IM6A Chapter 11.2: I'll Give It to You

Updated: May 8

Kilia was still chatting with Qin Yi in a low voice. It’s not that he didn’t want to join the team’s channel, but the old spacecraft he was driving didn’t have that function at all.

“It actually requires a lot of manual operations, and a lot of the buttons are already busted. The map also hasn’t been updated for a very long time… so how exactly did you sit inside and reach I7 Star safely?” Kilia couldn’t help but ask.

The little Omega often made him feel that he was too fragile.

“It was by sheer luck,” Qin Yi said.

Qin Yi was still wearing the clothes Guo Kai had prepared for him. He didn’t like Guo Kai’s stuff, so after he answered Kilia, he turned around and changed into the nightgown he was wearing previously during his escape.

The nightgown was back to its previously clean state after washing.

“I’m going to bring you to the crew. Are you ready? It’s too late even if you regret it now.” Kilia said and turned his head. His gaze landed on the Qin Yi, who had just changed into his nightgown and was slowly walking out.

It’s like he’s giving an implicit invitation, Kilia thought.

Although he had no experience in relationships, he had seen this type of performance in many different scripts countless times.

“Yes.” Qin Yi responded in an unconcerned manner. “Let’s go. I haven’t really thought about which place I wanted to go next anyway.” He’ll just let all of them think he had been kidnapped. He’ll even save some of his energy from not needing to run around.

When Kilia heard this, he didn’t know why but his mood brightened. His lips curled into a smile, and he stood up and left the console. “How will you repay me now that I’ve helped you get back your spacecraft?”

Qin Yi thought for a bit. “Well, the only asset I have on me is already in Guo Kai’s hands.”

Only then did Kilia remember that pink gem. He frowned. “I knew I should’ve taken it from his corpse before we left.”

Someone already dug it out, Qin Yi thought.

Ever since he figured out that Guo Kai’s identity might be some fugitive who had escaped to a backward planet, he felt that it was no longer safe. Especially so when Kilia wanted to obtain something from Guo Kai. Once two Alphas go to war, there are bound to be big movements.

That planet would’ve been found out sooner or later, so it wasn’t safe to stay.

That’s why he gave away the pink gem in advance. To give Zhou Yi Qing and his team the impression that he had already been killed by Guo Kai or to at least give them the illusion of having been kidnapped again.

No matter which kind it was, it would also mislead their judgment to some extent.
If Guo Kai hadn’t died, then the gem would’ve guaranteed his death.

People like Guo Kai, who are vindictive and narrow-minded, would take revenge viciously if they didn’t manage to die the first time.

“It doesn’t have to be a gem. It can be other things.” Kilia’s voice sounded once more.

Qin Yi’s thoughts were pulled back.

Qin Yi: ?

Was the ID card what you wanted?

I won’t give it to you.

Qin Yi tried to recall what he currently had with him. Everything he had was paid for using money. He wasn’t willing to give it away. Unless there was someone who sided with his plan, then they would more likely be able to get what he had.

Qin Yi finally remembered an essentially worthless thing he had in his possession with great difficulty.

“Wait for me. I have something very precious that I want to give you.” Qin Yi smiled and said.
Kilia couldn’t help but look forward to it. He gently lowered his eyes, his long eyelashes covering the glow in his eyes.

“Mm,” he responded.

When the little Omega in front of him wanted to make people angry, he could really make people go mad with anger. But when he coaxed people, it could make that person feel particularly pleasant.

Qin Yi quickly turned and came out again. In his hands was an old video player with an outdated style.

The corners of his eyes drooped slightly, and an imperceptible sadness appeared on his soft and beautiful face.

“During the time when I escaped alone, this was the thing that got me by and made me happy. It gives me strength, is my emotional sustenance, and is my most precious possession. And now, I’m giving it to you. You’ll definitely like it.” Qin Yi said.

Kilia’s fingertips felt a little itchy. Even the sharp blades hidden underneath seemed to be a little out of control.

So it turns out that an Omega’s attraction to an Alpha could actually feel this great, not to mention he was only three meters away from the other party.

He wanted to soothe the little Omega, especially the corners of his eyes.

At this moment, the robot raised its manipulator, grabbed the video player, and slowly came to Kilia’s side and handed it to him. Kilia pressed the screen of the video player, and it lit up. It automatically started playing the first video very soon afterward.

The man in the lens was wearing gorgeous and luxurious clothing from the Ancient Earth era, and he slowly turned his head.

A pair of gentle and downturned eyes, passionate and moving, appeared. It was a scene from a best-selling film.

…What a familiar scene.

Kilia’s eyebrow twitched, and he clutched the player in his hands tightly. He looked at the Omega youth sitting not far away at the speed of light, almost in horror and shock, his heart beating uncontrollably.

“This is your… most treasured item?” Kilia’s voice was slightly muffled.

Qin Yi lied without even blinking. He replied softly, “Yes, this is the one. Do you like it?”

Kilia suddenly smiled, and his eyes were deep. “I like it too much,” he said.

Just like how you like me.

Kilia, no, Lu Ji thought in his heart.

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