IM6A Chapter 3.1: Bye-Bye

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“How many times do you want me to say it? The system can’t have a problem.” The lady said impatiently when faced with Qin Yuan’s repeated questioning.

At this moment, Yu Hong looked down to see the messages displayed on his communicator.

【The system results can’t be wrong.】

【What’s the matter?】

【Did your stepson’s test not go well? And it made Mr. Qin angry?】

Not go well? On the contrary, it went too well to the point where the average person wouldn’t even dare to dream this big in their sleep. Yu Hong put down his hand and leaned against the wall behind him so that he wouldn’t fall because of his limbs that suddenly went weak.

Father Qin pursed his lips and, unable to stand it any longer, interrupted Qin Yuan. “Okay, you and Qin Yu should also get tested.”

Qin Yu was another cousin who hadn’t spoken much. He was tall and didn’t look similar to Qin Yuan. His appearance also didn’t gain as much attention as Qin Yuan’s did. Qin Yi could smell his pheromones, which was a type of pine scent from rosin. It didn’t really captivate many people, but the attraction of an Omega to an Alpha was inherent. This was why he was more popular than Qin Yuan. In other words, there were at least 7 to 8 families who already come to discuss marriage with him.

Father Qin was the head of the family. With one word from him, both Qin Yuan and Qin Yu had no choice but to do the tests as well.

“Your match with Alpha Ding Xing Ming, whose pheromone number is HC7932, is 49%.” This was the result of Qin Yuan’s test.

Qin Yuan’s expression became extremely ugly. Who the heck is Ding Xing Ming? He had never heard of him before. There was also no description behind the name, which could only mean that he was not an important person.

The fact that the highest match percentage between him and an Alpha was 49% also almost caused Qin Yuan to have a breakdown.

This percentage was actually not low, but when compared with the 100% from Qin Yi, it definitely looked like a joke. Qin Yuan would never have thought that during this round of comparison between himself and Qin Yi, the one who ultimately lost in the end would be himself!

He kept checking the system, hoping that it would be like Qin Yi’s and the system would call out for a second and third time… but he was disappointed in the end. He waited for a whole 10 minutes, but there was still no response.

Father Qin also confirmed that this miracle only happened to Qin Yi, and not all members of the Qin family would have the same luck. “Swap with Qin Yu,” he said.

Qin Yuan reluctantly stepped down and couldn’t help but look at Qin Yi. Qin Yi was sitting in the corner, playing with his communicator with a neutral expression.

On the communicator was a message from Kong Jia Xiang.

【Kong Jia Xiang: Has the test result come out?】

【Kong Jia Xiang: You don’t have to be too sad. Everything will pass.】

Qin Yi deleted the messages almost immediately and sent a string of numbers to a Beta who had taken the same flower art class as him previously. These numbers included a time and location. Even if Father Qin were to check his chat record, he would be unable to decode it.

Qin Yuan suddenly sat beside him. “Kong Jia Xiang looked for you again? Are you not aware that he is about to get engaged to an Omega? Don’t continue dreaming, you…” Qin Yuan’s voice suddenly stopped because he remembered that Qin Yi’s current options spanned from Kong Jia Xiang of PanDa Star to the whole world.

He could choose between generals, diplomats, and many more at will. Qin Yuan was so angry that his eyes went wide, and he shut up without saying anything else.

“Your match with Alpha Wei Qing, whose pheromone number is IC3012, is 52%.” This was Qin Yu’s test result. The system also didn’t call out again, just like with Qin Yuan.

Father Qin was disappointed, and he said, “Go take your reports and head back after that.”
The reports were sent to their communicators shortly after. Father Qin didn’t plan to travel back with them, but he instructed Yu Hong before leaving, “Take good care of Qin Yi.” He heavily emphasized this as he wouldn’t allow a single mistake to occur.

Qin Yuan got into the car blankly. From today on, wouldn’t Qin Yi’s status in the Qin family change? He would no longer be the lowly Omega in the family. Even Qin Yu’s match percentage was higher than his.


They arrived at the Qin family house in a flash. Yu Hong immediately ordered the servants, “Prepare some food for Master Qin Yi,” he paused, “Prepare his favorites, do you understand? Whatever the young master requests, you have to make sure it is satisfied. If you’re unable to do so, you must report to me immediately.” In today’s society, family robots have already fully integrated themselves into the daily lives of humans. But most rich families would still rely on human servants to show off their status.

The servants were all perplexed. What does Master Qin Yi like to eat? This… no one knows! Why did Madam seem like a changed person today?

Turning to look at Master Qin Yuan, his expression was very ugly, and he said one sentence stiffly, “I’m leaving.” He turned around and left.

The looks on the servants’ faces were blank, and everything seemed to have changed without them noticing.

“Master Qin Yi.” The servant put on a respectful demeanor in front of Qin Yi awkwardly, “Are these your favorite dishes?” Qin Yi gave them a look, “Just put it over there. I’m going out for a while to meet with my classmate.”

The servant thought that this wasn’t something out of the ordinary, doesn't everyone go out every day? With that in mind, there wasn’t any need to report to the Madam then. He was even glad that he didn't have to wait on Qin Yi. Thus, he saw Qin Yi out.


Meanwhile, Father Qin walked straight into the office of the highest-ranked officer in PanDa Star, and the two talked for two hours.

“Thanks to your precious advice, I know what to do now.” Father Qin faced the other and gave a bow. The opposite side immediately bowed in response and cheerily said, “No, I’m afraid I won’t be able to accept Mr. Qin’s gratitude in the future." Father Qin was very satisfied and left with a smile on his face.
TL/n: After Qin Yi marries over, Father Qin’s status will also be elevated in a way, so it’s hard for the officer to accept. The word they use here is ‘大礼’ which can mean a formal courtesy they give to people of status or to elders (form of respect) and can be seen when Father Qin said thanks and bowed. The officer won’t be able to accept the ‘bow’ in the future because Father Qin’s status will be greater.


When he went back to the house, all the relatives in the Qin family had already been summoned to one place. This was a rare sight. “I have something huge to announce today,” Father Qin said with a smile on his face.

The relatives looked at each other. What kind of big event could overshadow the shame brought by Qin Yi’s test result?

Father Qin stopped at the climax and turned his head to the servant, “Bring Master Qin Yi over.”

The servant was stunned, “He went out.”

Father Qin’s face immediately changed, “How long has it been?”

Yu Hong also realized something, and his face changed, his heart panicking a little. He never would have thought that when faced with this kind of test result, the first thing he would do was to run away… wasn’t Qin Yi very smart? Why did he suddenly become a fool? Does he not know the amount of wealth and authority he could hold in the future? How prestigious could his reputation become?

“I will send people to look for him right away,” Yu Hong said. If he kept quiet, Father Qin would place the blame for losing Qin Yi on him. He couldn’t afford to shoulder this blame.
Father Qin glared at him viciously, “You know the consequences… if he really is missing, it won’t only be me, but the Zhou family, General Zhou’s family members, would also ask you where he is.”

It was as though cold water was splashed into a burning hot pan. The hall became noisy.

“What General Zhou?”

“What is happening? Can you speak more clearly?”

Yu Hong’s eyelids kept twitching for fear that the Qin family would want to tear him apart after Father Qin’s explanation, blaming him for not looking after Qin Yi carefully and not allowing the Qin family to prosper. He felt a huge amount of pressure, so much so that it made his face pale and body numb, losing his usual composure.

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