IM6A Chapter 3.2: Bye-Bye

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At this time, a servant hurriedly shouted, “Master Qin Yi! He, he came back!”

Qin Yi had seen enough of the chaos in the hall just now and casually walked out. He had actually intended to run away, but when he met with his Beta classmate and got a ticket for a cargo ship, he discovered that the ports on PanDa Star were all under strict surveillance.
TL/n: The word they used in the raws actually refers to emergency measures taken up by countries when there is war or natural disaster etc. and these measures include strengthening patrol and adding more guards.

He did not carelessly approach the ports but retreated, lest he failed to escape and instead strengthened their security. Father Qin was a schemer, and he guessed that when Father Qin left by himself, he had gone to see the chief of PanDa Star to borrow their authority and put PanDa Star on a lockdown. Or they could’ve directly allied with each other. These thoughts quickly passed through Qin Yi’s mind and left with no trace.

“Where did you go?” Father Qin saw him and rushed up to him agitatedly, reaching out a hand and wanting to grab his shoulder. He stopped midway; however, as he remembered the present Qin Yi was more precious than ancient porcelain. He was an existence that even Father Qin did not dare to touch so easily.

“I went to see a classmate, what’s the matter?” Qin Yi asked in return.

Father Qin suppressed his usual preaching attitude and forcefully let out a smile, “No, nothing. Qin Yi, there will be a military spacecraft to send you to Capital Star tonight. The Zhou family will be there to receive you.” He had already been persuaded. Whether he should mediate the offended party or tightly grasp a hold on General Zhou, he was clear on which was the smarter option.

Qin Yi didn’t have any expression on his face. Since PanDa Star was on lockdown, leaving early would, in turn, give him more opportunities.

Father Qin smiled and distributed the video which showed Qin Yi’s matching test to the rest of the family. Yes, he believed the video taken in the testing hall gave more benefits for the family than academic and literary achievements ever did.

Everyone was confused when they played the video, but they soon stood up in excitement.

“How is this possible?”

“This is the Qin family’s destiny to climb the social ladder even higher!”

“Qin Yi!” They couldn’t help but shout this name enthusiastically. The type of gaze they used to look at Qin Yi was as though they couldn’t wait to worship him as a deity.

“Qin Yuan has no ambitions.”

“He is far worse when compared with Qin Yi.”

“Qin Yi is so beautiful, and the matching percentage is so high, General Zhou will like him for sure…”

These people’s words suddenly took a turn. Qin Yuan almost tilted from anger.

The servants finally understood what was going on. Master Qin Yi was not a genetically defective Omega, his pheromones were very powerful, it was just that no one knew about it before. Now that the test result had come out, he was about to become the Omega the Qin family would worship…

Just as the Qin family was celebrating, Qin Yi spoke up, “I want money.”

His voice was very nice to hear. Even when mixed in with the noisy atmosphere, it couldn’t be ignored.

The hall was suddenly quiet. His second uncle asked, “What do you want?”

“A hundred million dollars.” Qin Yi said.

Second uncle grimaced, “How is that possible?” The annual revenue of the Qin family was only 590 million dollars.

Then the uncle got smacked. His little brother shot him a glare and scolded, “You have no vision! Qin Yi is going to Capital Star; we must show off a bit. We have to let the Zhou family see that we’re worthy of being matched with them.”

Father Qin also felt a bit pained. After all, a year of revenue and the money that could be touched on the account book were two separate things.

Despite this, he quickly came to a decision and collected some money from the family members, then gave the 100 million dollars to Qin Yi. Qin Yi took a random chair and sat down, then languidly continued to list the things he wanted, such as jewelry and fine clothes. He chose those that might not necessarily be the right ones for him but were definitely the most expensive ones.

Qin Yuan and the others could only watch as he got the things others could only wish for; whatever he wanted, he would get it.

One hundred million dollars! He had never seen so much money in his life! Qin Yuan’s eyes were so wide that it looked like his eyeballs almost fell out.


That night.

The stuff that Qin Yi got from earlier took up 15 boxes of space aboard the spacecraft. The highest-ranking officer in PanDa Star personally came to see him off.


Kong Jia Xiang still didn’t get a reply from Qin Yi after a long time. He couldn’t have gone to do silly things, right?
TL/n: He thought he might have committed suicide.

Since Qin Yi was uncontactable, he could only reach out to Qin Yuan. Qin Yuan accepted the call request with a strange expression, “Oh, you’re asking about Qin Yi. He’s at the D2 port, getting ready to board the spacecraft and leave.” He really hoped that Qin Yi and Kong Jia Xiang had some feelings for each other, and Qin Yi would stay for Kong Jia Xiang, giving up the chance to go to Capital Star to meet General Zhou.

When Kong Jia Xiang heard this, he hurriedly hung up and went to D2.


Qin Yi was preparing to board the spacecraft.

Kong Jia Xiang ran in front of him at the speed of light, “Qin Yi! Qin Yi! Where are you going? Could it be that…” The Qin family wants to kick you out? The words were stuck in his throat, and he couldn’t say them out loud.

“This should be the child of the Kong family, right?” A man’s voice rang out.

Kong Jia Xiang turned his head. It was the highest-ranking officer in PanDa Star, the one whom even his father had to be polite to and had to make an appointment if he wanted to see him.

“Uncle Pan Li?” Kong Jia Xiang asked. The other nodded, “Did you come to look for Qin Yi? Oh, if you have something to say, then hurry up and say it. It’s not suitable for an Alpha to be with an Omega for too long, don’t you think so?”

Kong Jia Xiang felt that something was strange. If the Qin family wanted to kick out Qin Yi, why would they still send Pan Li to oversee the process? He turned to look at Qin Yi, “You… didn’t get into any trouble, right?”

“No, no trouble.” The one who answered was Pan Li.

Kong Jia Xiang felt even stranger now. Could it be that the Qin family no longer want any face, and seeing that Qin Yi was beautiful, decided to send him to an important person as a kept lover?

Kong Jia Xiang couldn’t resist reaching out to hold Qin Yi’s hand, and asked in a low voice: “What exactly happened?”

Qin Yi stood there, his waist thin, legs long, with a beautiful appearance to match. It’s hard for people not to feel pity, okay?

Qin Yi sneered at him and shook off Kong Jia Xiang’s hand, “Bye-bye, stupid.”

Who would still want to pretend?

Qin Yi turned around and boarded the spacecraft; and left a Kong Jia Xiang, who looked like he had just been struck by lightning. As for the shocked Pan Li… didn’t everyone say that Qin Jian Lin’s son was gentle and virtuous? What a spicy Omega.
TL/n: Can mean that someone is daring or brutal.


On the other side of the Capital Star.

Old Zhou had to wait for seven hours before he could see his own son, the Imperial General, Zhou Yi Qing.

A man who was wearing an iron-gray military uniform with a whip in one hand and a sword in the other walked into the office slowly. The man was 1.94 meters tall. He was strong and tall, with bronze skin, and looked very similar to a typical Chinese man in the olden days. He had sharp eyebrows, a Grecian nose, and features that were beautiful but cold.

Using the Ancient Earth calendar in the 21st century, the average life expectancy of men was 63 years, while women had 67 years. Using this as a comparison to convert men’s age, he was only in his early 30s.

In this era, he had built up brilliant military feats for himself and an absolutely inviolable dignity over the past 100 years.

He was the Imperial General.

But with the power he held that was beyond that of the royal family, it was as though he had turned the land into his own authority.
TL/n: He holds more power than those related to the royal family, but not the emperor himself and with this power, everything is under his control.

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