IM6A Chapter 11.1: I'll Give It to You

Updated: May 2

Zhou Yi Qing curled his fingers. The mechanical shell wrapped around his fingers slowly disappeared and merged into his body.

This was a unique ability exclusive to top-grade Alphas- they can merge with their own mechs. Thus, their flesh and blood can also become an energy source for the mech. Even when their energy source is depleted, they can still dominate the battlefield.

This is why the entire world is obsessed with getting Alpha and Omega pairs with high matching percentages to marry each other. Only through this kind of bonding is it possible for such a powerful Alpha to be born.

Everyone had indifferent looks as they withdrew their gazes, and only the old-fashioned Beta soldiers from PanDa Star who had never seen these kinds of scenes before had their mouths wide open in horror.

Ji Yang frowned, took out a veil, and handed it to Zhou Yi Qing. “Wipe your hands?”

Zhou Yi Qing held the veil tightly but didn’t move. He didn’t have mysophobia. After all, even with the most advanced technology, they would still be unable to keep themselves clean all the time on the battlefield. Blood and sweat were normal to them.

“General, should we bury him back?” A soldier asked.

Zhou Yi Qing lowered his head and glanced at the corpse. “There’s a race with a type of plant gene in them. Even if their body is torn into pieces, there’s still a possibility of them repairing themselves as long as they’re given enough time.”

The old-fashioned soldiers of Panda Star were extremely shocked to hear that.

There were such people in the world?

“Burn it,” Zhou Yi Qing said.

“Roger,” the soldier replied.

Guo Kai’s mangled corpse was quickly put into an electrical crematorium. The temperature rose to the peak rapidly, turning everything inside into ashes.

Ji Yang glanced at it and said, “Scumbags like him, wanted and on the run, always escaping to all kinds of places, are indeed not even worthy of being buried in a grave.”

Zhou Yi Qing: “En.”

Guo Kai was quite famous on the Interstellar Wanted list. He used to be a Beta and accidentally became an Alpha during the year he turned 18. From then on, he turned into a Beta hater extremist. He completely forgot that he was also a Beta once and was extremely proud of his Alpha status.

After that, he would kill all the male Betas he came across. As for female Betas who looked pretty enough, he would take them into his arms and play with them recklessly. After he was done playing with them, he would kill them.

Later on, he even began to covet the beauty of female Alphas and beautiful male Omegas, which was an extremely arrogant act.

His actions completely violated the laws of various countries, and thus, his name appeared on the most wanted list.

However, no one had seen him again since a few years ago.

Until today.

Both Zhou Yi Qing and Ji Yang were very clear about the kind of scum and trash that Guo Kai was. But the clearer he was about this, the more Zhou Yi Qing thought about how bad the Omega’s situation must’ve been.

Qin Yi was very clever, but there was still a natural power gap between Omega and Alpha. What could he have gone through while staying with Guo Kai?

Ji Yang looked at Zhou Yi Qing’s expression with great caution, but he couldn’t help asking, “General, are you worried about your fiancé?”

Zhou Yi Qing was silent for a moment before saying, “He’s not my fiancé.”

Zhou Yi Qing had never thought of getting married to Qin Yi from the start, but the reason why he was facing these kinds of situations originated from him. Zhou Yi Qing felt a sense of unhappiness that was almost unbearable.

An Omega shouldn’t have to meet all kinds of danger because of him. The Omega should stay at home, happily relaxing, and not be forced to travel so far away to the Capital Star only to face a scum like Guo Kai later.

“Kilia is a fake name,” Zhou Yi Qing said.

As for the reason why Guo Kai could stay hidden here for so many years, it was obvious that he had some kind of powerful weapon in his hands. This weapon may have been taken away by the person called ‘Kilia.’ At the same time, ‘Kilia’ also took Qin Yi away.

“Check if there are any traces of Halls’ and Lu Ji’s spacecraft passing by near this area,” Zhou Yi Qing quickly gave out instructions.

Ji Yang looked at him in shock. “You suspect they might have…”

“Guo Kai must be quite capable if he was able to escape and stay hidden for so many years. Not just anyone would be able to easily take him down and snatch away the thing in his hands. ‘Kilia’ must be an Alpha and one that is strong enough.” Zhou Yi Qing unconsciously felt a little bit distressed when saying this.

For such a strong Alpha, the desire to dominate is almost instinctive. For Qin Yi to fall into that Alpha’s hand was just like him falling from one tiger’s den to another.


When the youth saw their boss driving a dilapidated and old spacecraft, which slowly headed towards their fleet, his mouth dropped.

“What happened? Didn’t you drive the spacecraft to pick up the boss?” The youth asked.

His name is Lu Xing, and he was Kilia’s head assistant.

The rest of the people in the call channel blabbered and gave responses like:

- “That spacecraft belongs to others.”

- “Belongs to an Omega.”

- “Yes, yes, it seemed like Guo Kai had stopped the spacecraft’s operation, so the boss helped him operate it…”

Lu Xing’s mouth was still wide open.


That gorgeous Omega with a proactive personality and had a matching percentage of over 50% with the boss?

Lu Xing immediately opened the boarding bridge of the fleet and waited for them to enter.

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