IM6A Chapter 10.1: The General's Fiancé

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Guo Kai couldn’t take it any longer. “Zhou Yi.” He paused, then squeezed out a small smile. “Kilia won’t be happy if you say it like that. The blades are used for killing people, so how can they be used to cut steak? I believe the robots here would do a better job than her.”

Qin Yi replied with a simple ‘Ah.’

This made Guo Kai feel like his breath was stuck in his chest, neither going up nor down. The Omega had a very docile attitude, but it wasn’t docile enough. He shouldn’t be thinking about Kilia at all. It’s only right that they are love rivals instead!

“I’ll bring you to look at this planet today. You just became an adult; you must not have traveled alone before, right? Maybe you’ve never even seen the entirety of the planet you lived on,” Guo Kai started a new topic.

Qin Yi nodded. Guo Kai had originally wanted to see the scene of two beauties vying for his affection and being jealous for him, but he quickly stopped the idea in time for now for fear that he would be angered to death instead. Hence, Guo Kai turned his head and said, “Kilia, you don't have to follow.”

The corner of Kilia’s mouth twitched. “Did you forget? I still have to look out for assassins later on the streets, so we have to go together.” If he doesn’t tag along, the little Omega will quickly be devoured by Guo Kai.

“Then you can just go by yourself,” Guo Kai said without hesitation.

Qin Yi interrupted, “Bring me along.”

Guo Kai choked and turned to look at him.

Qin Yi: “It sounds interesting.”

Kilia raised his eyebrows, and the aggressiveness on that extraordinarily gorgeous face slightly weakened, and he said, “Then follow me.”

It’s no wonder why people say that even the most cold-hearted Alpha would find it difficult to maintain that attitude when faced with an Omega. Take the little Omega in front of him for example. Kilia finally experienced how good at coaxing with pretty words an Omega can be from Qin Yi.

Every time he took the initiative to lean closely towards Kilia, Kilia would always feel equally useful.
TL/n: Not exactly sure why the author used useful, but from the context, I assume it’s not the literal ‘lean’ but more of to rely or depend on Kilia.

The only one left fuming was Guo Kai. But who the hell cares whether he’s dead or alive? Kilia thought.

Qin Yi wanted to follow Kilia. Guo Kai didn’t want to expose his true self so soon and reveal the great possessiveness an Alpha can have. He even persisted and decided to charm Qin Yi using his personality and move his heart, and let the little Omega take the initiative to throw himself into his arms.


In the end, everyone accompanied Kilia to the streets to search for the assassin.

They boarded Guo Kai’s luxurious aircraft, and after leaving his castle, they plunged head-first into the ordinary street.

The streets here were deserted, and no people were setting up stalls to sell things. The decrepit buildings were scattered around but appeared whole, looking as though they were forcefully put together to create the entire town. All the doors were tightly shut. If the people walking on the streets happened to bump into the aircraft, they would immediately kneel, kowtow, and pay their respects.

Guo Kai enjoys this feeling a lot. He couldn’t help but say, “Do you want to have this kind of authority?”

Qin Yi tilted his head and looked at him. “Hm?”

Guo Kai smiled. “As long as you become my lover…”

Qin Yi hesitated and said, “Actually, there’s something I think I should tell you.”

Kilia could already almost imagine what he would say. Was it the matter concerning calling Zhou Yi Qing father again? Kilia had some unspoken grievances in his heart. It was probably because trash like Guo Kai also attempted to get together with the little Omega and even wanted to take the other as no more than a lover.

“I don’t like Alphas.” Qin Yi said. This was completely different from the answer Kilia had expected. Both Guo Kai and Kilia’s expressions froze almost at the same time. Guo Kai managed to squeeze out a sentence after a long time, “Huh? Are you rejecting me?”

Qin Yi: “Yes.”

“The bond between an Alpha and Omega is fated. You are just too young and have yet to experience how good an Alpha is. Is it because there had never been an Alpha that could detect the smell of your body’s pheromones, so you feel disillusioned? Pheromones are actually not that important. Look at how beautiful you are. You definitely don’t need pheromones for feelings to develop…”

Kilia frowned impatiently. He really didn’t like what Guo Kai had just said to the little Omega. He almost couldn’t take it anymore because of this damn pig.

“I like Betas.” Qin Yi interrupted. Guo Kai immediately looked at Kilia, his expression becoming distorted and ugly at that moment.

Kilia: “...” He shot Qin Yi a look.

He couldn’t really figure out which sentences that had come out of the little Omega’s mouth were real or fake. Was he deliberately provoking him and Guo Kai? Or was there indeed… a Beta that Zhou Yi liked? So he will probably ask him to keep more distance between them as he was an Alpha.
TL/n: 'He' refers to QY and 'him' refers to Kilia.

However, what kind of Beta could make Zhou Yi like him? Kilia thought. His fingertips unconsciously used a little force. When Kilia’s thoughts returned, the first thing he saw was Guo Kai’s angry and icy gaze. It was clear Guo Kai thought he was the Beta that the little Omega said he liked.

“I’m very grateful to you for letting me eat and live here, but I’m unable to repay you.” Qin Yi opened his mouth and said, “I have a gem here. I was originally going to give it to the person I like, but since I’ve escaped and ended up in this place, I don’t think I’ll ever get to see him again. Since that’s the case, I’ll use it to cover my expenses here.” He took out a pink gem that was the size of a fist from his pocket.

Kilia shot him a complicated look. He was just an illegitimate son, and the money he could get from the Zhou family must not be much. However, he was willing to exchange it for such a gem, so if it wasn’t for the person he liked, what other reason could it be? He didn’t lie.

Guo Kai felt so jealous he thought he could die. He had never seen an Omega like him before. He was beautiful, fragile, and treated the people he liked with sincerity. He would even prepare such a precious gift for the other. Was this something an Omega would do?

To win over such an Omega would be so exhilarating.

Guo Kai chuckled and turned his head to give Kilia a look. He then reached out his hand to take the gem. “The person who you like is really fortunate. But sadly, I’m much stronger than her, for I’m an Alpha. You’re destined to only belong to me.”

Guo Kai’s heart was determined to make Qin Yi his. He believed the pleasure he could derive from this would be comparable to conquering new territory. Guo Kai became increasingly committed to showing Qin Yi how amazing he was. Hence, he brought Qin Yi to shop around, see his robot army, and take a look at his spacecraft…

After a few days, Qin Yi almost had a complete grasp on the amount of power Guo Kai held.
Qin Yi still looked unmoved. Guo Kai felt a little anxious now. What’s the matter? Was all of this not enough to impress the little Omega?

Qin Yi sat in the aircraft and asked, “Don’t you have a fleet? Or your own army?”

Guo Kai pointed at the robots. “Aren’t they considered one?”

Qin Yi shook his head, “That’s different. If they become infected with a bug or virus, they will collectively lose their ability to move. Don’t you have a living army? The kind that can control mechs.”

Guo Kai snorted, “I don’t need those things.”

Qin Yi blinked his eyes lightly, looking innocent and harmless. He asked softly, “Why?”

He knows that Guo Kai’s response would be the reason why he’s able to occupy this planet.
“I have a code in my possession. This code is one of the most powerful viruses in the world. I can use it to command the robot army easily. There’s currently no other code that can crack and invade it, so the situation you’re worried about is nonexistent,” Guo Kai said.

Qin Yi showed a look of realization.

Guo Kai’s heart still felt troubled. The Omega was indeed too young and had not seen many things before, thinking that human armies are the ones with the least disadvantages. But this was, in fact, not the truth. Robots made from science and technology are the most frightening weapons! They will only suffer from damage and not die. They’re not afraid of pain, hardships, and being lethargic.

With them, I will become the king of a country sooner or later!

After pondering for a while, Guo Kai decided to take him to widen his views.

Only by letting the Omega look at the shocking scene personally will he know how great the Alpha standing in front of him is and how worthwhile it is to love and serve him.

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