IM6A Chapter 14.1: Your Highness! Big News!

Updated: May 24

After the starship fired that one cannon, it didn’t make any more movements.

Lu Ji brought Qin Yi with him into the spacecraft instead.

Kong Jun Wen took over the starship and drove away alone.

“It can’t stop at the port.” Lu Ji said.

Qin Yi just nodded, not asking any questions. It was pretty obvious if he thought about it. Such a big guy; it’ll definitely catch Limu Empire’s attention the moment it stops at the port.

And as Lu Ji was a pirate, his name was on every country’s most wanted list.

“The port is up ahead.” Lu Ji opened the window in front of him.

Qin Yi lowered his eyes, and through the glass window, he saw the Star that was getting nearer and nearer to him. The lush greenery on the Star got more magnified to the eye the closer they got.

He heard Lu Ji’s voice. “This is Beiman Star. I shot a movie here more than 10 years ago. It’s very beautiful here. You’ll definitely like it.”

Lu Ji suddenly paused while talking, then his tone became a little lighter, “I used to like this place very much, but because of the restrictions that came with my profession, I didn’t get the chance to appreciate the beauty here more. After that, I thought… if there was any way that I could stuff this planet into my pocket. I’ll be able to take it out whenever I want to admire it.”

Qin Yi: ?

This is why you decided to become a pirate instead?

You want to rob someone else’s Star!

“Wait here for me.” Lu Ji said and turned in the direction of the operation room.

Qin Yi: “Hm?”

“I need to change my face.”

Qin Yi blinked, then called out to stop him, “Mr. Lu, wait.”

Lu Ji really stopped in his tracks and turned back to look at Qin Yi. “Do you want to change too?” He smiled and said.

Qin Yi shook his head and said, “No.”

The corners of his mouth lifted slightly, showing a small smile. His features shone with a dazzling color then and there. “Can Mr. Lu change back to his previous getup?” He asked warmly.

Lu Ji suddenly had a bad feeling. He pursed his lips and asked in a low voice, “You like my previous getup?”

Qin Yi: “Yes. It looks very good.”

Lu Ji: “...”

The little Omega not only doesn’t like the smell of his pheromones, but he also doesn’t like his current face now.

Indeed, he became a black fan.

Lu Ji choked, and for a moment, he couldn’t describe what he was feeling deep down.

Qin Yi leaned back against the chair, showing a lazy posture. But his tone still sounded slow and gentle, and he smiled while saying, “Of course, the one to make the final decision will still be Mr. Lu yourself. You don't have to listen to my opinion. After all, you’ve already changed your career and no longer need to act out other roles.”

Qin Yi kept trampling on his minefield crazily.
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How exhilarating!

Just like that, all the good feelings accumulated thus far can be offset in one breath, right?
Even if Lu Ji thought of the video player again, the only impression he would be left with would most likely be that of a ‘black fan.’

Lu Ji: “Mmh.”

He replied in a deep voice, his face not showing any joy or anger, and he only slowly turned to walk away.

Zhou Yi really does prefer Betas more, this thought popped up in Lu Ji’s mind.

This thought didn’t make him feel too stuffy or uncomfortable, but it inexplicably made people feel a little upset.

Lu Ji turned his head and gazed out the spacecraft to Beiman Star, which they were about to reach. Suddenly, he felt that it was no longer as beautiful as before.

In fact, it’s a bit ugly.

Quite f--king ugly.

However, the itinerary had already been planned. Lu Ji decided to endure the depression he felt and went to change his outfit.


Qin Yi sat there for a while, but he suddenly heard the sound of footsteps approaching behind him, followed by a deep voice, “Zhou Yi.”

Qin Yi looked back. Standing there was an Alpha whose handsome features he could still vaguely recognize, but he had a face so black his mother wouldn’t be able to recognize it.
He made all his skin completely black. There was a gloomy feeling surrounding him from head to toe, like an undead villain of some movie.

He walked closer and stopped two meters away. “Can you still smell my pheromones?” He asked.

Qin Yi heard what he said and started to sniff in a serious manner. The tip of his nose twitched slightly. “I can smell it.”

“What smell?” Lu Ji frowned.

Qin Yi: “The smell of alcohol. Very pungent.”

Lu Ji: “...”

His eyebrows were furrowed, but because he had changed into black skin, it wasn’t too noticeable.
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He gritted his teeth and said, “I’ve injected eight shots of pheromone inhibitors in a row.”
Qin Yi: ???

He was a little shocked.

Just like how Omegas have inhibitors that repress pheromones, Alphas also have them. It’s just that other than prescriptions given by standard hospitals, everything else was considered illegal. One important reason was that it was enough to kill a person if the dosage was above normal, even if it was by just a little.

Eight shots… It was enough to send a fully-grown Alpha straight to the hospital. If they failed to save the person in time, their body would be cremated on the spot. After that, they can move on to the scattering of their ashes.

Only top Alphas like Zhou Yi Qing and Lu Ji would most likely be able to withstand it without a scratch.

“Forget it.” Lu Ji’s face relaxed. He wasn’t too caught up with this problem because he had a new theory not long after.

He suspected the matching percentage between the little Omega and him to be higher than 50%. Maybe it was 70%? 80%? Only through this would it cause the inhibitor to lose its effectiveness.

“Do you want the medical robot to examine you?” Qin Yi took the initiative to ask.

Still can’t let Lu Ji die yet.

Otherwise, his subordinates will definitely count the fuse on his head.
TL/n: The fuse refers to Qin Yi being the trigger or catalyst. In short, the subordinates will pin the blame on him.


Lu Ji’s face relaxed even further. He raised an eyebrow and said, “You don’t have to worry. I don’t feel any discomfort.”

Actually, I’m not that worried, Qin Yi thought.

Lu Ji looked up again to see the remaining distance left before reaching the port, and he hurriedly said, “We need to have new identities. I’m now your older brother.”

Qin Yi: “Older brother?”

Lu Ji: “You don’t like it? Then I can only be your husband. Which do you prefer?”

Qin Yi: ?

Qin Yi hesitated to open his mouth. “It’s not like it’s impossible. It’s just that…”

Lu Ji’s eyelids twitched when he suddenly remembered Zhou Yi Qing’s status as his dad. He clenched his fist.

It’s such a f--king pity.

Lu Ji still changed his words instantly. “Call me uncle then.”

Qin Yi didn’t feel the slightest embarrassment and just nodded, calling him ‘uncle.’ But after Lu Ji heard it, he didn’t feel happy at all.

Why does it feel like they have a generation gap now?

At this moment, the spacecraft shook. It sailed into the port.

After a short inspection, they got off the spacecraft and got past the customs successfully with the identity Lu Ji had forged for them. Lu Ji’s subordinates were responsible for parking the spacecraft. They came out and went into the streets from the port.

It was very crowded here, but Qin Yi still couldn’t avoid becoming the focus of the crowd.

“Is that an Omega?”

“An Omega is actually walking on the streets alone?”

“Are you blind? There’s an Alpha beside him.”

Based on appearances, it was very easy to tell an Alpha and Omega apart. Besides, the mark left behind by the vaccine in their body is different.

This was also the reason why Guo Kai was able to determine that Qin Yi with just a look despite his inability to smell his pheromones.

“Are you scared?” Lu Ji asked.

If he was afraid… maybe he would act more spoiled?

Lu Ji had never seen him act spoiled before, but most Omegas did. It’s possible that it’s a skill they were born with.

Qin Yi: “It’s alright.”

At least there was no one here who would walk up to him and make all sorts of snide remarks- you can’t get married, you have a pheromone defect, Kong Jia Xiang looks down on you.

Lu Ji: “...”

This was somewhat different from the scene he had imagined.

Lu Ji turned his head and asked unhappily, “Have you finished the task?”

“Finished, finished! Coming now!” Lu Xing responded.

Just as the passersby were staring at Qin Yi with burning gazes, they discovered a group of Betas with two to three Alphas mixed in walking over and gathering around the Omega.

I must protect my family’s sister-in-law, Lu Xing thought.

Ah, my actions must have scored some good points for the boss, right? Hopefully, the boss won’t get kicked out of the room tonight.

This was until Lu Ji turned back and gave him a sorrowful look.


He couldn’t even cheat half a sentence of coquettish words out of the little Omega.

“My guess is, he belongs to a high-ranking family.”

“From the Capital Star?”

“Shh, shh. Let’s go, let’s go, don’t look anymore. Be careful of your eyes getting gouged.”

Over here, it wasn’t unusual for possessive Alphas to dig other people’s eyes out for looking at their Omegas too much.

The surroundings soon became silent. Only a few people who had never seen an Omega before due to the scarcity of the social resources they had on hand couldn’t help looking at Qin Yi secretly in excitement.

Lu Ji glanced around coldly, his gaze forcing the remaining people to retreat theirs. He then said in a low voice, “Let’s go to a hotel first. We still have to get Lu Xing to make an appointment at the relevant organizations before we can do the test.”

Qin Yi nodded. “Mmh.”

He didn’t have any opinion on it because he had already thought of a way to getaway.
It doesn’t matter whether the crown prince was willing to marry him because his ministers are definitely on board with it. Once the matching test results are released, the people in the Limu Empire will immediately encircle and intercept Lu Ji. And when that happens…

He would have already claimed his inheritance and prepared to say bye-bye to everyone.
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They walked to the hotel they’d made a reservation at and didn’t act like typical pirates who would usually hide around.


At the same time, Ji Yang turned his head and asked, “The Limu Empire has sent a letter asking about our intentions. General, how do we reply?”

Lost a person. This obviously sounds like an excuse.

Zhou Yi Qing kept mum for a long time, then he spoke, “My fiancé disappeared in the Limu Empire’s territory, and I have reason to suspect that the Limu Empire has kidnapped him.”
Ji Yang was speechless.