymore. For the sake of Tianhuan winning the championship, he went all out.

Anyway, he had already acted shamelessly twice. Thrice and twice, was there a big difference?

It wasn’t big at all.

Chi Shuo looked at Ye Shaoyang's flushed cheeks and felt a little puzzled. The last two times, he was very confident and straightforward when requesting a mark but now, what's he so shy about? His eyes were drooping, and his ears were red. This look of his made Chi Shuo felt excited.

He brought Ye Shaoyang to the side of the couch and gently pressed down on his shoulder.

Just as he had put his lips near Ye Shaoyang's neck, Ye Shaoyang suddenly shrunk his neck and evaded it.

Chi Shuo: "?"

Ye Shaoyang's face was red again, "L-let me prepare myself first."

F--k! When he thought about how biting a neck is equivalent to jacking each other off, he no longer dared to stretch his neck out, ah ah ah!

Save him.

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