IM6A Chapter 1.2: Narcissus

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Thinking of this, Kong Jia Xiang even felt that it was a pity. He was already of age, and his family had started looking for an Omega for him already. The Omega, who had the highest matching percentage with him currently, was not even half as attractive as Qin Yi.

Fortunately, the Kong family and the Qin family were family friends. Since it seemed like Qin Yi would never be married off in this lifetime, he could still visit the Qin family’s house to see Qin Yi from time to time.

If he spent a bit more effort… maybe he could try spraying perfume that attracts Alphas on Qin Yi’s body; it shouldn’t be difficult to sleep together successfully then… right? He doesn’t need Qin Yi to help him birth any children anyway.

Just as his thoughts drifted here, it abruptly stopped. This was because the mech that was three meters tall and painted in blue, looking like a giant praying mantis, moved. It took two steps at first, then the mechanical claws scraped against the ground, creating an ear-piercing sound.

Kong Jia Xiang’s pulse quickened.

“Qin Yi! Have you had enough? Have you experienced enough? Okay, stop moving now and be careful not to fall. Omegas will have to get sent to the hospital with just a single fall!”

The mech suddenly changed from walking to running instead. It galloped three meters forward and waved around the sharp blade mounted on the mechanical claw. Just like a praying mantis hunting for food, it swung its sickle and broke through the air with determination.

Kong Jia Xiang’s heart tightened, and his eyes widened: “Qin Yi!”

The sharp blade swung, briefly coming into contact with the radiation-emitting pillar. The radiation rays stopped for a short period and jammed. Then, the sharp blade gently retracted, its manner completely different from when the blade had just been released.

Kong Jia Xiang breathed a sigh of relief and urged, “Hurry and come down.”

Just now, he thought Qin Yi was going to destroy the wall of the training ground and send it flying with just one swipe of his claws. He thought too much. How could that be? Qin Yi was just an Omega; he was fragile and beautiful, like a flower enclosed in a glass cover.

Qin Yi quickly opened the mech hatch. Kong Jia Xiang saw this and immediately ran forward. This little bit of radiation rays didn’t mean much to an S-ranked Alpha. Acting the part of a hero and saving the damsel-in-distress was much more important.

Kong Jia Xiang opened his arms towards Qin Yi. Qin Yi also didn’t refuse, and he didn’t even blink before jumping down from a height of three meters. An Omega’s body is very light, but Kong Jia Xiang miscalculated the weight and hardness that came after the addition of the protective outerwear. The beauty fell like a butterfly spreading its wings.


Kong Jia Xiang couldn’t help but groan.

Qin Yi quickly broke away from his embrace. Kong Jia Xiang didn’t have the strength to hold onto him firmly anyways. There was a little bit of sweat on his forehead.

“Is there anything wrong?” Qin Yi said while taking off the protective outerwear.

“It’s nothing,” Kong Jia Xiang said.

His joints might have misaligned, but he couldn’t afford to lose face in front of the Omega.
At this moment, Qin Yi’s communicator suddenly rang. The communicator was connected to his watch. He buckled the last button, lifted his wrist, lowered his head, and picked up the call.

“Qin Yi, I don’t care what you’re doing now but get yourself to the Civil Affairs Bureau immediately.” His father’s dignified voice came from the other end.

Qin Yi replied in a low voice, “Yes.” Then he hung up.

The endurance of an S-ranked Alpha was very strong. Kong Jia Xiang endured the discomfort he felt in his arm and asked, “Uncle asked you to go… for a matching test?”

Qin Yi absentmindedly replied, “Maybe.”

Kong Jia Xiang gave him a smile: “You… don’t give yourself too much pressure. You still have me.”

You’re useless as shit, you stupid fool. All that’s in your brain is perverted stuff.

Qin Yi kept swearing in his heart without showing it, and he calmly said, “I’m leaving.”

Kong Jia Xiang had no worth to him anymore anyway, and he’ll never see him again.

Kong Jia Xiang nodded: “Alright, you should get going.”


The moment Qin Yi stepped out, Kong Jia Xiang immediately called his roommate to come and pick him up. His roommate entered and started helping him move the flower pot.

“Be careful. This is what Qin Yi gave me.” Kong Jia Xiang said.

The actions of the roommate immediately eased: “I heard that last month, the pot of He Zhi Guan that Qin Yi helped grow for the school won a grand prize. The executives of the school were ecstatic, and in two days, it’ll be sent to General Zhou’s desk. They hope to gain a little favor from General Zhou using this flower. Damn, Qin Yi’s hands are really amazing.”

He paused: “He even went out of his way to grow a pot of flowers for you… this treatment is almost equal to General Zhou’s!”

The corners of Kong Jia Xiang’s mouth lifted. Qin Yi’s gentle dedication always made him feel better.

“It’s just that it’s such a pity,” the roommate said. “Why are his pheromones defective?”

Everyone would say that after seeing Qin Yi.

The roommate paused and asked again, “I heard you met with the Omega from the Fang family? I heard he’s pretty cute.”

“He’s average, but his good qualities are that he’s obedient, good at acting coy, has a high matching percentage with me, and his family background is pretty decent.”

The roommate nodded, no longer asking about Qin Yi. Everyone knows that Qin Yi won’t be able to get married in this lifetime. Qin Yi was very clear about it himself. All Alphas shoulder the family responsibility, and Kong Jia Xiang was destined not to stay for him.

Qin Yi was so gentle and beautiful. It’s really a pity.

The roommate gauged the weight of the flower in his hands: “What is this flower called?”

“I think it’s called narcissus?” Kong Jia Xiang grinned. “Qin Yi said this flower suited me the best and grew it specially just for me.”

The roommate’s expression became weird.

Really? Why does he seem to remember that... Narcissus was related to a legend of a god. And it was said that the god was so self-obsessed, he would stare at his reflection in the lake every day, and he eventually died of narcissism in the end?



When Qin Yi walked out of the school gates, he saw the hovercar that came to pick him up from home. He realized he wasn’t alone when he got in the car and saw that the driver wasn’t the only one inside. There were also his stepmother, second aunt, and third aunt. His two Omega cousins were also present.

His cousin Qin Yuan leaned forward. He had fine hair and distinctive features. His pheromones smelled like vanilla ice cream, which was very attractive and appealing to Alphas.

“Little cousin, I heard uncle say that today would be your last chance. Even if you receive only a 0.1% matching percentage with another person, you may also get married in the future rather than just staying in the Qin family for the rest of your life,” Qin Yuan said.

When Alphas and Omegas turn 18, they will undergo a pheromone matching test.

Today, Qin Yi turned 18.

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