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The youth of little words in front of them was neat and tidy and didn’t say more than necessary. He was also good-looking. Although it can be said that the entertainment industry does not lack good-looking people, Qin Lu still made an impression on people.

The 17-year-old boy was already very tall, and he also had a leanness unique to youths, somewhere between a young boy who had yet to see the world and a mature adult, and his eyes slightly curved when he smiled. His looks were the type that made him seem good-natured.

He had simple and neat black hair, which was natural and refreshing to look at. Paired with a simple white t-shirt and jeans, it very much gave off the air of a young student on campus. Even his particularly wispy and gentle-looking eyelashes gave people a refreshing feeling.

Standing in the studio, he was like the male lead of a long series campus drama, who rode a bicycle and passed by like the wind. The faint scent of laundry detergent on his school uniform could linger in a girl’s heart for a very long time.

Just by relying on his face and this kind of campus boy feeling, which would be a never-ending natural advantage, would help him go far in the competition.

Moreover… Yin Su Li lowered her eyes and looked at the list of competition awards displayed in his information page, each one more shocking than the last, and along with Qin Lu’s direct and simple response, she had already given him a high score in her heart.

After seeing so many young people who were eager for quick success and instant benefits, Yin Su Li wanted to help him unprecedentedly.

She lowered her head and read out loud, “First prize in the National Olympics Mathematics Competition, first prize in the Provincial High School Physics Competition, second prize in the National Robotics Competition, and also second in the country for Robotics Team Competition…”

Chaotic noises instantly came from the tiered pyramid-shaped seats.

A boy unconsciously made a ridiculing remark, “What the f--k, brother. This is the first season of Super Brain 《Infinite Youth》!”
TL/n: A way of addressing friends in China.
TL/n: TV program in China.

The scene was suddenly quiet for two seconds, then someone couldn’t help sniggering, and it caused everyone to stop holding back their laughter.

The mentors were also affected by the current atmosphere and were not as serious as they were in the beginning, and they all smiled.

The corners of Yin Su Li’s eyes crinkled, and she tapped the ballpoint pen in her hand on the information sheet. “You’ve won so many prizes, so why didn’t you say anything when I asked you just now? If you don’t speak out, the audience won’t know anything, no matter how amazing you are. If the audience knows about the results that I just read out, you’ll definitely gain a lot of brownie points.”

The trainees were all stunned and also couldn’t figure out why. Their gazes fell on Qin Lu.

Qin Lu obviously couldn’t tell them that he wasn’t even the original owner of the body and that he hadn’t had the time to sort out his memories yet, so he was foreign to everything.

But he still stayed calm.

He seemed to be pondering for a bit before saying seriously, “But this is a talent program.”

Producer Cui Zhi Hao was slightly stunned.

“《Infinite Youth》 is judged based on your strength in singing and dancing, and the ones chosen are for the purpose of creating a male idol group.” He paused and his eyes swept across the audience once, landing on the boy who had just spoken. His eyes had a hint of a smile. “Yes, this isn’t 《Super Brain》.”

At this, Yin Su Li felt a little regret, and everyone else, regardless of whether they were mentors or trainees, also felt the same sentiment.

No one could say with certainty that Qin Lu will be able to dominate the spotlight and debut by relying on his good grades, but what’s certain is that boys who are good-looking and study well will have luck with the audience and will be seen through a ‘favorable filter.’

And for talent programs that depended entirely on voting, every trait that would be deemed likable by the audience is important. It could at least ensure that he will earn enough memory triggers in the first round and won’t be eliminated within two rounds.

However, Qin Lu chose to adhere to the rules of 《Infinite Youth》 and decided to give up the votes that could affect the outcome.

The eyes of nearly a hundred handsome men sitting on the tiered pyramid-shaped seats all held a trace of complexity.

He should be an idiot, right?

He was a beautiful idiot that could make people admire him.

Well, he was a little brother who had a high IQ, but his brain was somehow wired differently.

If he’s not competition, we can take care of him.

Producer Cui Zhi Hao couldn’t help asking out of curiosity, “Since your grades are this good, why did you choose to participate in our talent program? From what’s written on your information page, you haven’t had formal training for singing or dancing. Moreover, you’ll be promoted to senior year three after the holidays.”

Although with Qin Lu’s results, it didn’t seem like he needed to spend too much time preparing for the college entrance examination.

Qin Lu smiled a little and said something unexpected, “Because of my younger sister.”

The original owner did have a younger sister. But from the bits and pieces of memory that he saw, the owner didn’t have a close relationship with his sister. It wasn't that they had a bad relationship on the surface, but more of the original owner treating his sister really badly on his own.

The reason why the original owner participated in the program was purely to enjoy the attention of others.

But Qin Lu wouldn't say it like that.

“It wouldn’t happen to be your sister who helped you sign up, right?” Cui Zhi Hao said in doubt, because if that were really true, then this would’ve all been one big mistake.

Fortunately, Qin Lu shook his head. “No.”

His light, amber-colored eyes were especially clear under the light. He laughed while recalling. “The thing that my sister does the most everyday would be to look at her posters and talk about her idols. Everything that comes out of her mouth would be related to them. She would buy at least three copies of the magazines her idol is featured in; one to cut and make photo albums, one for her to flip and admire, and the last to keep in her collection. The daily necessities at home must be the brand endorsed by her idol, the color of the clothes she wears must be the fandom color, and she even stole the standees from the supermarket before-”

Dance mentor Yao Chen, who also debuted as an idol, couldn’t help but choke from laughter, and she asked, “What an experienced fangirl. But she really stole the standee?”

Qin Lu nodded. “I was there. She took advantage of the shopkeeper’s unpreparedness, carried the standee on her shoulder, and ran. Before running, she yelled at the shopkeeper and told her to find me for payment.”

Yao Chen: “...I see, you must be her blood-related brother.”

Qin Lu didn’t lie to anyone, but the scene at that time was not as light-hearted as he had described. The original owner was so angry about the matter that he chased after his sister at such a long distance just to hit her.

He concluded, “In my sister’s eyes, the idols in her posters are a perfect existence without any flaws, a star that is distant but one that she yearns for.”

“I just want to let my sister know that she already has the best brother in the world, so she doesn’t need to go around liking someone else. That’s why I’m here to participate in this program.”

The boy who stood in front of the cameras for the very first time had serious but bright and pure eyes.

“So I want to try, to try and become the star that she yearns for.”

TL/n: First chapter is done! Huhu, all the curse words here would be censored from now on due to my little sister who insisted on reading this novel >:(

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