ARML Chapter 124.1: The Third Mark

Updated: Oct 25

Ye Shaoyang didn't have any psychological barriers during the previous two markings. Since it was just a bite, he accepted it readily. He even thought that it felt pretty comfortable during the bite and could smile and thank Chi Shuo after it was completed.

But now, the scene of two people helping each other jerk off would automatically pop up in his mind whenever Chi Shuo was close to his nape. Not only was Ye Shaoyang completely flushed, but his body had become a little stiff too.

Chi Shuo had also discovered that he was nervous. He gently pressed down on his shoulder and comforted him softly, "Don't worry. Didn't I already mark you twice? I won't hurt you."

Ye Shaoyang: "..."

Brother, quickly stop talking! The more you say, the more shameful the situation is.

Stop first and ask Chi Shuo to mark him tomorrow instead? That would just make it even more awkward. In any case, the arrow is already on the string and there's no other choice but to send it out. He would become a coward if he shied away from this again.
TL/n: Point of no return.

Ye Shaoyang took a deep breath and thought, laozi is giving everything up, so hurry on with it! A mark can last several months, I'll just pretend nothing has happened after the bite is completed.

He turned his back to Chi Shuo, lowered his head, and swiftly tore the pheromone suppression patch on his neck away.

Ye Shaoyang's ears were red, and the skin on his nape had also slightly reddened as he used too much force when tearing out the pheromone-suppressing patch. He looked roasted.

A shy Ye Shaoyang looked especially bewitching. Chi Shuo felt his heart stir and he went over, gently kissing Ye Shaoyang on his nape.

The scorching hot lips of the Alpha stuck to the skin intimately and the intimate touch was transmitted vividly to Ye Shaoyang’s brain.

Ye Shaoyang's whole body suddenly trembled —— it's so difficult to overcome this psychological barrier! Although Chi Shuo had kissed his nape, his brain automatically thought of another body part, causing him to feel numb all over.

Chi Shuo already had some experience, so for the third marking, he quickly found Ye Shaoyang's gland. Just as he was about to bite down, Ye Shaoyang suddenly swerved to the side and Chi Shuo didn't manage to do it.

A question mark slowly appeared in Chi Shuo's mind. "What... are you hiding for?"

Ye Shaoyang's voice trembled as he answered, "I, let me adjust again."

Chi Shuo: "..." Hasn’t the number of times you've adjusted today a bit much? I didn't see you adjusting the previous times.

Ye Shaoyang's mind felt like a hot tangled mess. He has to stop with his imagination. Just treat it as a simple bite in the nape and nothing else.

He took a deep breath and said in a small voice, "Okay, let's try again."

Chi Shuo replied, "We can do it another day if you're feeling unwell."

Ye Shaoyang hurriedly refused, "I'm fine, let's do it today. The sooner we renew it, the sooner we can rest assured."

Chi Shuo was silent for a few seconds before he said, "Then... I'll begin?"

Ye Shaoyang hummed in agreement and shut his eyes tight. Chi Shuo went down again and this time, Ye Shaoyang didn't shy away. It's just that his body was very stiff.

Chi Shuo's movements were as gentle as usual. After locating the gland, he nibbled on it gently and slowly increased his strength.

Ye Shaoyang could feel the soft and tender gland in his nape being pierced by the Alpha clearly. His head was in a mess.

The scent of bamboo bathed in moonlight gradually drifted into the air. He had smelled this scent before, and he knew that this was the smell of Captain Chi's pheromones. At that time, he only thought that it smelled very nice, almost like perfume. But now, he somehow felt that this scent was very attractive...

It hooked him in, making his heart beat faster and his blood run quicker.

The familiar scent went into his body through his glands and flowed into his bloodstream. He felt as though his entire being was embraced by Chi Shuo's cool and warm pheromones, and all his pores were gently comforted.

When he thought about how this was the pleasure felt during the first intimate experience between an Alpha and Omega that was mentioned in 《Scientific Marking》... Ye Shaoyang's face instantly turned red, and he badly wished he could find a place to bury himself.

Chi Shuo still hadn’t stopped. Ye Shaoyang's heart was racing wildly, and many improper images surfaced in his mind. Only by clenching his fist could he forcefully control his rapid heartbeat and quick breaths.

At this moment, time seemed to have deliberately slowed down. Every second felt endless, and every single detail of Chi Shuo's bite was magnified several times in his mind. It was so distinct that it made him ashamed and the entire thing even harder to endure.

Why is it not over yet...

Captain Chi, how much longer do you need?

My body seems to be reacting, save me!

Ye Shaoyang was about to explode with shame.

Chi Shuo's heart was beating fast too. Shaoyang today was much more alluring than before. His shy and red-faced look was so adorable; the more he looked at it, the cuter he felt Shaoyang was. He was a little distracted, causing his marking speed to slow down.

This was a kind of mental torture for both of them.

A long time passed before Ye Shaoyang couldn't take it anymore. He asked softly, "I-is it done?" The tremble at the end of his sentence betrayed his emotions that were on the verge of collapsing.

Chi Shuo released him and said hoarsely, "I'm finished."
The fresh tooth marks left by the Alpha appeared on his nape and the tender glands that were bitten were filled with Alpha pheromones. The mark was a little deeper this time and it should be good for a few months. Their next matches wouldn't be affected.

Just as Chi Shuo was thinking about this, he saw Ye Shaoyang suddenly jump up like he had experienced an electric shock. He dashed to his bedroom in a few steps, "I'm going to the bathroom."

Chi Shuo: "..."
Ye Shaoyang stood under the shower head in the bathroom and turned the cold water to the maximum.
At the hospital earlier today, he had asked the doctor if it was hard for Alphas to exercise restraint when marking Omegas. The doctor told him that it was normal to have an instinctive physiological reaction.

In the end, whether Chi Shuo had any reaction at all, he wasn't sure. What he was sure of was that he had an intense reaction instead.

His heart was calm during the first two bites because it was just a simple bite to him. But now that he realized what a bite signified... it was hard not to think about it! After he was made aware of the reality, his mind was full of scenes of two people helping each other jerk off. He felt so ashamed and awkward but at the same time, his body involuntarily…
TL/n: Author used 脚趾抠地. When someone is so embarrassed or awkward, their bodies would become tense, and they will unknowingly curl their toes.

Ye Shaoyang covered his face in guilt. He cursed himself for being shameless while dousing himself in cold water. Not only did he ask his good friend to solve his physiological problem, but he also even had a reaction out of it... did he still have any dignity?

He fully deserved the title of the year's most despicable Omega.

TL/n: That was a long hiatus! I'm sorry for being away for so long, but expect regular updates again! Was busy expanding the group... which means new novels!! Please look forward to them!

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