ARML Chapter 124.2: The Third Mark

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After returning from the hospital today, Chi Shuo injected a high dosage of inhibitors into his arm to prevent himself from losing control when marking Ye Shaoyang in the future. He indeed had a reaction during the marking process earlier, but he swiftly suppressed it.

On the contrary, it was Shaoyang...

He didn't even close his door in his rush to get to the bathroom. Hearing the sound of the water in the bathroom, Chi Shuo instantly understood the reason why Ye Shaoyang fled just now——did he flee in a panic to take a shower because he had a reaction?

Chi Shuo's heart was itchy, as though he was gently scratched by a kitten.
TL/n: Tempted.

Chi Shuo waited for a moment but when he saw that Ye Shaoyang still wasn't coming out, he went over to knock on the door.

"Shaoyang, are you okay?" He asked with concern.

Ye Shaoyang's slightly trembling voice came from across the bathroom, "Nothing’s wrong, I'm just taking a bath."

Sneezing sounds could be heard from the bathroom just as he finished speaking. Chi Shuo frowned. "Did you catch a cold?"

Ye Shaoyang: "No, no."

He quickly turned the shower off, dried himself, and changed into his nightwear before going out. When he opened the door, he saw Chi Shuo looking toward the direction of his room, a look of worry on his face.

Their eyes met and Ye Shaoyang's face turned red again. He was so ashamed, it felt unbearable as he thought about how he had just solved his problem in the bathroom earlier.
Chi Shuo advised him softly, "Dry your hair, don't catch a cold."

Ye Shaoyang hummed in agreement, and said hesitatingly, "Um... I want to take an afternoon nap. Captain Chi, you should go about with your things, don't worry about me."

Chi Shuo saw that there was nothing unusual about him, so he nodded and agreed, "Okay, go rest up first."

Ye Shaoyang closed the door and wiped dry his hair before turning to lie on the bed.

He went to bed uneasily. His dreams were full of messed-up scenes. Ye Shaoyang slept deeply as if some force was dragging him deep into dreamland, immersing him in it. No matter what, he couldn’t wake up.
When the clock turned six, Chi Shuo went down for dinner, but he noticed that Ye Shaoyang's door was shut tight.

Chi Shuo sent a message to him: [Are you up?]

He didn't receive a reply.

Omegas may be slightly more tired after being marked, so it's better to just let him sleep some more. With this in mind, Chi Shuo went down to have his dinner first. He'll pack food for Ye Shaoyang when he comes back.

However, Ye Shaoyang's door was still closed at eight in the evening, and Chi Shuo still hadn't received a reply.

Chi Shuo sensed that something was wrong, and he went to knock on Ye Shaoyang's door."Shaoyang, are you still sleeping?"

There wasn't any response from inside. Chi Shuo frowned and directly opened the door——

Only to see Ye Shaoyang huddled up and tightly wrapped in the blanket, only exposing his head. There was an unnatural blush on his face as if he had fallen ill.

Chi Shuo walked over with quick steps and reached out to touch his forehead.

It's hot! He's having a fever, isn't he?

Chi Shuo sat by the bed and whispered, "Yangyang, wake up. Can you hear me?"

Ye Shaoyang felt extremely groggy. He felt like he had fallen into the mud in his dream and couldn't climb up no matter how much he tried. Suddenly, a familiar voice called out to him, "Yangyang, wake up."

He tried his best to open his eyes. He was met with a deep and gentle gaze. Chi Shuo felt his heart ache as he touched Ye Shaoyang's head. He said, "You're having a fever. Are you feeling more clear-headed now?"
Ye Shaoyang's throat felt like it was burning, and he said hoarsely, "I have a mild headache..."

He struggled, wanting to sit up, but Chi Shuo hurriedly held him down. "Don't move. Do you have an appetite? Eat something and fill up your stomach first, I'll get some cold medicine for you."

Ye Shaoyang shook his head, "No appetite. I don't want to eat."

Chi Shuo insisted, "You haven't had anything in the afternoon. It's bad to take medicine on an empty stomach. I'll make some porridge that's easy to digest."

He got up and poured a cup of warm water for Ye Shaoyang, then went to the kitchen and made a bowl of vegetable porridge.

He brought it over to Ye Shaoyang and helped him up, laying him against his chest. Ye Shaoyag was extremely groggy as he was having a fever. He couldn't see many things clearly and his eyes seemed to have lost focus.

Chi Shuo scooped up the porridge with the spoon and brought it to his lips, giving it a few blows. He then brought it close to Ye Shaoyang and fed him.

Ye Shaoyang obediently opened his mouth and ate the porridge. He completely didn't realize that he was being fed by the 'good friend' who had just marked him.

Chi Shuo patiently fed him the bowl of porridge until he was finished, before wiping Ye Shaoyang's mouth. He said softly, "Take the medicine half an hour later, I'll be here to watch over you. I'll take you to the hospital if your fever still persists."

Ye Shaoyang sounded out an agreement while in a daze. He looked listless with his closed eyes and burning forehead. His breathing was a little heavy too.

Chi Shuo took a clean towel and used it as a cold compress. After half an hour, he took the medicine and fed it to Ye Shaoyang with warm water. "Come on, take the medicine first."

Ye Shaoyang was like a puppet without a soul, simply letting Chi Shuo deal with him however he wanted.

His mind was in chaos, and he couldn't hear what the other was saying clearly. He only felt that Chi Shuo's scent was particularly nice.

Maybe it was because he had just been marked, but he somehow felt a little relieved when he smelled the familiar cool scent as he leaned against Chi Shuo's arms. Ye Shaoyang put his hand around Chi Shuo's waist and unknowingly fell asleep.

Chi Shuo usually saw Ye Shaoyang as someone who was vigorous and bursting with life. This was the first time he had seen him sick.

He must have taken a cold shower and caught a cold. Omegas will be weaker after getting marked, and it was easy to fall ill if they took a cold shower after. He blamed himself for not reminding him, knowing that Ye Shaoyang didn't have much knowledge of this.

Chi Shuo felt a little remorseful. At this moment, Ye Shaoyang suddenly reached out and hugged him tightly. Perhaps people who were having a fever liked his cool scent more?

Chi Shuo's heart instantly softened, and he gently returned the hug. "Sleep, I'll be here, watching over you."

Maybe it was because the medicine had ingredients that could make someone drowsy, but Ye Shaoyang fell into a deep sleep.

When he woke up the next morning, he only felt refreshed, energetic, and comfortable. Just when he was about to get up, he discovered that he had unexpectedly hugged someone's waist and slept in their arms?

Ye Shaoyang: "???"

What was this situation?

He was almost scared out of his wits when he looked up.

F--k, f--k, f--k!

Why did he fall asleep while hugging Chi Shuo?

Letting Chi Shuo renew his mark, then hugging Chi Shuo to sleep for a night...

It's over, he's done for. He can't clear himself of his sins even if he were to jump into the Yellow River.
TL/n: Yellow River is the second-longest river in China, so his ‘crimes’ were so serious that he can’t wash himself clean of it even if he were to do it in the Yellow River.

If he apologizes to Chi Shuo in the future, how should he compensate Chi Shuo for his psychological damage?

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