IM6A Chapter 10.3: The General's Fiancé

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The mandrill’s head was beaten until it became crooked.

Guo Kai started quivering in the cabin. He even shot the laser cannon in the wrong direction, blasting a large hole through the secret armory. Light from outside started seeping in through the hole.

5S… rank?

Guo Kai’s mind became blank.

He had seen one before.

General Zhou Yi Qing.

He was his nightmare.

The difference between this type of Alpha and the average Alpha was close to the difference between humans and gods when it came to power and status.

There are only a few of them in this world, but once a country has one, that country could instantly rise from being a small country to one with great power.

This kind of Alpha, if they were placed back in the era of the Ancient Earth, would be equivalent to a country’s nuclear weapons.

Kilia: “You’re really good-for-nothing trash. I don’t even need to use a mech.”

Guo Kai’s mind went blank. Although his back felt chilly, all he could feel inside was deep rage from being humiliated.

He screamed, “Don’t move, or I’ll blow myself up with the mech. Do you know how powerful this is? The radius it can blow up is 400 kilometers!”

“Blow yourself up, fucking do it.” Kilia smacked the mandrill’s face two more times with an indifferent attitude. This made its head even more crooked.

Kilia’s purpose in dressing up as a female Beta was to avoid frightening Guo Kai into blowing himself up before he could get the ID card from him. He felt great interest in this ID card, and whatever he wanted, he must have it.

But now, he has obtained the card, so it wasn’t a problem for him even if Guo Kai wanted to blow himself up into fireworks.

Guo Kai went mad with anger. He roared, “Don’t you dare force me! Even if you aren’t afraid, that Omega may not be the same as you! He would be blown to pieces too!”


At this moment, a team slowly walked in from the torn hole. They were pushing a huge weapon along with them. That weapon looked unsightly; its body was gray with eight tentacles at the front.

Qin Yi had read about it in a book before. The scientific name of this thing was called the ‘Propeller.’

It was generally used for long-range propulsion of aircraft, spacecraft, some strategic materials, and even for mechs. They were to be integrated into the battlefield very soon.

The repercussions it brought along were very destructive, so scenarios, where it can be used realistically, are very limited.

But now…

Guo Kai frantically pressed the red button in his hand in an attempt to scare Kilia and get him to back off, and the mandrill sent out a message. “The self-destruction program is starting…”

Just when that happened, the propeller emitted a huge beam of white light.

Kilia jumped back to the high platform from the mandrill’s body. He stared at Guo Kai. “No one’s been able to afford me, you know?”

Kilia had no reaction to his self-destruction!

Guo Kai’s eyes widened. At this moment, the mandrill’s self-destruction timer had already reached ‘three.’


When the voice rang out again, the huge beam of light finally reached its peak and pushed the mandrill out forcefully with great effort.

The mech flew out of the secret armory and exploded into fireworks in mid-air.

Kilia turned back to look at Qin Yi. Would he be scared? But what he saw was calmness written all over Qin Yi’s face.

Kilia suddenly felt the same awkwardness he knew Guo Kai had also felt. It seemed like the immense power he held in his hand was not even worth mentioning in front of Qin Yi…

Forget it. His dad was Zhou Yi Qing, after all.

Kilia reached out a hand to Qin Yi. “Let’s go?”

Qin Yi slowly retracted his gaze and tossed the ID card into his pocket. He nodded lightly and stretched his hand out too. But just when he was about to hold it, Kilia’s eyelids suddenly twitched, and he instinctively took back his hand.

The Omega’s touch attracted him too much.

Kilia regained his calm and turned to walk ahead. “Let’s go and make a grave for Guo Kai.”

Qin Yi followed him obediently. “Okay.”

Kilia probably just wanted to get Guo Kai’s matter over and done with. He let his subordinate bury Guo Kai, together with the mandrill, in the soil and even made a tombstone for them. The words written on it were: ‘The tomb for the trash.’

Kilia took Qin Yi to board his aircraft after that.


On one hand, Kilia and his party left the port. On the other hand, Guo Kai spent an entire day before he finally managed to dig his grave out and climbed out from inside.

“Fortunate, it’s really fortunate that I left a life-saving move for myself. Kilia, the day will come when I’ll kill you. And I’ll get it on with your Omega in front of you…” Guo Kai said weakly. He turned around only to see the words on the tombstone.

“...” Guo Kai’s expression changed, and he became even angrier.

Just at this moment, he saw a team flying in his direction. Guo Kai’s eyelids keep twitching. Judging by the style of the aircraft, it looks like… looks like the Empire’s army.

How could the Empire’s army be alerted to this place and come here? Guo Kai didn’t even stop to think about it when he quickly buried himself in the soil again.

Not long after, he could hear the sound of footsteps slowly nearing. It was the sound that only army combat boots walking on the ground could create. Guo Kai heard someone say, “General, it seems like this was the place where the explosion occurred.”

General? Guo Kai was horrified. How many people were there that could be called General…

No matter which General was outside, he would still be eaten up by them completely.

“Okay.” A cool but young voice could be heard.

Just then, a shocked voice interrupted them. “General, that-that was the pink gem that Young Master Qin Yi had bought on Shining Star! I remember! I remember it very clearly! There’s no doubt, that’s it for sure!”

A pink… gem? Guo Kai suddenly had a bad feeling. He immediately pressed on his pockets. It was completely empty. The pink gem that the Omega had given him seemed to have fallen out during the explosion.

Then, he heard the same voice instructing, “Dig up the grave.”

At this moment, Guo Kai finally confirmed the other party’s identity. It was the Empire’s War God, Zhou Yi Qing.

Guo Kai had nowhere else to hide or escape, so he was inevitably dugout. Because the other party’s digging method was too rough, he also suffered a bit and had quite a lot of blood on his body after.

Zhou Yi Qing’s second-in-command, Ji Yang, stared at him and slowly frowned. “Wanted fugitive Guo Kai? Why is he hiding here? He’s already buried deep in a grave yet still alive? Seems interesting.”

The soldiers had also heard of his reputation before, and all of their faces changed collectively.

“Guo Kai… doesn’t he like beauties? He even has… even has the Young Master’s gem, don’t tell me, Young Master he…” A Beta soldier said with trepidation.

At this, Ji Yang’s face also changed. Zhou Yi Qing frowned slightly.

What Young Master? Guo Kai felt that something wasn’t right.

He immediately opened his eyes and shouted, “What are you saying? I’ve never seen the Young Master you’re talking about before. This gem was given to me by another person’s own initiative…”

Zhou Yi Qing walked to him and turned on his communicator.

“Have you seen him before?”

The communicator’s screen in front of him lit up and showed a picture of a beauty. Guo Kai opened and closed his mouth before saying, “W-who is he?”

He had to confirm the identity of the Omega first before he could decide on the answer that would benefit him the most in this situation.

Ji Yang’s expression changed. “You really saw him? He’s the General’s fiancé!”

Guo Kai’s head became dizzy, and he almost exploded in fright.

This… how… should he make this up? If Zhou Yi Qing knew that he once harbored thoughts on his Omega, then wouldn’t he die an even terrible death?

“H-he was snatched away by some people… right, it was by someone called Kilia…” Guo Kai stammered.

Ji Yang swiftly entered the name into the information database and started searching for it. Half a minute later, Ji Yang raised his head.

“General, there’s not a single person with this name.”

Guo Kai felt his scalp becoming numbed at this. “I really didn’t lie to you, really, I…”

The soldier picked up the gem and gave it to Zhou Yi Qing, and with a face full of sadness, he said, “At that time, he was still thinking about how to use it to make himself more beautiful for the General.”

Zhou Yi Qing held the pink gem in his hand and unconsciously clenched his fist, holding it gingerly. He then kept it somewhere safe and used one hand to press on Guo Kai’s shoulder.

Guo Kai’s entire body started shaking. “G-General Zhou…”
TL/n: In Chinese, it was stated that he shook like a sieve. The main thing here is the shaking when you sieve something, so the author is comparing his shaking to that. When people are in fear, they cannot control their body muscles, and they will start to tremble and feel jittery.

Zhou Yi Qing looked down at him with a cold and indifferent gaze before tearing his body into pieces.

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