IM6A Chapter 12.1: Instant Social Death

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Kilia got down from the dilapidated second-hand spacecraft and entered the ship with Qin Yi.

All involved subordinates’ expressions didn’t change even after they saw Kilia’s female getup, and the corners of their eyes didn’t even twitch.


“Boss, you’re back!”

“You look happy, boss! Did you get the thing?”

Kilia: “No.”

Everyone was stunned: ???

Didn’t get it?

How could this be!

“Didn’t they send back a message saying that everything went well?”

“At which part did an incident occur?”

Also, how can you still afford to smile?

A heap of questions was all stuck in their throats, and before they could ask, Kilia slowly moved away, and his tall and strong body shifted to the side, which revealed Qin Yi behind him completely.

Everyone was stunned again.

“Oh, oh… Omega?!”

“Fuck, there’s really an Omega?” Some were so excited that they started cursing.

Then, they got slapped by Lu Xing. “Just because you don’t want to leave a good image doesn’t mean the boss doesn't want to. Can you leave the rest of us a friendly, gentle, and polite image? Don’t you know Omegas are very delicate?

They immediately stopped talking out of embarrassment.

Qin Yi looked at the people in front of him calmly. Most of them in the group were Betas while only a handful were Alphas. There was even a female Alpha.

Qin Yi looked at her neck. Yup, it’s a genuine female this time.

The other sensed his gaze and she instantly blushed. She decided to take the initiative and said, “Hello, my name is Kong Jun Wen. What’s yours?”

“Zhou Yi.” Qin Yi gave a polite nod and continued using the fake name to introduce himself.

“Your name sounds nice.” Kong Jun Wen then excitedly asked, “Well, I’ll take the liberty to ask. Do you have an Alpha?”

Kilia: “...”

Qin Yi: “None as of now.”

Kilia: “.......”

“He’s single!”

“An Omega that’s single!”

“Wait, is he already legal?”

Everyone couldn’t help but boil up again.
TL/n: Exhilarated.

Kong Jun Wen stepped forward, becoming the boldest and the only one amongst them to actually take initiative. Her eyes trembled slightly, and she said in a low voice, “I just turned 93 this year, and although it’s true that I’ve been single for many years, I’m still an Alpha that’s gentler than any one of them…”

Kilia suddenly interrupted her and said coldly, “Can you smell his pheromones?”

The tip of Kong Jun Wen’s nose twitched, and she said blankly, “...Can’t smell it.”

Kilia’s fingers that had clenched unconsciously gradually loosened at this.

“Mn.” He responded, then turned his head to look at the others.

Lu Xing was stupefied and said, “Boss, I can’t smell it.”

“I can’t smell it either.”

“Did he use an inhibitor?”

Kilia: “No.” The corners of his mouth curled and his cold look from earlier faded.

He said, “Only I can smell it.”

After finishing, he repeated again, “Only me.”

Qin Yi licked his lips. It may not only be him. Perhaps all those who had a high matching percentage with him would be able to smell it.

“Boss, what’s going on? Why are you the only one who can smell it?”

“There’s no use even if he can smell it. Boss also had his fair share of smelling other people’s pheromones, but he’s always been indifferent.”

They were full of gossip.

The one to speak this time became Lu Xing. He said in his heart, I’m the first one to get the eating melon information from the frontlines! There’s no one clearer about this matter than me!
TL/n: Slang for onlookers; gua means gossip and netizens like to say they are melon-eating people which are people who just watch without participating.

Lu Xing: “It’s not indifference. He…” Lu Xing paused for fear that he might scare off the little Omega. Hence, he maintained his composure and turned to ask Qin Yi first, “Can I say it?”

Qin Yi: ?

Qin Yi: “You say it.”

I’ll listen and see what kind of things you’ll make up.

Lu Xing took a deep breath, having felt so suffocated from this secret until now. He said loudly, “They are living together! They had stayed together for several nights already!”

“Holy fuck!”

When everyone heard this, their expressions were all distorted. They had even forgotten where they were at momentarily.

Only when this happened did Kilia say faintly, “Alright, keep your surprised expressions and prepare to head off to the next galaxy.” He spoke while walking to the other side.

Kilia: “I’ll go to change my clothes.”

After he said this, he paused in his steps and turned back to say, “Lu Xing, treat him well.”

Lu Xing nodded continuously. “Don’t worry, I will!”

The others also nodded with a solemn look.

As soon as Kilia left, these people immediately gave Qin Yi a warm welcome and brought him to the side of a round table. They served him tea and water, cut fruits for him to eat, and brought him snacks from different galaxies. They were all afraid of neglecting him.

All of them surrounded him carefully, albeit nervously.

“Z-Zhou Yi, right? How old are you this year?”


“...” Boss, how could you bear to lay a hand on him?

“Are your parents still alive?” They asked again.

Qin Yi paused, then let out a small smile and said, “My mum has already passed, and the other is on the verge of death.”

This tone was very, very unexpected.

They mulled over it in their minds and thought it was apparent that Zhou Yi didn’t have too good of a relationship with his father.

That’s just right. He can get the fatherly love he lost from our boss.

If there are marriage talks in the future, the little Omega’s parents won’t try to obstruct them in every possible way just because of their career.

It’s just that it’s distressing to see the little Omega wander alone outside at such a young age. Everyone’s gaze suddenly became softer.

They got the information they wanted from Qin Yi, while Qin Yi also gained the information he wanted from them successfully without any delay.

These people were a group of interstellar pirates, and they usually moved around in a huge team.

There are quite a lot of people pursuing this career these days. But to avoid meeting the Alpha called Lu Ji, who was on the list from the matching test result, Qin Yi decided to try sounding it out first, “Are you very amazing?”

Lu Xing: “Of course! Especially our boss, people will always tremble in fear when they hear his name… so you don’t have to worry, we can definitely…”

Protect you well.

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