IM6A Chapter 10.2: The General’s Fiancé

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This time, Guo Kai brought Kilia along.

Guo Kai has always been a very cautious person. Of course, that’s just what he thought.
In Kilia’s eyes, he was simply nothing but a timid coward. After coming into contact with Kilia, he coveted her beauty and let her help him arrange his matters. But he never dared to bring Kilia into his treasure armory that was considered his core.

But that didn’t matter anymore. He was determined to kill Kilia, so he might as well let Kilia come and widen her views for the last time. Let her regret not hugging his thigh and being more attentive. He wanted her to know about the foolish things she did.

“Let’s go,” Guo Kai said, leading them off the aircraft. They walked past the heavy defenses of the Zerg-shaped robots and finally arrived at the door of the secret armory left behind by the inhabitants of the I7 Star. Iris recognition was still used to unlock the place.

Guo Kai paused in front of the door for three seconds.

“Successfully unlocked.” The robotic voice of a female drifted from the door.

Guo Kai pushed the door open and entered, then turned on the setting that allowed temporary visitors to enter.

“Come in. I’ll bring you to see the shocking beauty of the robots.”

There was a massive nest-like space inside, around 100-120 square kilometers. It was big enough to accommodate two modern museums.

Guo Kai brought them up to the platform in the middle. There was a groove on the platform. Guo Kai took out an ID card and took out an exact copy of the same ID card from the bottom of the groove. After the two cards merged into one, he inserted it into the groove. A huge screen rose above the groove swiftly.

He raised his hand, quickly tapped a few times on the screen, and then there was a rustling sound.

All that could be seen were cocoons hidden in the darkness, one after the other. They broke apart their shells and stretched out their wings. Their bodies were black, and a cold glint from their mechanical parts reflected off of them.

At that moment, all the Zerg-shaped robots in the huge ‘nest’ space came to life. There were a variety of classes. Some could fly, and some couldn’t. Some were four-legged, eight-legged, and there were even some whose forefoot was as sharp as a mantis knife.
TL/n: A knife that’s in the shape of a mantis’s arm.

Up on the spiral stairs, countless Zerg-shaped robots lowered their heads and looked down, letting out deep screeching noises. When all the screeching noises gathered together, it turned into a deafening noise like an incoming tsunami, drowning them in it in an instant.

Their positions seemed to have reversed at that moment. The robots became giant living creatures while they were insignificant ants.

Guo Kai’s heart couldn’t help but feel a trace of panic. But when he thought about how these terrifying creatures were part of his gigantic army that only he had control of and would never betray nor rebel against him, he felt an unspeakable sense of elation.

He had even quietly watched scenes similar to this one many times before.

“Is it shocking?” Guo Kai asked.

Kilia’s eyes narrowed, and he stroked his fingertips. The sharp blades at his fingertips rubbed against each other and made a small sound, but it was covered by the ear-piercing screams of the Zerg-shaped robots.

This was the thing he wanted. Kilia pursed his lips. Maybe the little Omega was actually his lucky charm. His arrival had resolved the confusion of him being unable to match with any Omega for many years and also stopped the deadlock between him and Guo Kai.
“Not bad,” Qin Yi said. “I like it very much.”

Guo Kai laughed out loud, “I still thought you would be afraid… ain’t all Omegas scared of bugs? What’s more, the Alliance and Empire have fought against the Zerg plenty of times, and many people are still left traumatized towards the Zerg…”

Qin Yi pinched the ID card using his long and pale fingers. He flipped it around to take a look.

Guo Kai’s face suddenly changed, his eyeballs almost bulging out.

He didn’t expect the Omega to be so courageous! However, he still pressed down his arm firmly.

The Omega doesn’t have the faintest idea on how to use it… there’s nothing to be worried about.

Following Qin Yi’s action of picking up the card, even Kilia’s heart had contracted anxiously. He realized that the little Omega was really courageous, daring to touch anything.

Qin Yi quickly placed the ID card back into the groove. Seeing this, Guo Kai sighed in relief. That’s why he said… Omegas don't have a clue on how to use this kind of thing, so there would be no point for them to take it away. Besides, there is an inherent gap between an Alpha and Omega. He could kill this Omega anytime.

The screen lit up again when the ID card was placed back. Qin Yi raised his hand and tapped the screen gently twice. With a move of his fingertips, he quickly tapped on the virtual operation option key.

“Is this how you press it?” He asked. The Zerg-shaped robots slowly retracted their movements and kept their wings, and it seemed like they were about to return to their previous cocoon-shaped condition.

Guo Kai laughed, “...Yes.”

Qin Yi: “Do any of them know how to fly? I want to see some flying robots.”

“Of course, they can,” Guo Kai said, stretching out a hand. However, Qin Yi didn’t move his hand away from the screen.

“This is very fun, let me try it…” Qin Yi said.


How can this kind of thing be tried on?

Guo Kai started wondering.


The robots began spreading their wings again. Some of the black Zerg-shaped robots even started to flap their wings to swoop down and come straight to the platform from upstairs.

Guo Kai’s face changed drastically, and he hissed, “What are you doing? Stop it right now!” He reached his hand out hastily to take the ID card. Once the ID card was in his hands again, he felt a little relieved. However, the robots didn’t stop and continued diving straight down.

The ID card was simply a key to crack their program. It didn’t matter whether the card was taken away or put back into the groove as it didn’t have any commanding ability.

Guo Kai got in a frenzy and hurriedly yelled, “Kilia, quick, help me stop them first!” He put the ID card back in again, deciding to try and control them using the screen.

Kilia didn’t move.

The sharp blade mounted on the Zerg-shaped robot was already very close to Guo Kai’s back. He couldn’t help but shiver. He turned around, his eyes looking like they were about to pop open.

Kilia just watched the scene coldly through the art of multitasking while standing at the side.

Qin Yi took the ID card away again and asked softly, “The principle behind the operation of this thing is to invade the robots’ systems, wipe away its original imprint, and cut off the spiritual connection. Then, re-establish a spiritual connection between you and them, using mental power to control them, right? As long as one has that code in this card, even if their mental power is weak, they can also use it to establish a connection. They won’t even have to spend any effort to overwrite the original imprint, is that right?”

Guo Kai’s heart grew heavy. He looked at the opposite side in horror. He probably didn’t know what scared him more: the Zerg-shaped robot behind him or the Omega youth’s sharp mind…

Guo Kai didn’t answer him, but hollered, “Who are you? Ain’t you an Omega? I advise you better not touch things that don’t belong to you…”

He hadn't even finished his sentence before he rolled to the ground to avoid the sharp blade the Zerg-shaped robot had extended.

Guo Kai’s heart trembled non-stop. It was very obvious that the Omega was controlling his Zerg-shaped robots. How did he do it?!

Guo Kai quickly took out his personal mech. A huge, mandrill-shaped mech painted in gold landed on the ground and stood up. It was 10 meters high. It stood beside the high platform and stretched out its hand to hold Guo Kai up and put him into the cabin.

“Kilia, you have to think about it carefully. Whose person are you?” Guo Kai’s frustrated voice came from the mech.

Kilia chuckled and turned to look at Qin Yi. “Do you want me to protect you?” Let’s hear you say some nice words. Kilia hadn’t even spoken the second half of the sentence.

“Weren’t you waiting for this moment for a really long time now?” Qin Yi said in a soft voice, neither in a rush nor slowly.

Guo Kai’s face changed drastically when he heard what they were saying. “So it turns out you were working together? You’re here to steal the code in my hands, is that it? Who hired you? You better not be too naive. This isn’t the only thing I have!”

Kilia just ignored him and looked Qin Yi in the eyes deeply. “You sure are smart…”

He turned his head and looked at the mandrill-shaped mech that was surrounded by the Zerg-shaped robots.

“We’re not together. But the Omega you brought back has caught my attention, so he belongs to me now.” Kilia said indifferently.

“Ha! You’re just a Beta! You don’t even have that thing…” Guo Kai said mockingly.
TL/n: A man's private area.

Qin Yi played with the ID card in his hands.


This is too much.

Isn’t this just mocking the other for being a eunuch? Who can tolerate this kind of humiliation?

As expected, Kilia’s expression collapsed. His face suddenly looked more aggressive and terrifying at that moment. He raised his hand to grab the necklace with many beads on his neck and gave it a hard yank.

The beads fell and rolled to the ground, making a softpa pa sound. His Adam’s apple was exposed clearly to Guo Kai’s eyes.

The ‘female Beta’ who was wearing a long red dress and had on a long black wig grabbed the railing, and by using a little bit of his strength, his whole body went over the high platform.

He forcefully jumped using his strength and landed on the shoulders of the ‘mandrill.’

The pheromones of an Alpha filled the air instantly. It was the kind of pheromones that was extremely domineering and powerful, the kind that Guo Kai had only smelled on General Zhou’s body before. The pheromone scent made him feel an instinctive tremor, and even if he was in the mech, he involuntarily felt the desire to surrender.

Guo Kai didn’t even think about it before attempting to maneuver the mech, wanting to take the Alpha down.

Kilia took off his gloves. His fingers were pale, as though it was some kind of artwork. But a blade suddenly appeared on top of the long and slender but powerful fingers, and that blade extended forward quickly, like the vicious claws of a wolf.

The blade this time was even larger and sharper than what was shown to Qin Yi just now. It cut off the mandrill’s palm in one fell swoop. Guo Kai roared angrily, then turned on the laser cannon equipped on the mech.

Kilia stepped on the shoulder, kicked, and started riding the mandrill’s neck. He kept the blades and clenched his fist, and just like this, the fist landed on the mandrill’s cheek and made a loud impact.

“Have you never seen a 5S-ranked Alpha before?” Kilia said while grinning.

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