ARML Chapter 125.2: The Chat

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At five in the afternoon, Chi Shuo took Ye Shaoyand out and drove to the restaurant Ming Sheng had reserved.

This was a private restaurant with a good environment. The structure inside was refined and elegant, and there was a small artificial lake where many red and gold koi were raised.

Ye Shaoyang followed Chi Shuo to a private room and pushed the door open. They saw Ming Sheng sitting there making tea leisurely. The man's fingers were long and slender, and he was fiddling with the tea set gently. The aroma of the tea lingered in the room.

Chi Shuo called out respectfully, "Master."

Ye Shaoyang also said politely, "God Ming, long time no see."

Ming Sheng smiled and pointed to the seats opposite him, "Sit. It's just the three of us today, you don't have to act so courteously."

The two of them sat opposite him and Ming Sheng asked the waiter to serve the food.
He was Tianhuan's former captain and after retiring, became a major shareholder of Tianhuan. It wasn't good for Ye Shaoyang to talk nonsense in front of him, so he simply lowered his head and drank his tea silently.

Chi Shuo broke the silence first, "Master. Why did you suddenly come to the capital?"

The Ming family's business was in Star City, and Ming Sheng usually stayed there. Suddenly coming to the Capital City and even inviting Chi Shuo and Ye Shaoyang out to meet, Chi Shuo felt that things were not as simple as they seemed.

Sure enough, Ming Sheng showed a forced smile, "I've come to deal with some matters and have a talk with you while I'm at it."

"What matters?" Chi Shuo asked doubtfully.

"Yaoguang-related matters." Ming Sheng answered.

Ye Shaoyang was slightly stunned. He looked up at Ming Sheng, "What's the matter? Does Yaoguang want to smear me again?"

Ming Sheng explained, "Their boss has always been shameless and used disgraceful means to suppress opponents. while creating momentum to boost their stars in the entertainment industry. You used the Destiny Goddess in the first match against Yaoguang last time and suppressed them with your micro-play tactics in the second match, making them a fool of themselves. They can't possibly let you enter Group S comfortably."

Chi Shuo frowned, "So they're going to look for a water army and accuse Shaoyang of not respecting his opponent?"

Ming Sheng smiled, "You're too naive. What's the most commonly used method to destroy a star?"

Ye Shaoyang felt chills, "Scandal?"

Ming Sheng nodded, "That's right. Scandals of an esports player's private life can also be used to destroy them."
He turned on his phone as he was speaking and showed Ye Shaoyang his screen. Ye Shaoyang looked at the photo that was on Ming Sheng's phone——everything was photographed clearly from start to end; the morning before yesterday, when Chi Shuo went to the hospital with him to see the doctor, when they were waiting in the room together, and when they walked out of the pheromone department after the checkup was over.

Although they were wearing masks, the other party probably used a high-resolution camera, and it captured their eyes clearly.

Chi Shuo forcefully suppressed his anger and asked in a deep voice, "They hired professional paparazzi?"

Ming Sheng said, "Yes. They're very skilled in tracking and taking pictures from a long distance away."

He paused, then looked up at the two men, "What were the two of you doing at the pheromone department?"

Ye Shaoyang's expression turned awkward. He didn't know how to explain it.

Chi Shuo came to the rescue, "Shaoyang is mixed-race and has a special constitution. The doctor called him back to the hospital for a pheromone checkup and I drove him there."

"That's it?" Ming Sheng stared at them, "Surely you must have some secrets you're hiding from me?"

"No." They answered in unison.

Ming Sheng looked at Chi Shuo, then looked at Ye Shaoyang, before chuckling. He continued, "I intercepted the photos before they could make their rounds on the internet. Don't worry, I'll deal with this."

Ye Shaoyang asked curiously, "What are you planning to do?"

Ming Sheng replied, "I've been investigating Yaoguang recently and discovered a little secret."

He opened the evidence he had on his phone and showed it to the two. The more Ye Shaoyang saw, the more apprehensive he felt, "Yaoguang bought off their opposing team in Group A, getting them to cooperate in throwing the game?!"

Chi Shuo suddenly understood everything, "It's no wonder why Yu'mao was able to achieve a pentakill in his debut game. For the Godly Sniper to get a pentakill, their teammates must cripple all five enemy players. So, that mistake made by the opposing team in the opening team fight was actually all an act?"

Ye Shaoyang and Chi Shuo looked at each other speechlessly.

They were unscrupulous in their quest to create the false image of having a god-level player on their team. It was simply too disgusting.

Ye Shaoyang looked at Ming Sheng, "This is match-fixing, isn't it? They would definitely be penalized if the league knew about it."

"Mn, so we'll strike first so that they won't have the energy to run smear campaigns on you." Ming Sheng paused, before urging again, "Besides, the two of you should be more careful. After all, one is an Alpha and the other is an Omega, and it's hard to prevent rumors when you're too close. It's better to avoid showing up together at places like the pheromone department."

The ABO's pheromone department should probably be the same as the O&G and andrology departments, right? A man accompanying a woman to see the O&G, or a woman accompanying a man to see an andrologist...

It was indeed hard to explain this clearly.

Ye Shaoyang was now aware; strictly speaking, he wasn't considered the same sex as Chi Shuo. A and O are actually opposite sexes, aren't they?

Ye Shaoyang dropped his head in shame, "It's my fault, I'll be more careful in the future."

Ming Sheng smiled and said, "If your relationship develops into a romantic one in the future, the club won't forbid it. However, you should be more cautious during the competition period. It will have a bad effect on us if a fuss is made."

Ye Shayang hurriedly explained, "No, we don't have the kind of relationship you're thinking of. Captain Chi simply drove me to the hospital, nothing else."

Chi Shuo continued cooperatively, "Don't worry master, we know what to do."

Ming Sheng said gently, "That's good. There's the All-Star voting this year and with your popularity, you can probably attend the International All-Star Event. I hope the two of you can attend in your best state. The pinnacle of esports players is only a few years. Put aside other things first, I believe you know what to prioritize."

Chi Shuo: "I got it."

Ye Shaoyang echoed, "I understand."

Although their 'understandings' were on different channels...

But their ultimate goal was the same. There can be nothing that'll affect Tianhuan's performance. If they missed out on this year, who could guarantee what will happen next year? Hence, they must fight hard while Tianhuan's performance is on the rise.

Their gazes met, and they reached a tacit consensus. Chi Shuo said, "I'll leave these rumors and scandals to you, master. We will concentrate on the competition."

Ye Shaoyang also said, "Thank you for reminding us, God Ming. We will pay close attention to this."

Ming Sheng said while grinning, "Don't worry, I won't let anyone bully and smear the reputation of Tianhuan's players. Since they dared to make a move against us, they will naturally have to pay a small price."

That night, the official website of the pro league suddenly posted an announcement——

"The Official Disciplinary Committee of Gods War received news regarding Yaoguang club's player YG-Yu'mao and Langzu club's player LZ-Tiantian. They are suspected of committing misconduct by having private transactions, and the league has established a special investigation team to launch a full-scale investigation into the club. YG-Yu'mao and LZ-Tiantian are temporarily suspended from participating in any event during the period the investigation is being carried out.

“We hope all players respect and uphold fairness and the spirit of esports.

“The Disciplinary Committee strictly forbids any illegal behavior. Once the matter comes to light, we won't tolerate it!"

This news caused a ripple, and the entire Gods War esports scene blew up.

For the league to directly send an investigation team to check out the issue, meant that the whistleblower had already submitted concrete evidence. It can be said that this was more or less true. In YG Yu'mao's debut game where he had achieved a pentakill, LZ's Tiantian was the support who had made a mistake when opening the fight.

Was it actually an act? Match-fixing?!

The esports fans on Weibo instantly became furious——

【So the pentakill was fake? For the sake of creating a god, you don't even want your face anymore?】

【I haven't been able to stand Yaoguang's way of stepping all over their former captain since a long time ago, they're really disgusting】

【I'm heartbroken for Xiao Yu. He was scolded so badly before, but now, it seems like Xiao Yu is much better than that Yu'mao】

【It's no wonder why Yaoguang's performance in Group S was so poor. They got eliminated after five consecutive losses!】

【So, Yu'mao still wants to compete with Lieyang for the title of best newcomer? Go look in the mirror, Lieyang achieved a pentakill with his strength, while you achieved one by spending money. What are you so proud of?】

【Yaoguang was no longer the Yaoguang who played seriously like they did last season after Xie Weiyu left. The entire team became impetuous. Don't play esports, go join variety shows instead】

【You deserve to be out of Group S, you're unqualified】

Ye Shayang looked at the abuse that piled from top to bottom on the Internet in surprise. He secretly sent Chi Shuo a message: [Your master really has extraordinary means. Yaoguang will find it hard to fend for themselves this time and they won't have the energy to deal with us.]

Chi Shuo replied: [Mn, don't think too much about it. Let's compete in peace.]

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