ARML Chapter 125.1: The Chat

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Ye Shaoyang would never have slept while hugging Chi Shuo if he was in a clear-headed state. It must have been because he had a high fever last night, it made him delirious. He didn't even know what he had done.

He remembered 《The Science of Marking》had mentioned that possessive feelings would arise in Alphas towards the Omega they have marked, while the Omegas would feel dependent on the Alphas that marked them. These were all normal reactions induced by pheromones.

In the ABO world, pheromones played a powerful role. It can even make people lose their minds during special times such as heats and ruts.

Ye Shaoyang was marked by Chi Shuo yesterday, following which he took a cold shower, causing a fever. In his delirious state and because of the so-called 'dependence' induced by the pheromones, he fell asleep in Chi Shuo's arms.

This was all because of the pheromones!

He had slept with Chi Shuo without a doubt, regardless of whatever other reasons there were. If someone knew about this, it would be tough for him to explain. Telling others that the two of you did nothing despite being an Omega and Alpha who slept in each other's embrace? Who would believe that?

Ye Shaoyang carefully shifted away, wanting to sneakily get off the bed without waking Chi Shuo. However, a gentle voice came from above as soon as he moved, "You're up?"

Ye Shaoyang instantly froze. He quickly sat up as though he had been shocked by electricity and scratched his head awkwardly, "How could I have fallen asleep."

Chi Shuo placed the back of his hand on Ye Shaoyang's forehead to test if it was still hot, and said, "The fever is gone. Do you still feel uncomfortable? Do you want to go to the hospital?"

Ye Shaoyang hurriedly shook his head, "I'm good, there's no need for the hospital." He deliberated over his words before saying cautiously in a small voice, "My fever last night caused me to be muddled. I didn't say anything strange, did I?"

Chi Shuo replied, "No, you were so delirious that you had no reaction even when I asked you questions."

Only then did Ye Shaoyang sigh in relief. He got out of bed and went to wash up.

It was currently 10 in the morning, long past breakfast time at the cafeteria. Chi Shuo rummaged through the dorm's refrigerator and made some poached eggs in the pot, putting two in each bowl. He then took out the steamed buns from yesterday and heated them in the microwave before taking them out to the cafeteria, "Shaoyang, breakfast is ready."
Ye Shaoyang washed his face with cold water. He finally managed to calm himself down.

The mark was successfully renewed yesterday, which also meant that his pheromones wouldn't go out of control for the next few months. He can compete without a hitch.

A moment of embarrassment in exchange for several months of stability was totally worth it!

Ye Shaoyang headed down to the cafeteria. Perhaps it was because he was hungry, but seeing the soft poached eggs in the bowl, he felt that it was very tasty, and the soup was also very delicious.

He gobbled down his breakfast, quickly finishing it. Chi Shuo then cleaned up the plates and utensils.

When he came out of the kitchen, Chi Shuo discovered Ye Shaoyang sitting on the sofa in the living room, holding Xiao Bai in a daze.

Xiao Bai seemed to be aware that his master wasn't in the right mood. It lay in Ye Shaoyang's arms obediently and its head happened to be facing Chi Shuo's direction. Its’ eyes were open and unmoving, seemingly in a daze too, as if it was contemplating cat life.

The scene of both the master and the cat being in a daze was a little funny no matter how one looked at it. The corner of Chi Shuo's lips raised, and he walked over to stroke the cat's head while asking, "What's on your mind?"

Ye Shaoyang returned to his senses before saying nervously, "Captain Chi, I think that it must be very troublesome for you to always have to mark me, right? I'm really sorry for dragging you into this..."

"It's fine, it isn't your fault for being allergic to inhibitors." Chi Shuo replied with a gentle gaze.

Ye Shaoyang hurriedly nodded, "That's right, I really didn't mean to! When I was in the hospital before, the doctor told me that the composition of regular inhibitors wouldn't have any effect on me. If I couldn't find an Alpha to mark me quickly, I would lose control and go into heat. It would be hard to wrap things up then. At that time, the only Alpha I could trust was you, so I asked you for this favor."

He paused, his ears red, "But I still feel very apologetic, for giving you so much trouble."

Chi Shuo's heart softened a little, "You don't have to apologize, I don't think it's troublesome."

To me, you were never trouble, but someone who I wanted to protect instead. So, no matter what troubles you encounter, I will have an obligation to help you. And I'm also willing to do so.

Ye Shaoyang looked up at him doubtfully, "You don't mind?"

Chi Shuo replied, "I don't mind."

Ye Shaoyang sighed in relief, a smile finally appearing on his face. He asked seriously, "Captain Chi, the most important thing to you is to lead Tianhuan to win the championship, right?"

Chi Shuo didn't hesitate at all, "Of course."

Ye Shaoyang continued, "If there was someone in our team who affected the team's performance due to personal relationship matters, you will definitely be very angry, right?"

Chi Shuo was momentarily stunned. What did he mean by this? Was he trying to tell him not to date first during the competition period in an ambiguous manner?

Of course, dating would make people easily distracted. A person's energy is limited, and emotional entanglements can sometimes make people lose their composure, affecting their judgment during the competition.

Chi Shuo understood what Ye Shaoyang was trying to say and nodded, "The competition is naturally more important during this period."

Captain Chi is indeed a good captain, putting the team's performance first, Ye Shaoyang thought.

If the truth is revealed now, it would certainly be very awkward when the two meet in the future. Hence, if this matter isn't clarified, for the time being, it wouldn't affect their current relationship. The two of them are good buddies, close teammates, and they are even a mid/jungle duo with one of the greatest tacit understandings.

He'll admit his mistakes and apologize after the competition's over!

Thinking of this, Ye Shaoyang felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of his chest, and he said calmly, "I know what to do now. We should focus on the competition first and as for the other things... Let's talk about it in the future, alright!"

Chi Shuo nodded, "Mn, I think so too."

Ye Shaoyang thought, the competition's more important. I'll kneel and apologize when it's over.

Chi Shuo thought, the competition's more important. When it's over, we'll discuss the matter of dating and marriage.

The two captains were having a chicken and duck talk, unknowingly talking about two completely different things. They were having a pleasant time chatting and swiftly reached a consensus.
TL/n: 鸡同鸭讲 and 跨服聊天 both signify that although two people are having a conversation and seemingly talking about the same issue, it could be sensed that they were talking about completely different things from the details of the conversation, the speakers are in the dark about it.

Ye Shaoyang changed the topic and asked, "Since today's a holiday, does Captain Chi have any plans? Like going out for a walk, or staying here and continuing playing games?"

Chi Shuo replied, "Master came to the capital. He wants to ask us out for a meal, and he asked me to bring you along."

Ye Shaoyang was a little surprised, "God Ming looked for you?"

Chi Shuo confirmed, "He just sent a message, asking us if we had time."

Ye Shaoyang thought for a while, then said, "Alright. I'll follow you since I'm free anyway."

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