IM6A Chapter 1.1: Narcissus

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That was a pot of He Zhi Guan.
TL/n: A plant of the Orchidaceous family and is popular in China

The leaves were thick and round, its tail slightly curved. The flowers were huge, thick, and waxy; it was comparable to the skin of a young girl, charming and striking. Both the leaves and flowers shone with unparalleled elegance.

Teacher Jin, a Beta and the teacher of the flower art class, walked around it twice before pausing in his steps and raising his head with great reluctance. “Let us all congratulate classmate Qin Yi for completing his course today,” he announced.

The 30 or so classmates in the study hall looked collectively towards the youth who sat in front of the pot of He Zhi Guan. The only one capable of suppressing the elegance of the He Zhi Guan in this space was that youth.

The youth had a pair of long and narrow eyes with a lifted tail, the kind that made a person look energized with a hint of a smile in their eyes, and there was a constant shine in it. His nose was as gorgeous as jade, and he had pouty lips.

Whether it was a smile or a frown, it made people astonished with just a look, reminding them of a beauty from an ink painting that had come alive.

His name is Qin Yi, the youngest son of the Qin family, one of the four high profile families in PanDa Star. He was an Omega that was good-looking enough to suppress all the others.

The Omegas nowadays were more pampered and didn’t like learning things like flower art, but he joined and mixed in with a bunch of Betas and impoverished Omegas; and learned the art for three months earnestly.

There are three special genders in this world: Alpha, Beta, and Omega. Alphas are naturally gifted in strength as they dominate and lead Betas and Omegas. Although they are outstanding, they were also very few in number, so they were considered precious resources for every country.

Omegas are naturally weak, and they emit a pheromone scent from their body that greatly attracts Alphas. It is not difficult for an outstanding Alpha to be born from an Alpha and Omega pair. Hence, the weak Omegas are also a precious resource for every country.

Betas are the common gender, and they are in charge of most of the jobs in society. They don’t have pheromones but have the ability to reproduce, although none of the offspring would be an outstanding Alpha.

Other than Omegas, born in poverty and who wish to improve their worth in the hopes of marrying an Alpha with a better background by attending all sorts of lessons, there were hardly any Omegas with noble backgrounds to be found here.

Qin Yi was an abnormality.

Everyone sized up Qin Yi, their gazes full of regret and astonishment, but the object of attention wasn’t aware at all.

He stood up at a moderate pace and thanked them.

Teacher Jin knew he was about to leave, so he quickly handed him the certificate of completion for this course.

Qin Yi took a pot of narcissus from the window with him. The worth of the pot of narcissus wasn’t very high, far less than that of the He Zhi Guan, but it was what his teacher had first given him when he enrolled.

However, he had taken care of it enough to be comparable with luxury ones. Its petals opened up, similar to a bowl, with a golden color splashed on it. It emitted a rich fragrance and was even more pleasing to the eyes when held by a beauty.

Everyone watched him while he was going out of the classroom, his figure slowly disappearing from the corridor. However, that rich fragrance still lingered in their noses, as though telling them that this person named Qin Yi would still be able to linger in their hearts after captivating them.


Qin Yi left the Wensi building and walked straight to the Wuying building on the other side. There were mainly only classes for Alphas in the Wuying building. They learned how to drive mechs and how to train their body as a way to grasp better control of their mental power.

This wasn’t a place an Omega should go.

It’s widely known that Alphas can mark Omegas through their glands, so when an unmarked Omega suddenly appears in the middle of an Alpha-dominated vicinity, his pheromones can easily cause all the Alphas to lose control of themselves.

But the Alphas in the building didn’t lose control when Qin Yi stepped into the Wuying building. In fact, they weren’t even surprised. On the contrary, they even stuck out their heads, and with smiling faces full of mischief, they asked, “Here to find Kong Jia Xiang again?”

“He’s training at the fourth level.”

“Hey, did you know? Young Master Kong’s family arranged a matching test between him and another Omega, and the match percentage was 81%!”

Qin Yi only smiled lightly and said, “Is that so?”

They watched Qin Yi head to the fourth level, their gazes never leaving his body. The group of Alphas on the opposite side who initially had teasing attitudes actually restrained themselves quite a bit.

“In all fairness, he’s just so damn good-looking that it’s hard to say anything harsh to him.”

“His unconventional pheromones really move people’s hearts.”

“Isn’t that right? The Alphas from the sports department next door said in private many times that he should be selected as the no. 1 best candidate for the role of dutiful wife and mum to marry home.”

“Hah, if he could get married, would they ever get a chance?”

“It’s really such a pity that there are no Alphas out there that could perceive his pheromones. No matter how beautiful or how gentle he is, there is no way his pheromones could trigger an Alpha to go into a rut. They would be unable to mate successfully and give birth to outstanding children.”

They sighed one after another.

“You have to think positively. If not because of this, where the heck would you be able to see such a good-looking Omega? Would an Omega with normal pheromones come to this kind of place?”

“...That’s true.”

“Get a grip. Once we’ve accomplished ourselves, even if he can’t be a wife, we can still let him be a lover!”

As soon as this was said, the atmosphere became quite lively. Everyone revealed knowing smiles and turned back to resume what they were doing.


Qin Yi quickly arrived at the fourth level and accurately located the E3 training ground. The person in the training ground noticed his arrival with just a look at the surveillance camera, so they walked to the door briskly to open it.

“You came?” The person inside let out a smile.

He was Kong Jia Xiang, born to the Kong family of the four major families, and was an Alpha with a rarely seen S-ranked tested mental power.

“Is this for me?” Kong Jia Xiang stared at the narcissus in his arms with a passionate gaze.

Qin Yi nodded: “This flower suits you very well.”

The corners of Kong Jia Xiang’s mouth couldn’t help but lift higher. Qin Yi rarely compliments people, but when he does, it will make you feel that his words are very melodious, as if they were love words.

Kong Jia Xiang quickly took the pot of flowers and said, “I’ll take care of it well.”

“Alright,” Qin Yi replied casually and walked straight to the door. Kong Jia Xiang put down the flower immediately. And he took off his protective outerwear to give to Qin Yi: “Put this on first!”

Qin Yi nodded and took the outerwear from him. He unbuttoned the coat he was wearing, took it off, and threw it to the side. He then changed into protective outerwear.

Kong Jia Xiang’s breath hitched in his throat unconsciously when looking at him from the back. It’s so strange. Although there wasn’t any pheromone attraction, he could still make people’s hearts move.

He couldn’t stop himself from picturing what was in his mind… his protective outerwear wrapped around Qin Yi’s body, as though he was the one embracing Qin Yi, tight and close together…

At this moment, Qin Yi frowned unnoticeably. There was still the smell of sweat in the protective outerwear.

Forget it. It didn’t matter.

Qin Yi walked forward. This was a small radiation field. The radiant light was turned on, and students who were in training needed to use lightweight mechs. Under the influence of radiation, they worked hard to hold up their mental power shield and complete the mech confrontation.

Kong Jia Xiang’s mech was over there. He had already let Qin Yi sit inside and even taught him how to use the control panel. If it weren’t for this, he wouldn’t have had the chance to experience having the most beautiful Omega in his arms.

Kong Jia Xiang watched him climb into the mech with difficulty. The scene was so adorable. An Omega who had never played with a mech before could only rely on him to broaden his views and experience it.

“Qin Yi, be careful!” He yelled.

He should fall off later, right? It’s fine. I’ll be able to go in and teach him again.

“You can call me anytime if you have any questions. I’ll help you.” He continued yelling in a loud voice.
However, there was no response from Qin Yi.

Countless thoughts circled Kong Jia Xiang’s mind.

Qin Yi was born an Omega, and he was also born in the Qin family, who was well-known in PanDa Star. His grandfather had participated in the Eighth World War and was commended and received by his Majesty. Furthermore, Qin Yi was very eye-catching. It can be said that there were no other Omegas prettier than him on PanDa Star.

Logically, Qin Yi should be popular, well-received, and held in the palm of his family. When he scrapes his skin, his family should be distressed for at least half a day.

However, this was very far from the truth.

Qin Yi wasn’t close to his family members at all. His position in the family was equally awkward.

All of this was due to… his pheromones’ inability to attract any Alpha. To an Omega, this was most definitely considered fatal. If your pheromones are strong enough, even if you’re not good-looking, there will always be noble families eager to build connections with you. But once your pheromones are flawed, no matter how good-looking you are, there will be no one willing to marry you as the main wife.

With the status of the Qin family, how could they allow a member of their family to be the mistress of other families?

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